Metro Arms American Classic Commander

metro arms 1911

Eagle Imports announced they are now offering the American Classic Commander 1911 pistol for sale in the US.  The guns will come in a variety of finishes and can be had in .45 ACP and 9mm.  MSRP runs from $624 – $719 depending on version and finish.

metro arms 1911

All of the pistols have a 4.25″ barrel and weigh in around 35 ounces.  Both calibers come with a flush fitting eight round magazine and an extended nine round mag with a bumper pad.  The 9mm is finished in deep blue, while the .45 ACP model can be had with a deep blue, hard chrome or two-tone finish.

metro arms 1911

According to Eagle Imports, the guns feature “…all the safety and details of a more expensive model such as a flared and lowered ejection port, an extended slide stop, a beavertail grip safety, extended thumb safety and combat hammer and trigger, but without the price tag.”

Richard Johnson

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  • AK™

    Cool. Reminds me of Rock Island Armory. Id buy one before I’d buy a Colt.
    I’d buy a Desert Eagle 1911 before I would buy a Colt.

    • kevin kelly

      Are colts beat now?

      • I don’t think they are. They get beat up in the comments at times. Honestly though my lightweight commander stainless has been a very good 1911. I have a little over 900 rounds through it with no malfunction. Nothing to complain about with this one.

      • javierjuanmanuel

        Colts are popular to hate. They sometimes are not priced the best, but then also do not have the greatest finish but they work well. The result is people like to hate on them for their prices, and any perceived exclusivity. Reaaaaaly popular to hate on by guys who focus only on price.

        Much like HK. The guys that act like they shoot allot, but loose their mind over a 700-1100 gun, as if ammo and range time is free.

        Its a certain kinda turd of a man.

  • Mystick

    An affordable 1911? YAY!!!

    • It’s well made also. I had a stainless for a couple of years and it worked well. No drama it just kept on running.

      • Mystick

        That’s even better. I own an AMT 1911 that had been “modified” for speed shooting… it has had at least three sets of rear sights on it(but it came with tritium for me, which I didn’t know about until I went camping with it); bought it for $400 back in 2002(and the guy tried to talk me out of it and buy some plastic monstrosity that was twice as wide). And that was used. It works great… only lately has there been some cosmetic issues and the occasional FTL, but that’s just age. Nothing a spring kit, a slide release, and maybe a new barrel couldn’t solve.

        I just cringe seeing some of these 1911’s retailing for $1500 and up. They are nice guns, but they aren’t THAT nice.

  • cedarhill

    I had two Colts before and I never had a problem. But I was not into shooting as much as now that I have this time. I wish I still had them both but now I have a Remington R1 Com. Carry which is great. It has all of the features shown in this pistol.
    There are so many new 1911’s coming into the market from different manufacturers.
    That is great!

    • Cherryriver

      The 1951 Colt .38 Super Commander in my IWB leather right now has never, ever malfunctioned (over 3000 rounds, little of it FMJ) and is astoundingly accurate, like a single 6-shot hole at 10 yards freestyle, rapid fire.
      I guess there were some bad Colts in the late ’80s and the ’90s. Don’t buy one, then. Buy a new one. Excellent stuff.

      Meanwhile, I’m calling my 84-year-old mother and see if she’s making 1911s.
      Apparently everyone else on the planet is now.

  • tim.m

    unless im missing something, this isnt anything new.. i handled one a few years back and went back for it buy they sold it and the supplier was back ordered.