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Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    Lol, 44 minutes. Who has time for this guy’s blabbering.

    Here is the SCAR17 in two words: It’s alright.

    I’m not kidding, I get more out of Vuurwapenblog’s 5 second gun reviews.

    • SnJohnson

      If I was just casually browsing, yeah I agree. However when I am shopping for firearms an extensive review is great because Nutn does some in depth long term shooting which I really respect.

      I’ve bought a few guns only after watching his stupidly long reviews. I think they’re great.

      • kipy

        In my opinion he is very unbiased, which I respect quite a bit.

        Not too long ago he reviewed a Henry 22 and it was basically a lemon. He admitted that it was a rare instance and gave Henry a chance to make it right. After they returned it he updated his video to show that it was a quality gun and that he was impressed with the service.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Being long to be long isn’t necessarily being thorough. That’s my issue with nutnfancy, he lacks a mind for edits and the ability to think about what he wants to say before he says it. This 40 minute video could be thoughtfully cut down to 5 minutes. I watched as much as I could, there is a lot of blabbering.

        Granted, if you’re looking to buy a SCAR17, I suppose I MIGHT click into the review. But really, I’m going to learn more going to the store, handling it for myself, and having them figure out how it takes down than I am watching some dude go on and on about obvious things minutes on how a polymer lower will be lighter than an aluminum one, or how it comes to a gun I already know to be a turd, that some people set their guns up stupidly because they haven’t identified a role for that firearm to fill.

    • TV-PressPass

      +1 for Vurrwapen. I’ll watch or read pretty much anything he puts together.

    • Payce

      When I’m serious about buying a gun, I look up his reviews. He’s incredibly thorough so I’ll watch it all.

  • St Grendel

    Wow. people still watch this guy? Aint nobody go time for that!

    • me ohmy

      I. want. back. every. one. of. the. five. seconds. you. stole. of. my. life. reading. your. comment.

      • gunslinger

        can i have the 30 i spent on yours?

  • tim

    wow this guys a joke.

    what a stupid arrogant egotistical moron who thinks his opinion is the only one that matters.
    seems to be a slightly more intelligent held together spastic then James Yeager playing operator.

    • ColaBox

      You seem mad. Is it because you sit at a desk instead of reviewing firearms for a popular YouTube channel? Or is it because he didn’t call the SCAR-H the most perfect firearm ever produced evar like everyone else on YouTube? Jealousy or fanboyism?

    • YourTooSensitive

      You sound butthurt… Are you okay?

  • Everyone bitches about the length of these videos, I guess no one watches TV? Everyone bitches about “no gun programing on TV”, and when someone produces something more than 5 minutes in length out comes the gallon container of Hateraide. This isn’t just the gun community that is guilty of this, I say this as a producer of car review videos.

    I don’t like or hate Nutn, anymore than most of the other top 20 YouTube gun channel producers, they all have their time and place.

    • kipy

      When the internet gained the ability to open multiple tabs at once concentration when wayyy down. I’m guilty of internet ADD.

      • Shane

        I find it easier to watch a 30+ min videos because of the multiple tabs… though if I’m going to be honest, I’m just listening while doing other things.

      • Smokey_the_Bear

        As I was reading your post I had 4 tabs open, one of them was a youtube playing in the background. lol

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Nope, there are no boring shows with occasionally questionable information I would willingly watch for 44 minutes. I fail to see how this relates to “well, tv is long too”.

    • mrsatyre

      All very true, but Nutn does have a propensity for LOTS of filler than could simply be left unsaid or on the editing room floor.

    • DaveC79

      Nutnfancy, MAC, hickok45, Iraqveteran8888, and many others.

      They all bring something different to the table. I like them all, and I’m glad that we have people like these dudes putting in the hours making shit for us to watch. Like you say, no one else is.

  • ColaBox

    Gotta love Nutn’s reviews, bout damn time.

  • joe

    Wow, this guy is a tool. Didn’t get past 5 minutes of his rambling.

  • SAR

    Some people like him… others don’t.

    I was turned off by nutnfancy when he started making up words and acronyms, talking in the third person, etc; also how a guy who had no ‘on the ground’ LEO experience at the time, could recommend arms & equip for LEOs, SWAT, groundpounders, door-kickers, SF, etc is beyond me (not that it can’t happen but he acted like he was ‘the man’ to make these recommendations). I mean he is a reserve pilot & I appreciate his service however the arrogance & ego is way too much for me. One of his videos he diss’ed a vendor right on video by comparing apples to oranges – instead of reviewing the product and making sure it performed as advertised for that specific purpose, he compared it to another product used for other purposes from another company = tool. Even the vendor looked funny at him.

    Long ago I pointed out some wrong info he put out on a video – his run & gun was soup sandwich, muzzle discipline sucked, finger on trigger while pointing muzzle at his & other people’s body parts, etc. Others pointed out these things too – not being jerks but honest advice so he wouldn’t shoot himself, others and to be a good example. Instead of being a man, admitting it/putting out the correct info, or even just saying he was still learning like all of us are, he blocked and banned a great number of people = tool.

    When someone cannot admit faults because of their ego, thats the final nail in the coffin.

    For that reason I don’t watch him. The good thing is I’m not forced to – thank God!

    • FourString

      His negative reviews of H&K USP’s comparing them to Glock’s (which he considered superior) turned me off

  • Dave

    +1 For Nutn. Long winded though he may be the movies are full of his experience with those weapon systems, most of which he has tested for years and lit off thousands of rounds with. Anyone can read a gun mag where a guy dumps 200 rounds thru a gun and writes a glossy review, his stuff is unvarnished and generous.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Did you mean to log in with a different name? Because….

      SAR: “tested for years and lit off thousands of rounds with”, “his stuff is unvarnished and generous.”

      SAR: “arrogance & ego is way too much for me”, “he blocked and banned a great number of people = tool.”

      …. Even if you did mean to log out, log in with a different name… why leave opposing comments?!

      • JosephiusJonesASDFNorris

        It doesn’t matter if my name is Josephius, Tom Jones, ASDF or Chuck Norris (I notice you don’t use your real name either). Regardless the fact remains I think he has an ego as others do too; he does makes up words and cussed out a lot of folks who pointed out some serious problems and he was a jerk about it. He is not SWAT or a groundpounder but he recommends guns and gear without ever having kicked down a door in REAL LIFE as if he has numerous times. No offense but… yea I’m not buying it.

        BTW the majority of his reviews are T&E (that means ‘Training & Evaluation’) guns sent by companies so he has limited time in which to conduct those reviews; after he has to send them back to the manufacture/s (turn around time is usually about 1-3 weeks); yet he plays if off as if HE has extensive experience with said weapons; he compares a SCAR which IS a nice firearm & I have shot it many times with a kel tec (seriously?), I mean really? I’m surprised he didn’t compare it to his glock like in a lot of his other videos but whatever (thats on him). His ‘Operations’ are him and a couple of guys going out shooting – nothing wrong with that (I do it a lot too with other real ex-groundpounders, LEOs , friends and family), but in reality those are not “OPS” – its a couple of guys shooting out on the mesa dressed up in camouflage. I’m just speaking my mind and you or anyone else does HAVE to like or agree with it.

        As I said, I don’t like him for those reasons so I simply don’t watch him anymore – yet your telling me who I’m supposed to like & watch? Seriously? Last time I checked there is this thing called ‘Freedom of Speech’. I would also kindly remind you that your not my Dad or anyone whom I have to obey, you don’t sign my checks or pay my bills. Now if you want to work out a monthly payment plan perhaps we work something out but let me warn you its gonna cost a LOT for me to NOT speak my mind – I don’t think you can come up with that amount of coin so I guess its a mute point. So if you don’t like what I say, simply ignore my comments and better yet, don’t reply to them as if your someone I have to listen to. Just let roll off like water off a duck’s back = too easy.

        Now if you feel you have to stick up for your ‘man’ that is on you and I understand. With that said… its okay, you ‘win’, I feel like such a bad person for voicing my opinion and I’m sorry. I won’t disparage your man any more.


        • JosephiusJonesASDFNorris

          CORRECTION: when I said “I’m just speaking my mind and you or anyone else does HAVE to like or agree with it.” it should say “anyone else does NOT have to like or agree with it”.


        • Turnaround time is nowhere near 1–3 weeks. The very least is 30 days. Common time to return guns is 60 days which is our policy.

          • JosephiusJonesASDFNorris

            The companies my buddies & I have used in the past wanted ’em back sooner = their rules not ours; I wish we could have them longer. We dealt with smaller companies, perhaps thats why.

            Regardless, I like your guy’s reviews & posts way better because many of the TFB writer’s have real world experience, are mature, don’t tell people who to like and you don’t refer to yourselves in the third person.

            Good stuff

        • Danny Gonzalez

          Do you actually have any ‘real’ information about how nutnfancy obtains the firearms?

          “Testing and Evaluation” are terms he uses to describe what the point of his shoots are… that doesn’t mean that the guns were sent to him for testing and eval with a limited time period.

          On a several videos has actually HAS disclosed when he’s playing with a manufacturer’s gun… but he also tells you when it’s a gun he’s bought himself or borrowed from a fellow TNPer and the majority of the time it’s either bought or owned by someone NOT a “test and eval unit” send by the manufacturer.

          for the record I’m not saying you should like his videos but you’re making a judgement about his methods based on a rationalization and not on facts.

  • Rey

    If I do gun research, I prefer to have metrics and notes about engineering. Opinions fall to the side for me.

    • Frank

      Except that your metrics, if you can reliably get them in a detailed enough report, won’t give you a variety of important insight that only running them will. Most of all weapon reliability (worth the “opinionated” reviews alone), but also, trigger quality, take-down ease, real world ammo brand reliability, real world accuracy, ergonomics, and other potential flaws or highlights that won’t be on your report. Last, some weapons that he reviews are fairly unique and, if you’ve never shot on that platform, you’d be a fool to purchase one on numbers alone. Numbers matter a lot more when you’re familiar and comfortable with the platform, or at least have seen a review from someone who is.

  • john huscio

    MAC does it better

    • SafeArmsReview

      Yea MAC presents the facts without the ego hype. I like MAC much better but to each their own.

  • 1leggeddog

    The arrogance this guy oozes is annoying as fuck.

    I don’t care how much “tactical” experience this guy has, or how accurate his review is… he just comes out as annoying.

    • Frank

      A certain amount of arrogance generally always comes with expertise. Another word for it is confidence in knowledge. I’ll take that over a reluctance to state a firm conclusion any day. I can think of a couple of other fairly popular weapon reviewers that, while affable and sometimes fun to watch, are fairly useless for gaining a true perspective on any weapon because they always like whatever they are shooting and all criticism tends to be mild and vaguely stated. The fact that nutnfancy does a pretty great job of avoiding bias is testament to the fact that he isn’t overly arrogant. Whatever the criticisms, there really isn’t anyone else producing the quality of incisive THOROUGHLY TESTED weapon reviews. When you can show me another reviewer who tests weapons to the extent that he does, and who isn’t “arrogant” yet isn’t afraid to be thoroughly critical, then we can revisit your claim.

      • 1leggeddog

        I usually rely on Tim on the Military Arms Channel who does an EXCEPTIONAL job at reviews.


    I used to be a Nutnfancy -watcher- (not fan) while he was focused on gun, knife and gear reviews. You know, the stuff that his channel advertises.
    Pretty much shut off when he started starting releasing political videos. Wow, was he annoying in those.
    Like always, don’t bring politics in unless you’re talking politics. Way to ruin a good thing.

    As for the SCAR 17S… Yeah, I guess it’s a good gun.

  • Jake Barnes

    I’ve been reading TFB for six years…and today…I think I’m done.

  • justme

    I just….can’t.

  • Zachary marrs

    The problem is that he does have a bias against almost any rifle that can’t do long range, that and his video length. As a editor, I can take 15 hours of footage and whittle it down into a 20 minute show. He has too much filler, if I put out a video like nutn, I’d be fired.

    • Nicks87

      Yeah if he cut out the footage of him running through the desert most of his videos would be under 20 mins.

      • Zachary marrs

        Even his table topreviews are too long, he either spends 10 minutes talking about whats inside the room or the specific color of the duracoat on the gun.

    • Frank

      Well, he isn’t a professional video editor. He’s a weapons reviewer who happens to use youtube for his FREE content distribution. I bet that your weapons reviews would be at least as comparably terrible as his video editing apparently is.

      • Zachary marrs

        Its not hard to edit a video. At all.

  • tiredofreposts

    How about this: whatever you think of NutnFancy…WHY IS HIS REVIEW ON THE FIREARM BLOG? Geez, its the FIREARM BLOG for crying out loud!

  • Danny Gonzalez

    I am amazed at how many of TFB readers have just gone full-retard with the nutnfancy hate AGAIN. I have continue to watch most of the popular youtube gun channels from sooch hickock45 iraqveteran8888 MAC weaponseducation and many others and I continue to like Nutnfancy the best because of the comprehensiveness of his reviews.

    not only does he analyze aspects of gun ownership and purchasing decisions that other reviewers gloss over too quickly but he zeroes in and goes in depth into some of the critical ones that SHOULD matter to someone doing research to make a purchase even if they haven’t thought about it yet.

    value, size and weight, reliability, accuracy, accessories, intended usage, all of these and more factors are covered in depth because he gives his viewers the benefit of the doubt that they will consider these things before opening up their pocket books

    I know i certainly don’t have the money to throw down $2,500 on a rifle only to later find out that it’s too heavy for what i wanted to do with it, or that the lack of some small feature that i deemed insignificant actually turned out to be a major headache during actual use.

    i really enjoy 44 minute long firearms reviews. if you would rather watch the bing bang theory with your 44 minutes, go for it, i would rather play nutn videos just to play in the background. I have watched some of his 40+ minute reviews 6 or 7 times… to me that’s actually more entertaining. It just goes to show that he caters to a certain audience and it does exist.

    also to those who attack nutn because of his politics I have to say that I think you are the most dangerous type of person to the gun culture. I live in California and coming from a state where our 2A rights are constantly under fire, I find it really annoying when people attack those who are willing to speak up and stand strong and loud for their views especially when it comes to protecting 2A. Maybe you come from a state where your rights aren’t threatened constantly and therefor you don’t understand the gravity of the dangers and how very real the threat is. Politics is now and will always be inextricably tied to the question of 2nd Amendment and there is nothing that’s going to change that any time soon.

    If you don’t think politics matter…If you aren’t angry about the level of encroachment and attacks on our 2A rights, you either aren’t paying attention to what’s happening, or you’re just one of those people who are indifferent to the injustice as long as it doesn’t effect you directly. Which is very sad IMHO.

    Just like Nutn says in all of his videos …this is just my own opinion and my perspective formed out of my own experiences.

    • Zachary marrs

      Read my comment above, his video can be sub 20 minutes if he didn’t blabber on about “pou” or whatever other acronym he’s tossing around, and if he cut out all the footage of him romping around the desert, it would go a lot quicker. I edit shows and documentaries, and if I use ALL the footage I get (whic nutn seems to do) id be fired so fast my head would spin. There is no excuse, its just simply unprofessional. He also will sometimes spend more time on the accessories than the gun! If he wants to do that, he should make a separate video. If I click on his review of the 10/22, I don’t care about how his lgs couldn’t match the dura coat on the scope to the scope rings, I care about the gun.

      • Danny Gonzalez

        I didn’t want to pick on you but now that you bring u bring up your “professional” twice and apply it to a youtube viewer, i will have to respond.

        first of all, you just happened to mention POU and it’s ironic that that’s the Nutn acronym you picked because it’s by far the most important consideration in his lexicon. philosophy of use is by far the most important consideration you need to look at when you’re evaluating a weapon. Every gun does the same thing on a very basic level…it sends a projectile downrange, but I assume that as an intelligent person you also know that not every gun fulfills every role equally. In the firearms industry there is a MASSIVE amount of misinformation floating around because of marketing that is often very misleading (ie. if you look at most advertisements they try to make their guns look like they’re for elite tier one operators only) and also there’s a lot of misinformation because of internet forums and claims made by people who don’t have to back them up with things like youtube videos proving they actually shoot these guns. I appreciate nutnfancy going over POU there are SO MANY people out there who are looking for firearms to fill multiple roles because that maximizes value… concealed carry, home defense, duty use, competition, fun gun, SHTF, WROL, all of these are considerations and some consumers might be trying to find one gun (probably g19) that could do all these things acceptably or maybe they’re looking for a gun that excels at just 1 or 2 aspects … obviously this is nothing new to YOU since you know everything about guns already, but i guarantee you there are lots of consumers out there who watch his videos who ARE NOT giving enough thought to POU considerations and they NEED TO or they’re wasting their money. The fact that Nutn puts an ice little acronym to a concept is irrelevant – it’s still a fundamental consideration that shouldn’t be overlooked and I think if anyone pooh-poohs that and wants to say its not worth taking the time to analyze on a video then they are guilty of tactical elitism and just intellectually lazy.

        Moving on… you have mentioned twice now that “if i used all the footage I took I would be fired” first of all your premise statement is bullshit because what matters is the product you’re selling nobody cares how much, if any was left on the cutting room floor. You might think the end product is too long or too short, but your opinion about that is irrelevant to the amount of source material you are working with.

        I like how you mentioned that “if he cut all the footage of him romping around the desert” I really like how you bring that up because people love to Hickock 45 and what does he do? Almost every single video is of him in the same backyard shooting the same targets with a different gun and barely talking about it at all. No offense to Hickock of course he is one of the best shooters I’ve ever seen but why do you attack Nutn for setting up his shoots in the desert when everybody else does the same thing?

        You say “(whic [sic] nutn seems to do)” but you are flatly wrong about this. I know you were just making an assumption without any sort of facts to support your thesis, but if you just take the example of the scar 17 video he JUST posted, you can plainly see that there is a ton of scar footage he didn’t put in the video but is available in his other videos… in fact Nutn plainly says “you have seen this gun in XXX and YYY drills so if you want more footage of it, go watch those videos” thus we can clearly know that Nutn doesn’t use all of his footage so even if you want to apply that standard of judgement on his videos you are still wrong.

        You say you edit shows and documentaries…lets all have a round of applause for you *claps for Zachary* I am sure you do a great job making shows and documentaries but Nutnfancy videos are not shows for entertainment and they are NOT a documentary (which i assume the majority of the ones you produce are probably for entertainment and NOT education anyway)

        Nutnfancy videos, more than anything else, reflect two things… a consumer report…and a dialogue…an ongoing discussion between the youtuber (nutn) and his audience (subscribers + lurkers and trolls like some of the haters you see) brevity and pretty editing are not a priority. the emphasis is on comprehensive information that is valuable and relevant to the consumer.

        So yeah, please leave your profession out of it because it just goes to show that you’re unfairly applying an unrealistic standard of judgement on a medium of communication that isn’t analogous to what you do in any way whatsoever. Nutn doesn’t work for you or anyone. You, as an editor do however, work for someone and to be perfectly frank… if your documentaries that you produce don’t achieve the message (even if that message is terribly biased…and I’ve seen enough biased documentaries not to have any naivete on this) that your producers want to give…no matter how misleading…you would be fired. I am glad Nutnfancy makes his videos in his own style and from the heart and not beholden to anyone; not his viewers, or a particular manufacturer, or the opinions of internet trolls.

        • Zachary marrs

          He says “pou” hundreds of times in his vid why? Why the hell can’t he just say, this is a good battle rifle, but no, he has to use some stupid acronyms. And we aren’t talking about Hickok, but at least he doesn’t engage in mall ninja terminology. Oh, and my job gives me a unrealistic judgment? Not too unrealistic, because iv8888’s videos are perfect as are vuurwapens, and while Hickoks vids can be long, at least he doesn’t act like a wanna be sf operator. Its all in the editing, and its not that hard, like I said, if I watch his 10/22 review, the last thing I care about is the boxes of toys in the room, or how he prefers coyote tan to acupat. Damn, if you arw going to blabber about the virtues of coyote tan in a desert environment, make a separate video

          • Frank

            The pou consideration will keep you from wasting money on firearms that you don’t actually have a good use for and will force you to evaluate firearms based on your actual need.

          • Zachary marrs

            Then tell me what the gun is good for, dont blabber on about what pou means

  • Squirreltactical

    I love the footage this guy shoots, and his review criteria are always good, but everything he says in 40+ minutes could be done in 20 flat. Jesus… Still, good stuff.