IWI Releases .338 Lapua Bolt Action “DAN” Rifle

Not content to sit on their laurels and ride the success of the Tavor, IWI has collaborated again with the IDF to develop the .338 Lapua “DAN” Sniper Rifle. Incorporating the latest must-have features for a tactical precision weapon, the DAN is mounted to an fully adjustable chassis, including an uninterrupted rail on the top and bottom with customizable rail sections on each side.


The rifle features a heavy 1/10″ twist 29″ (31″ w/ muzzle brake) free-floated fluted barrel capped with a Q/D mount for optional suppressors. Despite the barrel, IWI focused on weight reduction. The rifle weights in at 6.9 kg (about 15 lbs) without without magazine, scope, and mount. The magazine had a 10 round capacity and can be released ambidextrously.

The stock is adjustable for length-of-pull and comb. It includes an adjustable monopod and is capable of folding. Folded, the rifle is just over a meter long. Unfolded it rings in about 1.3 meters (~51″).


IWI claims sub-MOA accuracy out to 1200 meters. The trigger is stated to be two-stage and is adjustable between 1 and 2 kgs (2.2 – 4.4 lbs). IWI will offer a purpose-built suppressor and clip-on sight as optional accessories.

To read the full brochure on Scribed, click here. 

Nathan S

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  • An Interested Person

    Almost identical to the new Remington rifle. I guess sniper rifles are reaching the end of the development line, until something entirely new comes along?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      “Identical” In that they are both bolt guns? Yes. You are referring to the Cadex Strike chassis who makes a slightly modified version exclusively for Remington in the M2010. This looks nothing like those, beyond that they are all bolt gun chassis.

      I’m also not sure about your comments on developments, as these are relatively new to bolt guns. Starting with very military use of the AI in the 70s/80s. But have only exploded in the past 5-8 years or so as far as options and availability. I’m not sure how these very new ways of building chassis are already at the “end of the line”.

      You are about to see a lot of new polymer, and composite designs coming. Since the biggest issue with every one of them so far is the weight. The Cadex being among the heaviest in “tactical” use.

  • Dukke1ine

    What is the scope on the top picture?

    • It probably is but I’m not familiar with that scope.

      • LCON

        Looks like a smart scope. Wasn’t there a article a few years back about IWI working on one. I wonder how it would compares to a Tracking Point in the same caliber.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Oh look, a Barret MRAD with an AI stock. Someone in Isreal just couldn’t decide between the two.

    • erwos

      Probably trying to keep their weapons dev and manufacture in-house these days. The Israelis have used a wide variety of bolt-action sniper rifles over the years, it’s about time they got around to making their own. Doesn’t look particularly attractive as an export weapon, but it’s a pretty crowded market.

    • Sorta similar but it’s not a copy. Really it’s not that close.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        On the “DAN” it’s an extruded upper, machined lower/magwel, and extruded rail. Same on the MRAD. It’s entirely clear when designing the “DAN” rifle, the MRAD was brought up. I’d add there are also ques taken from the Sako M-10/PSR-application, the large grip area after the magwel, action port, and albeit a single tang the folding mechanism is very Sako looking.

        All the same, my comment wasn’t extremely literal.

        • ATman

          I am a canuck so I am legally required to whenever skeletonized modular stocks are involved vote CADEX and for the a typical Remington action vote Prairie Gun Works (PGW)

  • kev

    Kinda wondered when Israel would break into the long range rifle market. Their Galil rifles is more a DMR really. Since they seems to be a huge demand for Israeli weapons i suspect these to sell quite well.

  • PJ

    Hey Nathan when will part 5 of the home based FFL series come out? I know this isnt the spot but the old posts are just so old now.

    • The FFL has actually arrived and I have been working to set up dealers… It basically boils down to clearing a backlog of reviews prior to marching down that path again.

  • Lance

    Naw, rather have a Remington XM-21010 action in better .300 Win mag caliber.

  • DirtyLiberals

    Look at me! I’m going to bad mouth a product I’ve never used before because I’m an Internet gun expert.

  • Perrinin

    Anyone can identify the laser scope?

  • KK

    Can someone identify the camo pattern featured in the picture? Looks like some recoloration of the Finnish M05 pattern.

    • LCON

      The Israelis Issue to there Soldiers a Camouflage mesh over suit Smock made of the same material as there Mit’znefet (helmet net) it’s reversible with a Arid Desert color way on one side and a more Green color way on the other side.

  • Nicholas C

    Looks sort of like a Cadex chassis mixed with the Remington tactical rifle.

  • The Carden Chronicles

    It is not uncommon for the Israeli’s to take “best of breed” and combine features. The Jericho 941 combines some of the grip characteristics of the CZ75 and the polygonal rifling that Glock uses. The Galil is based on the AK47 with additional features; the Tavor uses the standard M16 magazine. All-in-all, they make some pretty good guns (and I can personally attest to the reliability and outstanding groups with the .40 and .45 Jericho 941).

    And besides, The Israeli’s tend to combat prove their weapons–daily 😉