Raven/Ares Moduloader Shotgun Shell system

Kit Up! posted about a new collaboration between Raven Concealment and Ares Gear. The Moduloader five shell plate system. It is an Ares Gear 5 shell velcro panel and the Raven Concealment Moduloader platform that attaches to your belt. The Ares Gear velcro panel can attach to the belt or be ripped off and replenish the side of your shotgun.



The Moduloader costs $35 and comes with one Ares Gear panel, the moduloader platform, and a strip of velcro. They are available in tan or black.

Nicholas C

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  • That Guy

    And with the velcro panel on your gun, you can slap your spare “Harden The F Up” morale patch on there!

  • JumpIf NotZero

    These aren’t exactly new. Had this for two years now. Every pump or semi shotgun I own has the soft loop for the Velcro. I have found NOTHING that beats this system.

    Basically superior to the aluminum side saddles in every possible way.

    The Benelli M1/M2 which can get finicky with extra weight added to the gun runs perfectly smooth this these. They allow for enough play that it doesn’t effect the inertia action.

    Although protip, if you can, get the die cut soft loop panels for each gun at 3gungear they’re actually fit to each platform instead of a one side fits all. Larger and nicer.

    The snaps that Raven uses are also unbeatable.

  • iksnilol

    Bonus points if you have an Ithaca 37 or a shotgun without an ejection port on the side. That way you can mount one on each side.

    Seems nice, never liked the aluminum side saddles.

  • Steve Rothaug

    I run a 6-round S&J Hardware velcro side saddle on my 870P. Adds virtually zero weight or bulk to the gun, rips off in a flash. Love it. I use it in steel plate competitions, very handy. Not really sure about the belt, though.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Well, the “belt” isn’t what’s being sold. A velcro panel that attaches to the belt is. I like it. I don’t want those 4×4 shotgun loaders that gamers use, they’re just not even remotely practical for real world.

      But, with the belt attached softloop and panel stuck to it. I can wear that and have 5/6 more rounds of 12ga on the gun as soon as my side card is clear. It’s handy for skeet/trap on ranges that don’t allow more than 2 in the gun. Or bird hunting. When bird hunting, I keep a couple slugs on me in case of bear or moose. I would store a card in my pocket, but it’s hook-side velcro and gets caught on everything.

      But… That belt in the pic, also pretty awesome. I have their Ranger belt and have for years now. It still looks brand new, perfect for the range, stiff, disappears for everyday use. Considering that new buckle system.

  • Risky

    For the DIY-er that wants a cheaper alternative you can go out and buy a shotgun shell bandolier or belt that has the elastic carriers, cut it into sections, and then attach adhesive velcro to the backside. For about $15 you can make four or five of these from one belt.