Timney Trigger For The Tavor

The only issue I’ve ever had with my Tavor is the trigger. Of course we all know the trigger is made for a combat rifle not target shooting so it really wasn’t anything unexpected.That issue has been remedied with the receipt of my Timney trigger for the Tavor. As you can see from the photos the quality of the Timney trigger is what we’ve all come to expect.


Installation is very simple. For those not familiar with the Tavor the trigger assembly is a modular unit. You simply punch two pins out that hold the trigger group and bolt release in the lower part of the receiver. Remove the old trigger assembly and slide the new trigger assembly in push the takedown pins in and you’re done.



• Because of the unique, bullpup design of the Tavor the Timney replacement is a two-stage trigger feel.
• Lightweight 6061-T6 CNC Machined aluminum housing.
• Wire EDM cut, heat treated, Teflon nickel coated hammer to guarantee a lifetime of reliable service.
• Factory tested and preset at 4lbs. (Not adjustable)

After installing the trigger assembly I took the Tavor out to the range and fired about four mags. This trigger is very nice indeed. The factory preset of four pounds is right on the money. I used my trigger pull gauge before shooting and after and it read exactly four pounds.


The trigger takeup is reduced, as is the reset when compared to the factory trigger. It’s very smooth throughout the pull and breaks cleanly. It’s what one would expect from a premium trigger.


Besides the fact you get a much better feel with the Timney trigger your group sizes shrink which is no surprise when you consider the reduced trigger pull and clean break. The trigger doesn’t come cheap considering there’s a lot more to this modular unit as opposed to a regular rifle trigger. The MSRP is $352.95 but I have no doubt the Timney will last through a lifetime of use.

Timney Triggers

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Andy

    Damn that’s expensive, but I guess if you drop that much on a rifle you’d be willing to drop another $350 to give it a decent trigger.

    • True–I mean if it was a $500 home build AR then no way but for the Tavor it makes more sense to enhance your investment.

  • Carvey

    Not to be mean but dude, wtf? I think i’ve seen a timney tavor trigger article a few days back and now there’s another one? I’m sure that trigger will worth the price though

    • I requested this trigger for review back in January at SHOT. Yes I believe there was a short article but from his viewpoint.
      As a matter of integrity and keeping my word I wrote my own. When you request products for review it’s expected and rightly so that a review will be written.
      My hope is between the two it would give the reader a more complete view of the trigger.
      In the past we have done comparative articles of the same product by two writers for the very reason I stated above.

      • Carvey

        I understand. If this is a review it’s better review a product by more than one person or from a different POV.

        • Thanks Carvey I’m glad to hear you understand what we’re trying to do when we post two reviews of the same product.

      • TV-PressPass

        Yup! That’d be me! Maybe we need an editorial board for writers 😉

        Its worth noting that my article was putting the Timney into an Israeli TAR-21, rather than the US model it was designed for!

        I’m glad that I’m not the only person who had a good experience. For a while there it seemed like I was the only person on the net with a working one.

        • Yep I knew you wrote it(good job also) and honestly like i mentioned earlier I look at it as a good thing to have two viewpoints even if they turn out to be similar.
          Mine has been perfect even though it’s an early one which are the ones some were talking bad about.
          I thought yours might be a TAR:-)

  • st4

    I installed one of these puppies a few weeks back in my own. Seriously like night and day difference between it and the stock trigger. Expensive for sure, but so is the Tavor itself.

  • hydepark

    Why no mention of Tim from MAC who’s been having major issues with his? He’s not the only one either. I’d be interested to see a detailed head-to-head with the Geiselle. I know which one my money would be on.

    • Because I’ve experienced no problems. You’ll see the Geissele as well. They’ll be separate reviews.

    • Oh I meant to say the problem I heard of was with some of those units shipped in the first couple of weeks. They installed a heavier spring for reliable ignition of military and other ammo with hard primers.