Here is a video by H&K showing off the new H&K VP9. The VP9 will use the same mags as the H&K P30. They claim that the VP9 will have a superior trigger over other strikerfire handguns.



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  • Andy

    I’m skeptical the trigger will top my PPQ’s, but the P30 does have a slight edge in ergos due to the removable side panels (not that the Walther has bad ergos by any means).

    Price point is rather uncharacteristic of HK as well. I’m willing to give it a fair chance if the trigger gets good reviews.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Word is from people who know, it’s a VERY good trigger but it isn’t “better” than the PPQ. You might prefer it, or not.

    • Gubbins48

      Their engineering data is online, showing travel vs. force for their trigger. http://www.gunnewsblog.com/2014/06/h-vp9.html

  • Dukke1ine

    “…reduced hand strength*”

    Showing a girl.

  • Cleanrumble

    I like the looks. I am looking to replace my HK USP 40 cal. duty weapon. I just hope that they will make it in 40 cal. in the future. I am also worried about the price. I paid $525 for my USP in the mid to late 90’s.

    • Karina

      My HK fan advice: Keep your USP.
      On a side note, I’d LOVE to be able to pay 525 USD for an USP of any caliber in this time and age. It sure isn’t the 90s anymore, huh?

      • Cleanrumble

        I love my USP but it is showing a lot of holster wear. I am looking at another HK because of the magazine release by the trigger guard. I am so used to it that sometimes I have a hard time getting used to other handguns. Back when I bought it, I had a FFL. Back then it cost $30 for 3 years!

      • hgray14

        I see USPs all the time for under $600. (Check Gunbroker and GunsAmerica.) I have a shot a few of the newer H&K pistols but other than a few little tweaks here and there I really don’t see any reason to upgrade from a USP unless the grip doesn’t fit your hands (and you want the interchangable backstrap.) The USP and USPc are phenominal pistols that are pretty hard to improve on.

  • ducky

    Interestingly all HK promo material is avoiding to tell what kind of trigger system it actually is. “Almost like a
    single-action trigger …” Well it actually seems to be a single action trigger – no pre-/half cock detectable here. So the “ground breaking” result after 4 years of development would be a SA pistol with no manual safety?
    Still can’t forget those Taurus 24/7 shake-fire videos…

  • I am proud to say that Phil has been working diligently to acquire a test unit for us, and I am lucky enough to be the tester! Stay tuned for the upcoming review folks.

  • Little Johnny

    I won’t be the first to say it, but this HK looks a lot like the Walther PPQ.

    • Andy

      Well, the VP9 is pretty much a P30, which predates the PPQ by a few years.

      I guess you could say the P30 rips off the redesigned P99 that showed up around 2004, but that would be a bit of a stretch.

      I love both my P30 and my PPQ, but I would say the PPQ is an improvement over the P30 due to the trigger alone. I also prefer the texture on the Walther’s grip compared to the skateboard tape they put on the P30.

  • Sean

    Very nice pistol with a lot of the things guys do to their glocks already done. If it has a good semi-aggressive grip texture this will probably supplant the m&p as the striker gun all the cool kids are using. Who am I kidding? It’s an hk of course it’s gonna be the gun all the cool kids are using.

    • JLR84

      It’s not the 90s anymore, I don’t think H&K has the cachet that it once did. Which isn’t to say that they can’t make their way back, but they’re going to have to earn it.

  • jdkchem

    Ambidextrous controls?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Yea, but it looks TERRIBLE on the right side. Very 80s. It’s weird actually, the P30 imo is a far better looking gun, but I still think this is an area the PPQ wins.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I have yet to see a reason I would dump my PPQs. But I do like the idea of more aftermarket support, something where Walther has no idea what they are doing. Considering Walther won’t even willingly hand out drawing/specs for the sights.

    I have three PPQs M2 and probably 12k on the platform… The VP9 would have to be an amazing improvement to get me to switch, and so far from what I hear it’s not.

    But… I am hopeful this encourages Walther to get on their game.

  • Some Guy

    I know it’s a marketing video and all but the VP70 was not the first striker fired handgun. I don’t know if it was the first striker fired handgun but the Roth Steyr M1907 predates the VP70 by 63 years and is striker fired.

    • Anonymoose

      It was the first polymer handgun though.

  • strongarm

    According to “Operator Manual” of hk-usa.com, this is a “Much ado about nothing” pistol.

    Check these features;

    – 57 parts exculuding the magazine,

    – Pure single action trigger lockwork without built in “Drop Safety”. All rivals have that kind of actions retaining “pistol cocked mode” even if an outside impact occurs, Glock’s is safety ramp, PPQ’s is two piece sear and support and XD’s is heavier mass downside the sear. Firing Pin Blogs are not “Drop Safeties” since they sacrifice pistol’s cocked mode. This tittle is only true for hammer guns, not for striker firers.

    – Construction of sear catch and releaser can not be claimed to provide cleaner and crisper trigger release than PPQ. Trigger exerting distance and friction squares are nearly same. Only the wire spring of VP9 may be added softer than PPQ’s strech spring.

    – The full main spring compression seems would be stopped by passive firing pin block.
    with dismount lever caused decocking. This may cause deformation on parts needing
    to change in short intervals.

    In short; this is not a pistol deserving four years of development effort and costs.

    • strongarm

      Forgot to mention the need of manual rotatement of dismount lever to finish
      the assembling. Framed by the spects given VP9 Manual, it should be the last choice for a single action striker pistol with the presence of: PPQ. XD and SW. Semi cocked examples like Glock and Steyr are far more safer and dependable.

      It would be purchased only for sake of the brand. The gun itself seems dissapointing.

    • Gubbins48

      Thanks for offering your many years in arms design to the discussion.

      • strongarm

        You welcome Gubbins48. Have we met.

        • Bathroom Attendant

          Yes, you were in the stall next to his sucking his dong through the glory hole.

  • MountainKelly

    Keep in mind the correct way of describing the inner workings of any HK firearm is “Kraut Space Magic.”

  • LCON

    So They are Reusing the P30 magazine, so if they expand to include .40 then they could likely do the same and if they go for a striker fired 45 then use the mags from the Hk45.

  • Chris U

    Yeah, lol it’ll have a 9 lb trigger with a 1 inch take up instead of 12 lb one with 1-1/2″ takeup!