IWI US Begins Shipping Maryland Compliant Tavor SAR

Now those in Maryland can have a Tavor SAR as well! IWI US is now shipping the Maryland compliant SAR with a 16.5″ barrel with 3.5″ muzzle brake, which makes it 1″ over the legal OAL.

IWI US also has a CA compliant rifle which began shipping back in May.  The CA compliant rifle features a 4″ muzzle brake and bullet button.

Harrisburg, PA (June 2014) – IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., is pleased to announce the TAVOR® SAR model for the state of Maryland is now shipping to area distributors. The Maryland model complies with all state statutes in effect as of date of shipment from IWI US, and still provides the TAVOR SAR fan an unprecedented experience in firepower and performance.

The model TAVOR SAR (TSB16MD) is built on the 16.5″ barrel model with a 3.5″ removable muzzle brake that yields an OAL of 30″ (minimum 29″ for MD) when attached and a 10-round magazine.

The TAVOR SAR Maryland model incorporates a full-length MIL-STD Picatinny top rail in addition to the standard short rail mounted at a 45° angle opposite the charging handle. Backup Iron Sights (BUIS) are embedded and spring loaded in the top of the Picatinny rail and the front post contains a Tritium insert on a standard AR thread, fully adjustable for windage and elevation (tool provided). The standard caliber is .223/5.56 NATO with a 9mm conversion kit available. Available in Black only. MSRP is $1,999.00


  • Phil Hsueh

    Guess I need to add Maryland to the list of states to not move to if/when I ever move out of SoCal, a pity since it’s really beautiful over there but there’s no way that I’d move from one gun unfriendly state to another one.

    • Steve Truffer

      Try 1 State down friend, however NoVA is where a bunch of DC leeches reside.

      • RicoSuave

        NoVA will soon join DC and MD in terms of regulations.

        • Steve Truffer

          DC can have them. Make the State Redder and reduce crime averages.

          • RicoSuave

            VA is purple headed blue for good now.

    • Ken

      I can’t wait to get out of this state.

    • Bp. David

      As Lester Flatt used to sing on the theme for the “Beverly Hillbillies”–“. . . the Republic of Texas is the place you ought to be, so they loaded up the kids and escaped to liberty!”

    • Mystick

      Only the western part of the state is truly “beautiful”. The Eastern Shore is all tourist and megagriculture, with a few nice aquatic vistas… when they aren’t marred by shipping and trash EVERYWHERE in the Bay. A corridor between DC and Baltimore, extending towards Philadelphia(pretty much around I-95) is all urban and suburban sprawl. Carroll County(where I am), is becoming(if not IS) just a suburb or Baltimore and DC, more overpriced cookie-cutter house farms every year, with most of the good jobs being 50 mile commutes, with little or no indigenous non-service/retail left. All politics are controlled by Baltimore. Our votes just don’t count.

      Once you get past the mountains of Washington County and west, Hancock, really, it doesn’t even seem like it should be the same state.

      I cannot wait to get out of this rapidly degenerating hellhole.

      • 11b

        I disagree. I’ve lived here my whole life and while western MD is no doubt beautiful, even downtown Baltimore where I am now has its attractions if you know where you are. The bay is trashed, I’ll agree, but so are most of our nation’s inhabited coastal areas. Of course if I could just get that ccw permit in one of the most dangerous cities in America, that would be great….

      • Bruce Brunken

        It’s worse than that–the *entire* Eastern Seaboard is one big mega-sprawl as predicted in various dystopian sci-fi novels.

        • Mystick

          I’ve heard it referred to as the “Eastern Metroplex”…

      • Bob Migliaccio

        Two more years & I’m gone. I lived in Finksburg for several years. I went up there in September, and it seemed like it was all strip malls & traffic, just like Bowie where I live now. I might stick around if I could get a CCW, but I don’t see that happening an time soon

    • nitemarejim

      @Phil, MD is also an “may carry” state, and you have to go through hoops to get one.

  • Andy

    I’m sure having a muzzle break that close to your face will be a pleasurable experience.

    • The Hun

      Ask the Palestinians.

  • hydepark


  • Ken

    It’s funny because it isn’t actually MD compliant. They forgot to permanently attach the brake.

    • me ohmy

      doesnt need to be a permanent attachment.. just correct OAL

      • Ken

        ATF says that OAL is measured with a permanently attached muzzle device.

        • Cymond

          Yes, for the purposes of meeting the federal OAL requirements, but state requirements may have different standards.

          • Ken

            MSP says they use ATF standards for measuring OAL and barrel length.

          • Cymond

            It’s interesting that’s the standard used by MSP, but I wonder how that would go in lawsuit without a definition of OAL in state law. I seem to recall a general ‘rule of leniency’ that vague statues are supposed to be interpreted loosely.
            Even so, California doesn’t require permanent attachment for OAL. Personally, I think permanent attachment is a silly way to define OAL, since the ATF only seems to apply it on the muzzle end, not to bolt-on buttplates.

          • Ken

            The problem is that MSP makes a lot of interpretations, and few if any have been challenged in court yet, so your guess would be as good as mine. I agree it’s quite stupid.

    • Bp. David

      One dab of silver solder ought to fool the lefties–IF they can get over how THCARY it looks!

    • Tom

      Im just wondering if its a typo and they meant to write “non-removable” muzzle brake. Would make far more sense.

  • mig1nc

    Why didn’t they use the 18″ as the base platform instead of the 16.5″? Seems like I’d rather have 1.5″ more barrel and “only” a 2.5″ muzzle break.

    • TFB Reader

      Cheaper, assuming that they’re using the normal barrel.

  • erwos

    Not actually MD compliant. Maryland State Police have been telling everyone that they’re using the federal standard to measure OAL, which means pinned muzzle device. IWI is being very, very stupid here.

    • BigEl

      Fed require a 26″ OAL minimum. However, Feds measure OAL in the configuration intended to be fired from the shoulder, i.e. stock fully extended. The federal standard does not state that a muzzle device has to be permanently attached to meet the 26″ OAL. IWI is right. the muzzle device does not have to be permanently attached and can be removable to meet the Maryland State requirement for OAL. This is a state issue and the Maryland firearm regulations do not state that the muzzle device has to be permanently attached.

      • erwos

        The last opinion from the BATFE on the subject was clear: muzzle device needs to be pinned to count for OAL. Write them and ask. I have no incentive to make this stuff up, I promise you.

        The MD “firearm regulations” don’t say anything about how to measure OAL, which is why the MSP keep deferring to the BATFE standards.

        • BigEl

          Pinning or welding is for meeting the federal 16 inch barrel length requirement. The 16 inch federal barrel length has to be achieved by fabrication means so that the length is permanent. Maryland has not added any barrel requirement beyond the federal requirement. The OAL of firearms in Maryland has changed from the present federal and past Maryland length of 26 inches to 29 inches. The Maryland requirement does not specifically state that the barrel has to lengthened by welding or pinning to achieve the Maryland defined rifle OAL of 29 inches. This is why you see the Maryland compliant Tavor with a removable muzzle assembly.

          • erwos

            You’re missing my point. Without a definition of OAL enshrined in MD law, the MSP is free to interpret as they please. The interpretation that the MSP is promulgating is “use the federal standard”. The fact that the law doesn’t specify is at best a defense in court; in reality, the judge will simply defer to the government’s interpretation of the law, and the defendant will be screwed.

          • BigEl

            The law has to specify for it to be enforced. The federal government’s regulations have to followed by all states. Texas, Virginia and other states that do not regulate the OALcan sell the Tavor with the 16.5 inch barrel length and OAL of 26 inches.(the federal regulated length). If a judge were to simply defer to the government’s interpretation we would see in Maryland the Tavor models sold in other states such as Virginia and Texas that only follow the federal regulations. The Maryland Firearm Safety Act of 2013 goes beyond the federal regulation and defines an OAL for rifle style firearms of 29 inches. It does not state a specific method to apply in attaining the 29 inch OAL. This is why a removable muzzle piece that extends the OAL can be attached to the Tavor barrel to achieve the 29 inches stated in the Maryland Firearm Safety Act.

          • erwos

            “The law has to specify for it to be enforced.”

            Um, no. The Secretary of the Maryland State Police is legislatively given specific authority to adopt regulations to enforce the law.

          • BifEl

            That’s right! The Maryland State Police has the authority to enforce existing law such as the Maryland Firearm Safety Act of 2013 but they do not have the authority to create their own laws on a whim. If a limitation does not appear in the Firearm Safety Act of 2013 it is not the job of the Maryland Police to create one they wish to exist. If the police were to come up with some legal limitation that does not exist in the statute, it would not be enforceable in court. However, the Maryland State Government can take action to add limitations into an existing statute that the police can then enforce. If the police were to gain the ability to make up laws as they see fit, we would end up with a police state.

  • Bp. David

    Just add a thirty round mag and that might make a decent weapon. OH, WAIT–that would be too “thcary” for the thithy thtate!

    • Ken

      It’s still legal to possess normal capacity magazines in the People’s Republik of Maryland, just not acquire within the state. Everyone just goes to a neighboring state to get their mags and it’s totally legal.

      • Zachary marrs

        Acquire as in buy, or “find”

        • Ken

          Someone told me that years ago, one gun dealer would “throw away” mags over 20 rounds that came with guns because he couldn’t sell them off. He would put them in a trash can and set them outside of the store. If the buyer of the gun that the mags came with happened to grab them out of the trash after leaving the store, that was none of his business.

  • SentMKG

    Wow this is going to make the gun control crowd in CA and MA real angry and red in their face.

    At least the gun owners their will get a good taste of what it is like for other states.

  • Zachary marrs

    Congrats, now it looks even more like you stole it from halo

    • SP mclaughlin

      The TAR was designed in the ’90s and produced in 2001, literally the same time frame as Halo CE. And it doesn’t look like the 7.62 assault rifle at all.

      • Zachary marrs

        I know, I just said that just to piont out how *futuristic* (ridiculous) it is

        • jason

          There’s a lot to be said about their design, they’ve done a great job thinking outside the “Stoner Box”. Bring the axn back so far and you can fit an 18″ barrel in a rifle not much longer. Try getting a tactically convenient AR in an 18″ barrel, the gun feels like a telephone pole. Good on you guys.

  • Tom – UK

    I would much rather have a 18 or 20inch barrel and then the muzzle break. Better to have a greater capability for the weight gained than nothing at all.

  • VeriAeq

    Is Maryland worried about Clyde Barrow and his sawed of BAR, thus the AOL requirement?

    • Ken

      I was in Annapolis last year when they were debating that part of the bill. I don’t remember any logic to it. I just remember that we managed to get it reduced from 30″ as the minimum OAL.

      Now here’s the ironic part. While I can’t have a rifle under 29,” you can home build a pistol that is. You cannot get a 16″ barrel AR-15 with a non heavy profile barrel. But what you can do is home build one with an 80% lower with a 14.7″ barrel, or buy one that’s on the roster (I think the Engage E4 is currently the only AR pistol on the roster).

  • It’s funny that I see this article now. I was at the range just yesterday and saw they had one on the rack but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t factory. Someone had put a golf ball launcher on the front to make it the legal length. I laughed.

    I have to say I like the muzzle break more.

  • Chris

    Every shop I’ve been to in MD says it must be permanently attached, or a just plain 18″ barrel. I’m sure one of my favorite shops in MD would permanently attach it for me before I take delivery if I asked them to.

  • Porty1119

    I don’t think the Maryland law really did…well…anything even remotely noticeable. We should start pressuring CT and NY to adopt MD standards…let’s see if they can tell the difference.

  • Spidouz

    When I read that, I’m hoping for Texas to never fall for that compliant such Maryland or California. Even in some European countries with gun control (such France), people can get 30 rounds magazine and 16.5″ gun. Sure, they need to register it, but the only thing they can’t get is the full-auto mode (only semi-auto)… not this stupid 20″ and 10 rounds magazines.

    That will not change anything for the homicide rate when we know that over 80% of the homicide are done with a handgun. The whole gun control on semi-auto riffle is not about public safety, it’s about public control.