Review: Suarez Tier One M4 PDW Upper

We have an excellent contact at TSD Combat/Suarez group who really does a great job of sending us products to test and review. To me it really speaks well of a company when they are so eager and willing to show you that their products are well made, and the ease of communication usually means they also have good customer service. When I was notified I would be testing a pistol upper built to be accurate from the ground up, I got pretty excited. Last time I reviewed an AR15, the readers said that my 200 round test to determine reliability was not enough. Us writers do in fact pay for our own ammo, so it hurts our wallets to fire much more. Regardless, I feel that I owed the good people at TSD a serious test of their new upper… so I built a full auto lower using my 07/02 to test their upper:


With their upper, the gun looked really awesome too:



The specs on the upper:

Aluminum Mil-Spec Heavy Phosphate Upper Receiver

Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier Group:

  •     M16-cut carrier
  •     Machined from 8620 steel
  •     Mil-Spec phosphate coating
  •     Shot peened
  •     Properly staked gas key
  •     Chrome lined gas key and firing pin channel
  •     Bolt is machined from Carpenter 158 tool steel
  •     Shot peened
  •     HPT/MPI and marked
  •     Black o-ring insert on extractor
  •     High quality BCG

9.2″ Keymod Rail Handguard

  •     NEW 9″ Suarez International KeyMod Handguard
  •     9.2″ OAL
  •     6061 T6 Extrusion
  •     Type III, Class 2 Hard Anodized and Bead Blasted Finish
  •     Same slot spacing to take any Magpul MOE rail accessory on the 45 degree slots.
  •     10-32 holes on top rail to mount Sling Studs and future accessories.
  •     Included anti-rotational QD hole
  •     Includes Barrel Nut, Screws and Includes Optional Shims for spacing
  •     1.52″ OD
  •     1.35″ ID (If adding a suppressor, check for fit)

10.5″ Stainless Steel White Oak Armament Match Grade Barrel

“If you examine the line at Camp Perry, you will see a virtual catalog of the barrel offerings from White Oak.  Some may question the “need” for a Match Grade barrel of this quality on a PDW, we do not.  These were originally made for a Special Operations Unit wanting MOA Capability out to 300 meters from the short barrel with Match Ammunition.  That is what you will get from these barrels.  You can certainly go cheaper elsewhere, but you will not find better quality or greater accuracy anywhere.”

Stainless Steel Match Grade Barrel (With Full Match QC)

  •     Length: 10.5″
  •     Twist: 1:7
  •     Thread Pitch: 1/2 X 28
  •     .750 Gas Block Seat
  •     5.56×45 NATO Chamber
  •     Carbine Gas System
  •     M4 Feed Ramps
  •     Bead Blasted Finish

Low Profile Gas Block
All Mil-Spec Internal Upper Receiver Parts

Read more by clicking here.

So I headed to the range with 400 rounds of 55 grain PPU ammo (ten loaded mags plus some loose rounds). As the upper was built to be accurate, I got the accuracy test out of the way immediately before I got to test reliability (which is code for gratuitous mag dumps).

Using Fiocchi 77gr. MatchKing ammo, I was able to put rounds where I wanted. I shot five groups of five rounds. Here is the best:


And worst:


I averaged 1.31 inches at about 70 yards. For a 10″ barrel, I thought the gun performed acceptably. Bear in mind that I am an average rifleman at best.

After that my friend and I plinked at some steel with 55 grain stuff and got our fill of tagging the ringers down range:



After that, it was time to hit the fun switch:



The upper ran perfectly, as expected.

So to really put this thing to the test I brought out 10 loaded 30 round magazines, gloves, and set my phone on a little tripod to record the mayhem. Unfortunately my friend did not know I hit record, and he himself pressed it again and turned it off. However, all was not lost, he did manage to catch some of the action on his camera phone:

I have never performed that many mag dumps back to back to back, and it was crazy. The gun got hot as could be, the gas tube was glowing, and the cyclic rate began to increase!

300 rounds fired in this fashion is, I think, a pretty intense test considering that a load out usually consists of only 6 mags or so. The gun did experience one stoppage, but it was not the gun’s fault: there was a genuine dud where a full primer strike occurred but it failed to ignite. That said, other than this failure, the gun successfully turned the magazines into noise!


So a quick rundown:

The Good:

  • Accurate
  • Slim
  • Light
  • Reliable
  • Great sights
  • Full auto ready
  • Keymod rather than rails
  • Uses One Source’s new Valmet style hider/wire cutter

The Bad:

  • The upper is not cheap, coming in at $859.99
  • Need a pistol or NFA lower to run this upper
  • Some people may not like keymod, and instead prefer picatinny rails

So for me personally, this upper does a great job for anything I would use it for. It has accuracy and reliability going for it, and these are the most important factors I looks for when buying a firearm.

To learn more about the upper, visit One Source Tactical and give it a look. Also feel free to email me with any questions and I will be more than happy to help you as best I can!

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • Zachary marrs

    So what exactly makes this tier 1? Can it engage multiple tangos in a diversified combat environment? Can It rapidly transition in between multiple operational operations?

    • Gallan

      I presume Tier 1 forces use this M4 configuration.

      • Zachary marrs

        Eeh, still a stupid name, after all, I dont call my m1 carbine “101st airborne combat apparatus”

        • SP mclaughlin

          Ahaha, that was great.

    • 11b

      You never know when your threat matrix might call for you to tactically engage wire obstacles operationally while on an operation. Better safe than sorry.

      • Zachary marrs

        Bro, do you even symmetrically integrate with top-line treat cohesion environments?

    • Do you know where than flash hider came from? The Valmet—

      • iksnilol

        I don’t have a problem with another feature if it doesn’t add weight. What is wrong with being able to use your flash hider as a wire-cutter if it doesn’t add any weight?

        IIRC it was used (still used) by the Finns on their AKs, just like Phil said.

        • Zachary marrs

          The only problem I can see is that you end up wasting ammo trying to get through an obstacle, but if this can get through rebar as well, I suppose its better than the alternative

          • iksnilol

            It isn’t wasting if you really need it, especially considering the rebar.

            Though that isn’t too relevant for me since I use a suppressor.

    • Paladin

      Tier 1 can refer to more than just special forces. Before the craze for anything “operator” tier 1 just meant top of the line, all the bells and whistles. That’s why they’re called tier 1 units in the first place.

      • Zachary marrs

        I know, but I just couldn’t help it

    • SafeArmsReview

      Good review.

      However Zachary marrs, you don’t understand, its tier 1 because G. Suarez said so.

      Sometimes you just have to laugh at how crazy some people get. Face it people, its a gun. The only way its ‘tier 1’ is if tier 1 operators use it. As far as I know the military and spec ops groups have not purchased this ‘platform’ for their inventory.

      As for G. Suarez, I got a few of his DVDs as a gift from a family member – the DVDs were a joke, him moving around shooting with the right hand, switching to left and shooting, moving around like an idiot and telling everyone this is how to engage a threats with guns. Yea lets forget the fact that switching takes time in which you combat ineffective (and a target) and when your all jacked up you might drop the gun, etc. etc.

      The sad part is he does do some things right but the crazy stuff he fully believes is the way to fight but its REALLY bad advice; I think he watched too many John Woo & matrix movies.


      • vonzeitgeist

        I have trained with “tier one” units from Hereford to Netanya. I went to find what your were talking about, and guess what? They all do that drill. If you cannot see the value, that’s on you.

    • SafeArmsReview

      BTW I know many new gunners don’t know G. Suarez from Adam so here is a little about him…

      Suarez was in the Santa Monica P.D. for a while. He had a work comp accident, a slip, trip or fall where he could not work and collected disability payments. The problem was he got a job as an instructor for Front sight while on disability (a big NO NO). If this was not bad enough Suarez funneled his Front Sight pay checks to his wife’s business account to keep the tax paper trail under the radar of the PD & work comp folks (of course Gabe said he thought this was legal). This resulted in some legal problems to say the least. They did a plea deal from a felony to misdemeanor charges for defrauding the state. Suarez did a year in jail and had to pay restitution of the disability funds. I checked the court records and it was plain as day. Of course I only found this out after I got his mall ninja, gun fighting, tier 1, DVDs.

      As for all the shooting incidents which he brags about, I could not find any documentation and apparently no one else can either. He has branded and created a business around himself and its working but when you defraud the department you work for and take money out of the hands of those that really need it, that for me is enough to not do anything with Suarez.

      The more you know…


      • SafeArmsReview

        For those who want to know more google “Former Officer Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges” By Teresa Rochester

        Sept. 27 — A former Santa Monica police officer has pleaded guilty to Workers Compensation fraud, money laundering and grand theft and will begin serving a year-long jail sentence for the crimes next week.

        Gabriel Saurez, a decorated 12-year veteran of the SMPD, will report to Los Angeles County Jail to begin serving his sentence on Monday as part of a plea agreement reached last week in Los Angeles County Criminal Court. Saurez, who recently resigned from the force, also was sentenced to five years probation.

        Saurez, his wife Cheryl Saurez and Officer Jason Comer pleaded not guilty in April to charges of conspiracy, Workers Compensation fraud and grand theft. Saurez also faced two additional fraud charges.

        Like her husband, Cheryl Saurez agreed to plea guilty during last Friday’s hearing. She was ordered to serve one day in jail and also was sentenced to five years probation.

        Comer’s charges were dropped in June, and he remains on paid leave pending the conclusion of an administrative investigation, according to Police Chief James T. Butts Jr.

        As part of the agreement, the charges of conspiracy against the Suarezes were dismissed, as were the two additional counts of Workers Compensation filed against Gabriel Saurez, said DA spokesperson Sandi Gibbons.

        The Saurezes paid a $100 fine and $112, 250.01 in restitution on Friday, according to Deputy Dist. Atty. Ellen St. John.

        Chief Butts said Saurez’s plea was a testament to the “hard work, time and effort that the risk management and our criminal division officers have put into this case.

        “The good thing is the City of Santa Monica has received full restitution for all wages that were paid in this fraudulent claim,” Butts said. “The jail sentence that was imposed by the judge sent a strong message that this type of misconduct will not be tolerated by the City of Santa Monica,”

        Gabriel Suarez allegedly worked as a gun tactics trainer while receiving Workers Compensation for a slip and fall accident in the SMPD’s locker room in 1999. Cheryl Suarez allegedly received payments for work done by her husband through a company she never worked for. The dismissed charges against Comer were based on allegations that he received and disbursed money for Saurez.

        The Saurez case stemmed from a long-term investigation of Workers Compensation fraud within the police department launched late last year by the department, the District Attorneys Office and the State Department of Insurance.

        The investigation also has resulted in charges filed against Officer Richard Robert Brulato, who pleaded not guilty in June to two counts of Workers Compensation Fraud.

        Butts said the investigation is “definitely ongoing.

        “We have other cases we are actively looking at and investigating. Fortunately at this point those cases are few,” said Butts adding that they would be vigorously pursued.

        Copyright ©1999, 2000, 2001 All Rights Reserved.

  • Zachary marrs

    Also; that wire cutter concept isn’t new, the French lebel rifles had a bayonet that worked the same way

    • An Interested Person

      As I read it, the flash hider on this rifle is a new offering from the company, it is obviously not a new concept.

      • Zachary marrs

        Im just saying that this concept isn’t a new, (or good) idea, its been floating around since ww1.

        • Giolli Joker

          Usually designs that had been around for a few decades are considered reliable and trusted, not the opposite…
          Sure there are cheaper ways to cut a wire, but very few can match compactness and light weight of such a flash hider.
          BTW, some of these flash hiders (I can’t tell if it’s the case) are designed as rebar cutters, not just wires.

          • Zachary marrs

            Is there any chance of metal fragments getting lodged in the flash hider. I doubt this is meant to cut rebar, being 5.56. I don’t see using the cutter under stress, and I still think most would rather save their ammo for the bad guys, not wire

          • Giolli Joker


            I’m not a “low-drag high-velocity operator” (I just have a goatee, not a full beard…) but I’d guess that if you’re going for the bad guys with a rifle in hand and you find wire/rebar blocking your path, it’s quite useful to use what you have available to clear your way…
            (you can google “flash hider rebar cutter” to see the current offer…)

          • Zachary marrs

            Huh, I was wrong then. But dont feel too bad, I just have some peach fuzz.

      • This.

      • Zachary marrs

        Thanks for clarifying it, was reading too fast.

    • It’s a variation of the Valmet flash hider

      • Zachary marrs

        Yes. I get it now. Valmet flash hider. Don’t get your knickers in a twist

  • An Interested Person

    Alex, this is an very good review, that covers most of the points I would want it to. If it weren`t so expensive, I would ask you to use full-auto on all of your future upper reviews. 😉

    Now for some nitpicking:
    1: The quote about the barrel I presume is from the company, but it could probably stand to be noted as such.
    2: Was the “MOA at 300 meters” claim ever verified? What range was your accuracy test?
    3: In the second to last paragraph, you say “looks” when you should have said “look”

    • 1. Noted.
      2. Me hitting anything at 300 meters would be a miracle.
      3. Sometimes I likes to talk likes a guido.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Might want to consider sucking in that chicken wing there bruh. 😉

    • That is my friend, as stated in the article. I am the man in the video.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Great, but friends don’t let friends chicken-wing.

    • Zachary marrs

      Is there any reason against chicken winging, other than it looks silly?

      • iksnilol

        You can get shot more easily since you are a bigger target.

        I do remember that US millitary manuals taught chicken winging in the 60’s.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Yea, short version is it’s unnecessary.

        But if you really get into it, it’s bad for recoil control, and obviously getting shot when coming up to and around cover.

        For me, it’s a really good way to tell when someone has had good formal carbine training. As no decent group out there would ever let a student do that, at least not for the past 15 years or so.

  • dannye

    As always, a friendly reminder that Gabe Suarez is a convicted felon and all around psycho who brags about how much he enjoys killing people.

    • I’ve never spoken to the man when obtaining products for review. Never met him either.

    • We review products, not people.

      • Zachary marrs

        Why not? That could be a lucrative market

        • Check out TMZ or Perez Hilton. They have that covered. We just like guns and explosives and stuff.

          • Zachary marrs

            But they ain’t tactical enough for me!

      • dannye

        I bet most people here would prefer not to buy products from a convicted felon who is a literal caricature of the psycho gun owner.

        Consider it a public service announcement.

        • RawDawg

          Using the term “convicted felon” to demerit a person is pretty damn ignorant, just about as ignorant as calling a random black guy a N. Take your divisionalism garbage and keep it to yourself. Is every middle eastern man a terrorist? No. Is every “convicted felon” a danger to society? No. If you would like to use a persons legal history against them, cite it correctly, such as how their crime is relevant to your topic.

          • dannye

            Posting facts is now considered ignorant and divisive. Gotcha.

            Look, anyone with the slightest interest in Gabe’s legal history and questionable behavior can find all the dirty details in about five seconds online. If you’re mad because I am alerting potential customers to his history, so be it.

            Nobody is stopping you from buying his products.

          • vonzeitgeist

            Suarez and I were cops at the same time in California. Different
            depts, but I know his story pretty well and was there when much of it happened nearly 20 YEARS ago. He is not a convicted felon, though he plead to a misdemeanor for something unrelated to guns or violence of any kind. He is glad to have survived fights, and so am I. I even traveled the world to find places to get into fights in socially acceptable ways when I was younger. That doesn’t make either of us psychotic. We haven’t spoken in years; we aren’t buddies, but most of what you read about him is simply repeated nonsense.

            Not everything you read online is true, especially with guys whose whole marketing campaign was to be edgy and not concerned about stepping on the established sacred cows.

            I was able to negatively review an MGI product very strongly without reverting to name calling and d*ck measuring contests. Try his products and do the same, or just leave it alone.

          • dannye

            “When I was a cop, I got to shoot a bunch of bad guys. Probably more than would be considered reasonable for modern american police work. I am blessed with those experiences…every one of them.” – Gabe Suarez

            Sorry, I’m not giving a cent to this guy.

          • Gabe Suarez

            Safearmsreview. Really? News to me bro. I own approximately 20 NFA items, hold an FFL, and a CCW in AZ, So you are either a blithering idiot who doesn’t check his facts…or some sort of a troll that uses a fictitious name to attack his betters. What do I think?

            I see blithering on your lower lip…then again you do live under a bridge so maybe some cross-breeding has been taking place in your house. Who knows?

            dannye – I see blithering on your lower lip too. Get your
            facts right or you speech sounds like it came from a different opening.

            And I don’t enjoy killing people, although shooting bad guys that have shot good guys…or were trying to shoot me…was certainly nothing to cry about. I do however think it would be simply too cool for school if I was there when Cho, or Hassan, or Lansa, or one of those crazy relatives of Zach and safearmsreview decided to go on a rampage.

            BTW, if any of you feel like commenting directly to me or having a battle of wits – have at it and good luck



          • Guest

            Hey Gabe, I’m just quoting your verbatim, so if anyone is talking out the back end it’s you.

            But I do see you are up to your usual shenanigans of insulting people who point out your legal history and jail term. “Crazy relatives of Zach or safearmsreview decided to go on rampage”? Classy.

            Keep talking, hopefully you’re alienate more potential customers. 🙂

          • vonzeitgeist

            Do you really think that quoting a cop who says shooting bad guys is a good thing is going to be bad for his business? Dannye, really?

          • vonzeitgeist

            Shooting bad guys shows a lack of moral character? Really? I enjoy thwarting evil. I have done it in battlefields and operating theaters. I thrill to have helped good guys beat bad guys. I’m sorry you have not been man enough to put yourself in that position. Oh! Arbiter of Internet of Appropriateness! What have you done to make the world better?

          • dannye

            Hmm, apparently you don’t understand that cops aren’t soldiers and the police are not judge, jury and executioner. Hence protect and serve. But Gabe has already explicitly disavowed that creed. Seems like you have too. Bravo.

            No doubt you think all the people you killed were all “bad guys” because they were defending their homes against invaders. That’s your belief, but it’s amusing that you accuse others of lacking in “manliness” because they didn’t do the same. Must be a defense mechanism to cover up the cognitive dissonance.

  • RawDawg

    Is it just me, or do you really like wearing your crossfit shirt to the range?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Oh god, now we’re going to have to hear about how great crossfit is!!

      Don’t ever mention it’s name!!!

  • Gabe Suarez

    Good morning – Speak of the Devil, and MWAHAHAHAHAHA
    …..well….you know.

    I am Gabe Suarez.

    What astounds me the most is how the owners of a fine blog like this allow those with nothing of value to void their bowels in their house with impunity. Its like a Porche dealership allowing some vagrant walking and taking a big steamy turn in their showroom. I don’t understand it and never will as such is not allowed in mine. But whatever.

    Zach doesn’t seem to understand anything about products. I suppose I could have called it “Expensive, top of the line, super accurate and compact upper unit with a match barrel”, but then that would have been too long. Given that his rifle of choice is an M1 carbine (giggle…giggle), I should not expect more.

    Tier One refers to the best of the best…whether in rifles, motor vehicles or watches. For example, an Audi R8 is a tier one vehicle. A Rolex Submariner is a Tier One time piece. If you don’t quite get the analogy Zach…I understand. Perhaps I will see if I can locate a Tier One all-you-can-eat-buffet to better illustrate it for…lol.

    Safearmsreview. Really? News to me bro. I own approximately 20 NFA items, hold an FFL, and a CCW in AZ, So you are either a blithering idiot who doesn’t check his facts…or some sort of a troll that uses a fictitious name to attack his betters. What do I think?

    I see blithering on your lower lip…then again you do live under a bridge so maybe some cross-breeding has been taking place in your house. Who knows?

    dannye – I see blithering on your lower lip too. Get your facts right or you speech sounds like it came from a different opening. And I don’t enjoy killing people, although shooting bad guys that have shot good guys…or were trying to shoot me…was certainly nothing to cry about. I do however think it would be simply too cool for school if I was there when Cho, or Hassan, or Lansa, or one of those crazy relatives of Zach and safearmsreview decided to go on a rampage.

    BTW, if any of you feel like commenting directly to me or having a battle of wits – have at it and good luck

    gallan – Actually plenty of military forces use the same configuration. It has been called at various times – Colt Commando, and the Mk18.

    The flash hider is an updated version of the Valmet M76 that I got from my friends in Finland. The three pronged system hides flash better than the closed systems and is being brought back by a number of companies…not just mine. We have had a request to build one for the AUG recently as well.

    The barrel is the heart of the system above and beyond anything else or any other component. I sought out White Oak as they make the most accurate one. We can argue about this I suppose but it is a simple matter to see what barrel is most prominent at the accuracy based matches. With Match ammo, yup…MOA.

    Anyway as the whippersnappers of today say –

    Peace Out

    Gabe Suarez
    CEO-Suarez International

    • dannye

      Hey Gabe, I’m just quoting your verbatim, so if anyone is talking out the back end it’s you.

      But I do see you are up to your usual shenanigans of insulting people who point out your legal history and jail term. “Crazy relatives of Zach or safearmsreview decided to go on rampage”? Classy.

      Keep talking, hopefully you’re alienate more potential customers.

      • Gabe Suarez

        No…not at all. I think you are much more sphyncter-mouth here though. I was blessed by all my encounters…I regret none and I never had a sleepless night. Shooting bad guys that had shot good guys or were trying to shoot me was nothing to be ashamed about nor sad about. I did not ever shoot “people”, I shot killers, robbers, gang members, rapists…like that.

        Although…that guy with the M1 just might send me an email.

        “When I was on SWAT our view is that “We will always win….even if we
        have to burn down your entire house by bombing it….we will win”.

        Yup…so what.

        Insulting, nope…that is what trolls like you using assumed names do. My legal history is a how-to prevail when the entire system is intended to destroy you. And they sure tried hard…harder than I ever saw them go after anyone, but now, as I sit in my 4500 sf house sipping a mojito, I wonder who won.

        And jail…Marcinko was there too as I recall. One of the best and worst of times and I lecture about it openly in my courses. Hardly the secret, and certainly not ashamed of anything. I accept my notorious nature…I revel in my outlaw-ness.

        The contacts that you make there are astounding and very useful in life later if you need somethings done.

        And Tier One customers, frankly, I see very few of them here. What I see are sour mediocre people that cannot afford a dinner out with the wife at any place decent complaining about the guy whose upper receiver is being reviewed.

        Good night loser. Trust me I was not expecting any sales from you.

    • Safearmsreview

      So you rattle off “I own approximately 20 NFA items, hold an FFL, and a CCW in AZ…” as if I said you did not own them but I never did.

      So why would you do that Gabe? Hmmm… what possible reason would you steer the conversation off in such a direction?

      Oh yea, I see what you did… you presented a straw man argument in which you could easily knock down and thus win the match. Ok I got it – score for Suarez. I also liked how you initially tried to pit the owners of this site against anyone who disagrees with you = you create division while at the same time setting yourself up to be the judge of who is worthy and those who are not. Pretty sneaky but I saw that one too. Another point for Suarez.

      Yea like I said good review on the product but I just don’t like you and some of the stuff you put out but that is my opinion and everyone has their own. You don’t like me & I don’t really care – your not my Dad (G-d rest his soul), sign my checks or pay my bills. I have the right to speak my mind and I did.

      So with that said thanks for showing up and giving your opinion – it still does not change my mind about you. Rather your responses has even more solidified what I originally thought.

      P.S. I won’t reply to any further responses because you “own approximately 20 NFA items, hold an FFL, and a CCW in AZ” and I can’t compete with that.

      • Gabe Suarez

        Because you are a coward and a poltroon making statements that are false. The owners of this blog are foolishly allowing trash to be dumped by people like you in their house. I suspect the day will come when few will want their products shat upon here.

        You said I was a felon which is false. my point of my NFA, FFL and CCW was to prove you a liar and a fool. BTW, Dick Marcinko is a felon, so is Ollie North, Martha Stewart, Larry King and Mark Furhman…and all of them are far more refined and educated than you…the troll.

        I don’t like you or your kind either. I think you are a smear of mud on the face of an industry that deserves a better class of people. Yes, you have a right to speak in another man’s house under an assumed name, but even idiots on the street with nothing in their fog addled brains can do that.

        That is the same state of affairs that brought us Obama as I recall. Yahoo for freedom of speech. Thank God we don’t have that in my house.

        And the likes of you ever competing successfully with me in anything other than a man versus food contest? Please! Get real.

        • Zachary marrs

          “A better class of people” well, hes not the one wanting to kill innocent people

        • Mike Stephens

          Actually the guy did not say your a felon but you plead down from felony to misdemeanors. Quick search found this link

          What he got wrong is you worked your own business & committed disability fraud. I don’t think it makes him a coward just uninformed and dwelling on the past, so what does it matter?

          I remember watching CBN and seeing how you became a christian. How God saved you from a life of violence, hate & sin. It really motivated me at the time as I have ministered to many on the streets and have seen the same. So please continue to be a good example and refrain from this mess. Instead walk the life the Savior did & do what the bible teaches in Matthew 5:43-48.

          “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you greet your brethren only, what do you do more than others? Do not even the tax collectors do so? Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

          Instead of defending your past life of sin which you were forgiven for by Jesus, take this opportunity to defend the one who saved you and brought you into a new life. Live a life where you spread the gospel of God and be a good example to all men! When we forgive others as the Father has forgiven us, it covers a multitude of sins and we reflect the light in this world of darkness.

          Praying for you and all here.

          • BJP

            WTF does religion have to do with anything here. Can we keep the bible thumping for Sunday?

    • Zachary marrs

      Ok soo would you be willing to stand 200 yards away from me and my m1? Its not the tools, its a willing mind. I also suppose that you would make fun of Audie Murphy? He seemed to like the m1 carbine as well, and he actually was a soldier, unlike you

      • Gabe Suarez

        Zachary – to your invitation to stand 200 yards away from me and your m1 –


        I will be there with a smile and a few other things that will make your dreary day extremely short. Maybe i will just bring one of my red dot pistols to make it fair and sporting. I am not joking either. You have my email. Lets make a date.

        Now you sound afraid. Overaggressive? Yes…I am. Its what happens when you have testosterone. I will be waiting for the email for the coordinates for our short meeting. As your hero Audie told the Leatherslapper from Hollywood – anytime.

        • Zachary marrs

          No. Im not a roid raging shit head who wants to kill people, I dont give a damn how high speed low drag you are, you are a dick to people. Since you seem to be so eager to kill, why dont you go back to your spec-ops wannabe swat team. F#ck off dude, comparing me and my family to spree killers that you seem to fantasize over because I made fun of your product show the world just how unstable you are

          • Gabe Suarez

            No? I didn’t think so. LOL.

            And Zachary…I am a dick to people LIKE YOU. You are a troll, and pusillanimous poltroon. Look it up and then KMA.

            BTW, is this you? Really?


          • Zachary marrs

            Uuh. No, I have no clue who that is, and is this how you handle trolls? Compare them to school shooters and threaten to shoot their families? Good lord, you need to take sime midol, and I also recomend un-jamming that stick that is clearly shoved up your ass, and grow up while you are at it

          • Gabe Suarez

            Shoot your family? That is a good one. That is you on your FB page bro. Funny that your address and where you work and all of that jazz is up there too. Anyway…I really do have to go now. Like I said. You know where to reach me.

          • Zachary marrs

            Lol you are a fucking fool, different Zachary marrs

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Trolling, not Firearms?

    • Zachary marrs

      Hey gabe,

      • mcnamara

        Zach, I think you have been out-manned.

        • Zachary marrs

          No, he thinks he knows everything about me, but I don’t even have a facebook, but don’t you dare poke fun at this roid ragers product, or else get your family compared to school shooters, and get this tactical fruitcake threatening to shoot them. This asshole just went nuclear when I made a simple fucking comment. All he had to do was laugh and not be an asshole, but nooooooooo, hes gotta prove that he is a macho man. Give me a fuckin break, THIS IS THE INTERNET GABE. GROW SOME FUCKING SKIN

          • mcnamara

            No bro…you are the one who acted like an ass and the MAN pulled his ball sack out and slapped you in the face with it. If you had not been an ass, he would never have noticed you. Go Saurez Go!!

          • dannye

            Look, Gabe is calling in reinforcements. Go team go!

          • Zachary marrs

            Dude, you just went on some random guys fb page and said it was me, you couldn’t find your dick with a magnifying glass. Probably all the roids

          • Zachary marrs

            Its the fucking internet, actually, let me put it in fruitcakes terms; I SWAT, ME SHOOT DOG LOL MI DICK SO BIG, I SHOOT YOU PUSSY. Did you understand that? Or were you too busy kissing fruitcakes ass

        • Gabe Suarez


        • Zachary marrs

          1. That ain’t me, I dont have a fb page
          2. Yes, since I dont have an ar, I guess im not a man
          3.if you are this mad over a single comment, you aren’t a man either, go pop another dog, gabe

  • Jeff

    I picked up one of the TSD PDW Tier 1 pistols last year. I found it to be surprisingly accurate. The 10.5″ barrel is a loud little devil, but much more accurate than I would have expected. Mine shot just barely sub-MOA at 100y. But that was with a Micro T1. I’m sure I could have squeezed a bit more out of it with a magnified optic. Beyond that range, I only shot steel; no measured groups. But it range steel with boring regularity at 200y. And all of this was with a pistol buffer tube and a Law folder. I’ve never seen another option with so much firepower in such a small package. While it doesn’t achieve the compactness of an FN P90, it packs down to something nearly as discrete and with more range (the P90 loses its juice a good 100y before the 5.56 PDW). AR platform guns are Lego guns, and many people enjoy the project of piecing it all together. Personally, I liked having someone more knowledgeable than me piece together a kit that was selected from only the top tier components in a way that made sense and was economically efficient. While this upper isn’t cheap, there are far more expensive options that still can’t out-perform it. Suarez put together a very good product.

  • 18D

    I bought one of these after seeing it used in class. If you want cheap-charlie, go to Walmart, but this is a true MOA deal and a 10 inches. Amazing.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    I don’t think Gabe understands the interwebs too well. Signing in with different names to talk about how HSLD you and your products are doesn’t change your IP address.

    • vonzeitgeist

      If you are THAT Rusty Shackleford, I am NOT Gabe. Do you have a comment on this product, or are you just an internet hero? Jawa Report is a daily read for me. Don’t be a douche.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Lol at the comments in this thread. Literally hilarious.