M-LOK Offerings Grow With ALG Defense’s EMR Rails

M-LOK is the new kid on the block in the rail interface market, but Geissele Defense and its sister company ALG Defense have been quick to embrace the new standard. Announced on ALG’s Facebook page on the 11th, the company is now offering their low-cost Ergonomic Modular Rails (EMR) in the new M-LOK standard.


Note the difference in profile between the standard and low-profile “co-witness” rail sections. The co-witness are designed to match up with a standard flat-top receiver.

The EMR rails are available in 10, 12, and 13-inch flavors. All are available in black with the 13″ version also available in the DDC color scheme (Desert Tan). ALG looks to be making all the lengths available in their standard colors (Black, Grey, Tan, & Purple) in due time.

The combination of manufacturing techniques (extrusion & machining) and materials (aluminum) make the rails lightweight. The 13″ rail is 8.06 oz. bare and a scant 10.46 oz. with the barrel nut mounted to a rifle.


The rails are a veritable bargain.  Rails run $100, $110, and $115 for 10, 12, and 13″ versions, respectively. Each includes the barrel nut, wrench, shims, and screws to mount the rail. ALG M-LOK accessory rails are also available for $20 each. They are available in low-profile “co-witness” and standard profiles.


Standard black.

DDC (Desert Tan)

DDC (Desert Tan)

Nathan S

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  • CrankyFool

    I suspect you mean “EMR” (for Ergonomic Modular Rail) rather than “ERM,” don’t you?

  • Anyone happen to know what optic that is?

    • sianmink

      Looks like a Vortex Strikefire

      • Thank you!

      • John

        It’s Aimpoint PRO. I have both. I even have a Vortex Strikefire on a Aimpoint QRP2 mount (the one pictured) and the Strikefire sticks out much more than the picture. That said, the Strikefire is an awesome optics hobbled by a cheap mount.

        BTW Keymod sucks. I hope Magpul succeeds.

        • John

          On closer look, it may not be a Aimpoint PRO. 100% Aimpoint. Looks Like CompM3.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Not even close. Did you look at your own link before posting that?

  • davethegreat

    I love how they used one rail system to mount another rail system.

  • Kai

    I know this is subjective, but I like the look of M-Lok better than Keymod

  • tirod

    It’s just the same one upmanship race that brought on the quad rail We didn’t need four feet of picatinny rail, so it has to be asked, who need 36+ slots on their handguard and what would you use it all for?
    Oh, it’s versatile and you can mount things where you want? Well, there’s a handstopl on the bottom, a light on top, a sling mount, and maybe another optic on top like NVG. Two of those are illegal in many areas for hunting, so they are duty only. And if it’s a duty gun you don’t get to use what you want, you use what they require or give you.

    It’s why I bought an Apex, what you need is traction, what you don’t need are gizmos and wasting your time with the Slot of the Month club. Most accessories still don’t directly “Key” into that system, how and when do we get all the stuff from Magpul to do it? A year after the SHOT show they announce it?

    Come on, think about it, it’s just churning the market and gaming the players.

    • Cymond

      Those slots also work to reduce weight and increase cooling. Would it make you feel better if they were generic slots instead of M-Lok?