The H&K VP9

Caleb Giddings, over at Gun Nuts Media, reviewed the new H&K VP9.

He is rather positive of the VP9. As is expected from an H&K, it performs well. The only real negative is the stock sights. Caleb doesn’t like them that much and is an easy fix with some 10-8 sights.

Here are some basic specs on the VP9. The capacity is a little disappointing at a mere 15+1 rds. My benchmark is 17+1 which the M&P, Glock and FNS all have in 9mm. Only the XDM beats them at a standard capacity of 19 rds.

  • Caliber: 9mx19, aka 9mm Parabellum/Luger/NATO
  • Browning recoil operated
  • Striker fired
  • 15+1 capacity where legal, 10 round magazines available
  • Barrel Length: 4.09 inches
  • Sight radius: 6.38 inches
  • Weight w/empty mag: 26.56 oz
  • Weight, loaded: 32 oz
  • Trigger pull: Factory stated 5.4 pounds, measured at 4.25 pounds
  • Interchangeable grip panels


Caleb also compares sight radius.


Nicholas C

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  • Paul J

    Nice HK P99 😉

  • TCBA_Joe

    Isn’t this thing nearly identical in size to the G19? Meaning the capacity is the same for it’s size and not really comparable to the large G17?

    • I agree, unless they make a VP9L (same size as P30L), it is not the best comparision.

      • C.

        Unfortunately, there are no current plans for a VP9L variant. I just got an email back from HK asking them about that. Hopefully that’ll change in the future.

        • Slim

          If this pistol does well, they’ll likely make a VP9L, VP9 Tactical, etc.

          • hkryan

            Only it’ll be a month after you break down and purchase the regular VP9. 😉

          • FourString

            Same for me lol. I dunno if I can wait for an L

    • Absolutely correct.

    • Drew

      A Glock 19 is 5 inches in Height
      A M&P9 is 5.5 inches in height, a Glock 17 is 5.43 inches in height.
      The HK VP9 is 5.4 inches in height.

      Meaning it holds the capacity of a G19, but with size of Glock 17/M&P9. THe picture above also shows it has about same length a M&P9 as well.

  • aweds1

    I like the 15+1. Since there are now a fair number of states with magazine limits, 15 can be sold in more places than 17 or 19. Like where I live. 🙂

  • ColaBox

    How’s the trigger? HK is known to have pretty bad pulls.

    • FourString

      It’s in the review link. They said it’s right up there with Sig P320 & Walther PPQ–that the difference is splitting hairs.

    • HSR47

      It’s actually not a bad trigger as factory triggers on striker-fired polymer frame pistols go.

      It’s certainly not a good 1911 trigger, but the two I’ve handled were certainly better than most stock S&W M&P pistols. In all, imagine a Glock trigger that feels more like 3.5-4#, has a crisper break (somewhere between a stock Glock and an M&P w/Apex DCAEK), and a nice tactile (but not overly loud) reset.

      In other words, while I haven’t really fondled the Sig P320 or Walther PPQ that everyone seems to rave about, it was probably the nicest out-of-the-box trigger I’ve felt on that style of pistol.

      Assuming that the two I have handled so far were a representative sample, were I to buy one I don’t imagine I’d have any real reason to monkey with the trigger. Contrast that to the S&W M&P series which generally need aftermarket parts installed to make the triggers decent (Apex DCAEK), and a street price of ~650 on the HK, and it’s actually right about in line with the M&P.

  • john huscio

    I like it, but it looks to be a little too big for CC…..walther got it just right with the p99/ppq

  • justme

    Meh. You can get better cheaper. I am sure it isn’t a bad firearm, but not on par with other options currently available.

  • Nicks87

    I see the “you suck and we hate you” crowd has been all over this one. I had a bad experience with a USP40 a few years ago so that kind of soured me on H&K. I still think they make good stuff (P30, HK45, MP-5) but nowdays I stay away from them because of the price point alone.

    • Hyok Kim

      “I had a bad experience with a USP40 a few years ago so that kind of soured me on H&K.”

      H&K is a hit and miss. Sometimes they come up with some good ones, but occasionally they come up with real jokes, like VP70 from 70’s. Btw. Their workmanship is not up to Walther (late WW2 examples excepted) standard.

    • HSR47

      Actually, the VP9 is set to be fairly reasonably priced; I’ve already seen one in SEPA tagged at 650.

      Having seen dealer pricing (although it’s been a few weeks and my memory is a bit hazy), that’s right about where I’d expect one of the models to be priced (I just don’t remember which one: white dot sights, glow paint sights, tritium sights).

  • strongarm

    With nearly 60 intriqued parts and sole “Drop Safety” consisting of a passive striker block, VP9 seems not be able to go beyond a range gun for brand buffs as compared with other current, tried and tested service pistols. Both side control latches, field stripping wihout
    trigger pull, crisp striker release and similar features can not put a handgun on superior place than others having simple, strong and safer spects in the field or combat conditions.

  • Burst

    Forward serrations look awful, and without a nontrigger safety it’s a Glocident waiting to happen.

    HK made a worthwhile striker pistol. This isn’t it.

    • Slim

      Why don’t you handle one then get back to us. Otherwise I think you’re talking out of turn.

      • Burst

        Will I discover they have magically added a safety, or redesigned the slide?

  • Cymond

    “Only the XDM beats them at a standard capacity of 19 rds.”
    Yeah, but the grip on the XDM is really long, or at least my XDM feels a lot longer than my G34. It feels like I have room for an extra pinky finger.

    • FourString

      They totally didn’t mention the CZ P-09 either :/