USPSA Range Officer Cheating Scandal

Gun Nuts Media posted about a scandal regarding Paul Hendrix. He is a USPSA Area 6 RO. According to the Doodie Project Forums, they have been doing some detective work and are proving that Hendrix’s calls for stage times are grossly inaccurate. Hendrix is shaving off seconds for his friends and arbitrarily adding seconds to times of random shooters.

The Doodie Project uses an app called “Shot Coach” to register the shots in a video and time them.


These are serious allegations and it calls into question every match Hendrix has RO’d.  According to Caleb Giddings;

Word on the street is that the USPSA Board of Directors convened an emergency meeting specifically to address this issue.

It shall be interesting what the USPSA Board of Directors do about this.

Nicholas C

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  • gunslinger

    i don’t get the video.
    the last one seems ok? but the first two show additional seconds put on his time w/o cause (no penalties for incorrect/missed shots?)

    • I have been watching this. There are many more videos than just this one.

      • Bobby

        Post the original thread on the Doodie Project, they’re the ones that broke the news and have a layout of most of the known videos. Give credit where credit is due.

        • We always give credit and did so in this case.

          • Tierlieb

            …except that they are not linked, which is the relevant part.

      • SafeArmsReview

        Yea the more you search the more videos you find showing the crap this Paul Hendrix guy has done – this is gonna piss a lot of people off. Some of the differences are huge! Not just by a half second or 2 but sometimes 4-6 seconds.

        Many are asking why he would do such a thing but it all comes down to a lack of integrity. He must get a kick for being in charge, etc.

        If this guy is guilty, and there are many videos proving this, this could upset the whole apple cart. Lawsuits could come into play and worse, especially if those who are sponsored and make money doing competition shoots.

        Its like driving by a train wreck, you can’t help but look.

    • mirk

      The last one is calibration, so the two times should be the same (or extremely close).

      • gunslinger

        ok. that makes sense. i can understand being off by a few hundredths/tentsh. but to be full seconds off, it way beyond a margin of error.

    • Michael Bergeron

      The first two videos were of matches Hendrix RO’d and the third was of a calibration test they did using their own shot timer and the software used to compare the previous two rounds, Hendrix was not the timer on that one.

  • SafeArmsReview

    Wow – this is dirty indeed. That guy Paul Hendrix needs to be strung up and banned from all comp shooting period.

    Thats what I liked about shooting comps – it was probably the more fair sport I found. I bet more people will be checking their times more closely.

  • atm

    Troll#6 deserves credit for breaking that story.

    I will never visit that website again. Do they even have moderators?

    • PPGMD

      That is sort of the point of Doodie Project it is meant to be unfiltered alternative to Brian Enos. This topic would not be allowed on Enos at all.

      • WPZ

        As atm points out, it was the Doodie forum that brought forth the problem.

        But the inarticulateness of the Doodiers and the torrents of anger, hate, and vile language sent many a new visitor to the shower for a good cleaning.
        Sadly, this isn’t the only instance of this famously happening. The Nationals two years ago featured an equally egregious, if shorter-termed, incident of an official skewing the scoring, but not a lick of discipline was dispensed.
        One suspects with the large notoriety of this one, with miles of video to support the allegations, may end differently.

  • Geodkyt

    What I don’t get is why having the RO show the raw time to both official scorer and the shooter isn’t mandatory — not only does that dramatically decrease the odds of a cheating scandal wherein a favored shooter is unfairly advantaged (it’s a heck of a lot harder to get three people to cheat together in favor of only one of them than it is for someone to cheat in favor of their buddy who might not even KNOW about the cheating), but it would simultaneously eliminate the risk of unfairly penalizing a disfavored shooter by fudging his raw time, because he gets to see the time display.

    Heck, even if you WEREN’T worried about cheating, multiple sets of eyes on teh raw time helps catch human errors. Anyone here going to claim they have NEVER transposed a digit?

    • I have to say that the major matches should have the public large timers.

      • PPGMD

        They don’t work very well, particularly on field courses. Heck even during steel challenge a few yards away there are issues.

        Also since few clubs pay for the more expensive version of the timers from the one company that offers them, it would require most clubs to buy new timers. Which based on the current price of the combo being $280, that is over $3,000 for the average club. That is a ton of money for a USPSA club.

    • Tom

      Also, showing the times saves a few seconds each shooter which can add up at a match and makes everyone’s job easier. A good RO will hold the timer over his shoulder while he is doing the “unload and show clear” for the scorer to see.

  • Kudu

    Ha! Shoot some IDPA matches if you want to see RO and MD subjectivity in action.

  • dan citizen

    Once again TFB approaches a sensitive topic with dignity and professionalism. If only other media outlets did this…

  • Casey

    As a side note, that seemed like pretty good shooting to me.

  • Bobby

    Toss Hendrix and ban. 0 Tolerance for cheating.

  • Sean

    So what is the reason for the cheating? OK, I can see giving your friends an extra second or two, as wrong as that would be. I just don’t get it. How much money could be involved? Would it worth destroying your own reputation, and that of the very sport?

  • Lou
  • Core

    Wow… Being eliminated through bureaucratic red tape is one thing but this is inexcusable.

  • Secundius

    If remains to be seen, whether this guy gets defrocked. Or, it gets whitewashed. If he’s done ones, it most likely he’ll do it again. It remains to be seen how this little show plays out. My best guess, this little showing, will never see the light of day, and the guy gets a slap on the hand. And, maybe, just maybe as small fine.

    • Andrew R

      Paul Hendrix quit USPSA before they could ban him. Nothing can be done to non-members.

    • SPQR9

      I certainly hope that the USPSA BOD isn’t stupid enough to try to whitewash this. It simply can’t be done these days.