26 Nosler, the new 6.5mm round

Nosler has announced a new round, the 26 Nosler. The 26 Nosler is a .264 caliber bullet aka 6.5mm. The 26 Nosler cartridge uses the Nosler 129gr Accubond Long Range bullet and fires it out at 3,400 fps at the muzzle. When zeroed at 350 yds, the 26 Nosler has a point blank range of 0-415 yds. They claim at 400 yards, the 26 Nosler retains the same velocity as the 260 Remington produces at the muzzle.

Here is the load data. More info to come as we see this round released to the public in the near future.

26 Nosler- LOAD DATA-129gr

26Nosler_SAAMI_CC_DWG_Public_Active01-02-2014 copy

Nicholas C

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  • TheSmellofNapalm

    AR compatible?

    • Nick Pacific

      Not with those specs. Way too big.

      • Zachary marrs

        They make an ar chambered in 300 win mag and I think there was a small run of ars in .30-’06, so I assume you could, but getting it to function is a whole ‘nuther animal lol

      • Zachary marrs

        Its about as long as a .300 win mag so it could be done.

        • Rusty Shackleford

          Your choices are: Noreen Bad News, Nemo Omen and AA Ulfberht.

    • No not even close

  • Zachary marrs

    I dont have my reloading manual with me, so can someone please tell me what this dose that the .243 winchester cant, other than heavier bullets? Reminds me of the .284 Remington

    • Blastattack

      It costs a lot more and burns out your barrel much faster. Big advantages for the ammunition and firearm manufacturers. … Oh you meant for the consumer?

      • opie

        um….how often do shooters shoot out barrels? not that often if you are shooting. remember most shooters who say barrels are shot out say that when they loose like .100″ at 500 yards… and it takes more than 5,000 rounds to do it.. so sick of people using the “burn out your barrel” moniker with certain calibers…if your fighting a war sure you will burn out a barrel, firing on full auto yes you can burn out barrels…but i agree this is another cartridge thats a solution without a problem. i think it will be a fly by night caliber like a bunch are…

        • Zachary marrs

          Ive seen competition shoothers who are using .243’s loaded to the max burn out their barrels in as few as 50 rounds

          • Tim X

            That sounds like barrel abuse or science experiments, not competition shooting. I’m not in the comp world, and I won’t dispute what you say you’ve seen, but if blowing copper down a high quality steel tube flattens or burns out lands or expands the tube in 50 rounds, I would not want to be standing anywhere near them. I have loaded over 1500 rounds in my 243 off the shelf sporter that are moderate kiads and another 500 that are at max velocities, both conventional and solid copper and I have zero throat erosion. And it still prints .25 MOA if I do my part.

        • raz-0

          Once you start edging near the 4k mark, chamber erosion goes much faster than in lower velocity chamberings. You really can significantly alter the performance of the rifle at round counts WELL under 5000 rounds.

        • iksnilol

          High velocity and high pressures wear out the barrel fast. That is why I don’t see this new cartridge as particularily useful, I am leery of everything over 3000 FPS. In other words, this doesn’t do much more than a 30-06 or 308 necked down to 6.5 except burn out your barrel faster and reducing case life.

        • Rusty Shackleford
    • Sadler

      It’s basically a .264WM except a bit faster. Burning out your barrel is always exaggerated. As long as you don’t let the barrel get too hot during a shooting session, you’ll be lucky to shoot enough to burn it out. Especially now that we have less corrosive powders and better alloys.

  • guest

    This cartridge is so extremely close (ballistically) to the 6.5×55 that I really see no point in it.

    • Rob

      The case is bigger in every dimension and holds 60% more powder than the 6.5×55. I’m not saying its a good round, but its not the same as the 6.5×55.

      • iksnilol

        I would say the 6.5×55 is better. Mainly because of lower pressures and commonality (what casings does this new cartridge use?).

        • Zachary marrs

          None its really damn close to a .300 win mag but this is just a bit bigger. Honestly, if I were to introduce a new cartridge, it would be a .308 wildcat, and use it in an ar platform. Trying to get a new round introduced in a bolt action or a purpose built semi-auto makes no sense when you have the low cost of entry and modularity of the ar 10/15 platforms.
          Who knows, it might just find a niche market for bench rest shooters

          • iksnilol

            No need for 308 wildcat, there is already the .260 remington (308 necked down to 6.5mm).

          • Zachary marrs

            Yeah, bit really there is no need for this round either, im just saying IF I wanted to, I mean, if you want to make a new cartridge, build off a military round ex. .300 blackout (5.56) 270win (.30-’06) .243 (.308)

          • iksnilol

            True, when making new cartridges using common casings is a good idea. Can’t go wrong with the three most common casings: 5.56, 7.62×39 and 7.62×51

          • G

            Those cases have already been necked or down to 6.5mm.

          • G

            necked _up_ or down to..

          • G

            There are more options if one wants use a 308W bolt face and the same COAL as 308W: 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5×47 Lapua, 6.5 Super LR and 6,5-284 Norma.

            But any 308Win length/boltface cartridge is going to be far slower than the 26 Nosler.

          • vgghfbgbgc

            Teppu Jutsu tried just that with the .500 Phantom, but they couldn’t get reliable brass made anywhere.

            There’s been news lately of the .45 Raptor, which seems promising enough to fill the role you describe.

        • H.H.

          I guess it uses .375Ruger as a parent case…

          • Zachary marrs

            No this is still bigger, I think the .375 ruger is built off the .300 win mag, this is still bigger

          • H.H.

            .375 Ruger is not built of .300win mag … it has same rim diameter as .375H&H family of cartridges have, but it is non belted rimless cartridge … so it must be the parent case.

          • Zachary marrs

            Yeah im looking at the dimensions, but this is still bigger than the .375 ruger.
            Lets just be honest here, this is just so nosler can pimp their name. Absolutely no point for this, except benchrest shooting, and I seriously doubt that this will dethrone the 6mmbr. And if a 7mmrem mag/270/243 can’t cover this, go to a .30-’06 or above

          • G

            26 Nosler is based on a shortened 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum. case. If I recall correctly the 26 Nosler cartridges shown on SHOT show even had 7mm RUM head stamps.

            The official SAAMI drawing of 26 Nosler:

          • Thanks for that link. I posted it as a photo within the article.

          • El Duderino

            I don’t work for Nosler’s marketing department, but long range shots on deer/antelope in open country seems like the market for this round. So you Wyoming guides, be prepared to see several yuppie out of state hunters armed with their brand new .26 Noslers with Swarovski glass that they’ve never actually fired, just boresighted at the gun store.

          • Chained

            That is what they thought about the 6.5 Creedmoor too but it is also an excellent hunting round as 26 Nosler will be.

      • guest

        Put this round, with data provided into Strelok, using the best BC Berger bullet of same weight. Game me a 100% identical supersonic range with that heavier bullets give the 6.5×55, minus the barrel wear at the high velocities.
        Or in other words – near identical performance, with *only* a slightely flatter trajectory to show for. Do the calculations yourself if you do not believe me.

        • G

          I have a few boxes of Berger Match Hybrid Target bullets, in different calibres, and they are all marked with text “not suitable for hunting”.

    • Dukke1ine

      Not even close.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Point blank range means absolutely nothing unless you also specify the size of the target. 0-415 is impressive it’s an 8″ circle, less if it’s 40″ echo target.

    Example, my 556 SPR has a danger space (no hold, point blank range) from 0 to 800y if we’re shooting at a barn.

  • Alex Nicolin

    Why not use a slower and heavier round with better aerodynamics? 129 gn is really light for .264.

    • Vitor

      Hey, I was about to say you stole my idea, but now I see you posted 3 hours before. They could easily go 150grains here.

    • G

      Nosler claims that the 129 gr bullet has a G1 BC of 0.561.

      129 gr isn’t “really light” for a .264″ boat tail hunting bullets. It’s quite normal.

  • H.H.

    Looks like it is based on .375Ruger case, isn’t it?

    • G

      It’s based on 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum.

  • Vitor

    I would prefer a heavier bullet with super high BC. If it can make 129 grains go at 3.400fps, it could probably make a 150 grain go at 2900/800.

  • Zachary marrs

    New from Zachary marrs industries ; the .17holysh^twhatthef#ckwasthat, is a .177 caliber pellet on top of a necked down .30-’06 case, it provides blazing 60000 fps, absolutely perfect for nothing, except getting you banned from every indoor range within a 450 mile radius

    • Alex Nicolin

      Make it a .50 BMG

      • Zachary marrs

        Now thats just crazy!

        • gunslinger

          only real operators operate with that

          • Zachary marrs

            Indeed, choice of tier -1 ops, oss!, navy SEALS!, kinetic energy dispersion! , tacical buzzwords!

      • El Duderino

        Yeah…I wonder what the point blank range of a SLAP round is. 800m?


        Yep here ya go

  • Hilmer Lindberg

    Sooo…. It’s the 70 year old 257 Weatherby with a new shoulder and no belt? The point of this cartridge is beyond me.

    • G

      .257″ bullets don’t have high BC’s whereas .264″ bullets do..

      IMO a .264″ cartridge makes far more sense, as a long range hunting cartridge, than any .257″ cartridge.

  • Mark Hillard

    Let’s see it in an AR platform.

  • John Daniels

    Is this based on a modified .375 Ruger case?

    • 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum See the illustration I added to the post

    • maodeedee

      Intersting you should say that since I think the 375 Ruger case is based on the once popular European 6.5x68mm Schuler.
      Everything old is new again.

  • Tim X

    Interesting, and its always fun to have a new toy. But I’m wondering what the product development and marketing people at Nosler had in mind when they created this. Its no trivial matter to embark on a venture like this, so one would think they created it after some deep analysis. Such velocities have limited hunting applications because of bloodshot / meat damage at anything under 300 yards. And the 6.5 is a fine diameter but not that well suited for large game. So as many others here have said, “what’s the point?”. Having said that, note that the listed velocities are from a 26″ barrel which probably accounts for about 10% of the hunting market. Maybe they’re going to pitch that from a standard 22″ sporter it can get the 129gr up to 3200.

  • Tim X

    Marketing and driving sales- I know that some retailers are pushing the 260 Rem as some kind of new magic. It is indeed a fine cartridge, but personally I think much of the hype over it is just to get people to buy guns by pitching the virtues of a caliber they don’t already have. Do I want one? Sure, because i don’t already have one! (Hmmm, how much more time at the bench for load development though?) But realistically, if you want to limit the recoil of the 308 and want a great hunting round, you can go 7mm08 or down to a 243. I have heard professional hunting guides with 1000 hides under their belt say that the 260 won’t do anything that those won’t do with a well placed shot. If you really want to be sure, move up to our old standard, the 270Win and there’s no question about the results with no big increase in recoil. For a little more edge, you can go 270WSM and download it to max max velocity of a standard 270 if you want to avoid the recoil of a mag. Of course this assumes you are a reloader, but isn’t everybody?

  • Tim X

    And by the way, with all the tech in scopes nowadays with BDC, B&C, return to zero stops, and ultimately built-in rangefinders, does anyone really worry about “PBR” anymore? I hold right on, estimate over, or dial in, depending on the situation. Windage is much more tricky.

  • NEWT

    Too bad it’s a rebated rim. Not a fan, even if it’s only a mild rebate. Seems there’s always feeding problems with these designs. But if it’s for target use only I guess who cares. Would rather it had been based on a necked down .300 RCM, which I think is one of the more practical but overlooked (destined for the dust bin along with the TC .30) rounds introduced in this whole new age of “vanity” ammunition.
    Will stick with my .270 for now

    • maodeedee

      I would venture to guess that in a $2000 dollar rifle like the one Nosler makes, you wouldn’t have any feeding problems.

  • maodeedee

    I’d like to see heavier bullets be made available to take advantage of the increased capacity of this cartridge over the 264 win mag.

    Something like a 160 grain VLD controlled expansion bullet for hunting. The reduced velocities of the heavier bullet load wouldn’t be as “impressive” but would help to extend barrel life. And the heavier bullet would also be good for larger game like Elk.

  • Paul White

    Maybe I’m old fashioned, but don’t we have enough damn calibers? How about you work on manufacturing efficency and pricing on what we have already?

  • g boyd

    Thanks, but I will stick with my trusty 300 Win Mag Ruger 77 Stainless/Walnut.