No More Haters or Trolls On TFB

The quality of comments on TFB has been declining. Almost every single post we get a someone shouting “TFB WAS PAID TO DO THIS REVIEW”. I have said it before and I am going to say it again in the most unambiguous way possible:

TFB  and its writers have never been paid to write or publish a review or a blog post.

If I caught a writer doing this, they would be fired immediately. I have full confidence in my writers. This has been my policy since I founded TFB seven years ago.

On a side note: I don’t even have a list of our advertisers. I go out of my way to have nothing to do with advertising. I even refuse to discuss it when gun companies ask me about it. I instead pass on the name of the person who handles all of TFB advertisements. I only know who some of our advertisers because, like you, I also browse TFB on a daily basis. This gives me editorial freedom. I cannot be influenced, even subconsciously, by knowledge I don’t have.

If you don’t like the subject of a writer’s post, then blame me not the writer. I am responsible and almost all the blog posts published on TFB were assigned to writers by me.

Sometimes I get it wrong and something that genuinely was not newsworthy gets published. But that does not mean it is OK to abuse my staff.

If you don’t agree with them, say it in a respectful way. I am very proud of my team. They are the most diverse group of writers, with such a large breadth of experience, ever to be part of a single gun publication in history. That also means that some of them will have different opinions from you, and that is ok.

TFB has been covering the same type of content for seven years. Yes, seven years ago I occasionally blogged about knives. No, we are not turning into a Knife Blog because we post one knife-related post each month. No, quality is not declining because I post about a gun-shaped gardening tool, I also wrote about gun-related ‘cultural’ objects seven years ago.

Ultimately, if you don’t like a subject, don’t click on a link.

I spent each and every day trying to make TFB better. To improve our coverage. To ensure you, my valued readers, have a better experience.

I need you all to help me improve TFB. Instead of posting a comment saying “This gun sucks” or “been done before”, say how it can be improved, or don’t say anything at all. You might not, for example, be interested in 20 gauge shotguns for girls, but some of our readers who have young daughters will be.

Lets work together to celebrate guns and gun culture, not to descend into the cynicism and hate that permeates so much of the internet today.

I am also looking for some respectable moderators from the community. I need people who can be trusted to be professional, is broad minded and who can show restraint, self-control and flexibility when required. Being active on TFB for at least three years is a requirement. At this point I am only looking to appoint two mods. If you want to become a mod, email me.

UPDATE: Some good folks have volunteered to be mods. They will be joining the team sometime in the next few weeks. At this time we are not able to take on any more moderators.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Introspec30

    Well put Steve! I’ve followed TFB for a few years, and I’m a little embarrassed that I’ve never commented. I forgot that my constructive feedback might be appreciated or at least understood by like minded folk. Sorry that you found cause to remind people to keep it civil. I’ll help set the example if it’ll help you and your staff continue with this excellent site.

    • No problem it’s always what your comfortable with. We do appreciate readers who come in and interact with others in a civil way and learn from each other as well as enjoy what they read.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Better to start sooner than later!

  • wetcorps

    I always thought TFB comment where generally of good quality, especially compared to some other sites, blogs or forums.
    Trolling happens, but not that often here and it is “soft” trolling. “Firearms, not politics” usually does its job.

    That being said, there was indeed a slight rise in complaining lately, so good thing you answered them.

    Keep in mind, if people take the time to yell about a perceived decrease in quality it’s because they like the blog and care about it ^^

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Its not terrible. But I want it to improve.

      • wetcorps

        Just don’t go overboard with too draconian moderation and it should be fine 🙂

        • A lot of times I’m the hammer when it comes to moderating comments. I can promise you I’m not going on the warpath and I’m sure Steve isn’t either. We’ll be fair about it.

  • Alex D

    The main problems that I see with TFB is the pop-up that begs people to register and how a lot of the stuff that is posted is about as old as the Internet.

    • Sometimes we do post older information and do it on purpose. There are some topics and products that deserve to be revisited.

      • TFB Reader

        If so, then perhaps mentioning at the top that you know it’s old but still important, or whatever.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Yep, I want to move to a better solution. (Basically its not supposed to bother you)

  • KestrelBike

    Sad that this had to even be addressed. I’m going to take the opportunity though to complain about one ad or two in particular, that auto-send iOS devices to the App Store for some silly game (and then the web browser is pointing to the redirect and you can’t get back to TFB) That s*** kills me and I hope TFB can find the offending advertiser and tell them to knock it off.

    • I hate to tell you but this is coming from something on your computer. I have no idea how to get rid of it. Every time I open the CBS news app on my IPhone I get that same ad. You have to put up with it waiting for it to finish before you can close it and go where you want.

      • CaptainSlaughterboard

        Yes, I never had a those ‘interactive ads’ problem at this blog.
        That must be some kind of spyware/mulware.

        • That’s exactly what it is. Who knows what you open that releases that garbage into your computer.

          • sauerquint

            I never ever have it, but I run an addon called NoScript, it’s available for alot of browsers. It’s not the site or your computer, it’s the advertisers sneaking scripts into their ads.

          • Sounds like a good thing to run from time to time

          • Karina

            Firefox users, please use the add-ons named NoScript, AdBlockerPlus, and for added peace of mind, MyWOT. Just those three things and a bit of tinkering and I guarantee 99% of advertisement problems are -gone-. Even from Youtube.

          • I can vouch for AdBlockerPlus.

          • AzureRaptor

            Updated Firefox with NoScript and AdBlockPlus gives you the closest thing you’re gonna get to a “safe” browser these days. NoScript might have a little bit of learning/working curve to it until you get your own “whitelist” built up with the sites you trust, and every once in a blue moon you need to “allow this site” or page in ABP to make layout work right, but none of it’s rocket science. I can’t recommend them enough.

      • KestrelBike

        Yikes! Thanks for the replies and info. My PC seems to be fine, as this happens on my iPhone & iPad. I’ll look more into it! Personally, I remain skeptical that spyware has been loaded onto my iPad. It leads a rather boring life.

        • Yea my IPhone does as well. Every darn time I open that app it’s farm game or some cartoon Viking thing. Always games they want you to buy before you can listen to the news.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      It is very, very irritating. Right now all I can do is apologize.

      Its not spyware/adware or anything like that.

      What it is is that bad advertisers (through the ad network we use) does a redirect to an itunes “url” (itunes://) or something like that. Safari sees this and launches itunes. Its exactly the same as if you click on a link in the web browser than launches itunes.

      I file complaints regularly. Hopefully this will be sorted out sooner rather than later. I am kind of hoping Apple have fixed it in iOS8 that will be released later this year.

      • MP

        it’s not spyware/malware….at this moment.

  • Null

    I don’t comment that often but… Is it bad that I don’t care if you are paid? Just keep the sexy gun pr0n flowing and I’ll keep coming back.

    I even view the gun related spam in my inbox from time to time and get warm fuzzies.

    Don’t judge me… I’ll do what I want.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I am paid. Its just I am not paid by manufacturers to say nice things about their products.


    Ultimately, we got to remember that this site as well as many others are a public resource that literally anyone can have access to. All too often that leads to some less than intelligent people and their comments. It’s not as if you need a password to get to the comment’s section.

    Still, I wish for some more informed and experienced people commenting on this site.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)


    • big daddy

      The only way to have true professionals comment here is to either pay them or turnoff the troll button. Truly knowledgeable people at one time did comment on many web sites and are always chased away by trolls. It happens over and over again. They end up on a very selective site and stay there. They are human and like to converse and give opinions but they expect and deserve respect that they do NOT get at most all sites that have open commenting. Not just guns, it’s every hobby or profession that people have turned into hobbies. I see it on gun sites, sports sites, political sites especially, all of them. I watched turn into troll heaven as they chased off anybody who knew what they are talking about. And on if you joined in 2013 they call you a ’13er and treat you like an idiot because you just happen to join in 2013, what a bunch of morons. They had a lot of trolling in 2013 so everybody must be a troll who joined in 2013, morons.

  • Dolly

    The comments on articles about knives, flashlights, odd gun-shaped stuff are a bit daft. Ignore such an article if you don’t fancy it. They didn’t come at the cost of something else. Fair cop that you’re going after them.

    Some articles do carry with them the smell of a paid review. I’d say that’s because readers have come to expect such articles because they are common place on the internet. Payment for these generally it comes in the form of increased ads from a certain company and not from a bag of cash being handed over. I can understand you’re going after comments like that, but you’ll not stamp them out without becoming a delightful beacon of oppression and censorship.

    What I don’t understand is the odd article such as the Samson one. Even to you that has to read as a Tier 1, High Speed Low Drag, Professional Operator, Tactical smoke-blowing-up-the-arse exercise. This site has done company overviews before and not one of them was this lengthy or this positive. Can you really blame readers for accusing you over a piece like that?

    • J.T.

      “Some articles do carry with them the smell of a paid review.”

      I keep my mouth shut for the most part, but I have gotten that vibe from some of the Remington stuff. From my perspective, it seems like Phil is biting his tongue and saying nice things to ensure that he doesn’t piss off Remington and have them quit sending T&E guns or have them quit inviting him to gunwriter events. The review from the R51 event was the most glaring to me although I put a lot of the blame on that with tomfoolery from Remington. I was considering getting one after Phil went to the event with the pre-production guns but after reviews of actual production guns came out, I was pretty disappointed that the guns turned out to be junk. It would have been nice if TFB had done a review of an actual production gun or at least addressed the the fact that while the pre-production guns were good, the production ones had issues.

      • Just wait until tomorrow… Trust me that it will change your thinking!

      • Yea what Nathan said. You come back tomorrow and have a look at Nathans R51 article I approved by the way.
        When we shot the R51’s there were no productions guns because production hadn’t started yet. What you got on that review was based on using the prototypes we were given. I made it clear that these were not production guns. I had high hopes for them at that time. Pretty much across the board we all came to the same conclusions from what we shot. I was as surprised as anyone else by the way things have turned out.
        I’m also still waiting on an R51 production gun. That said when I get one you’ll get part two. I/we can’t do a production gun review if we can’t get one.
        Just read Nathans tomorrow and get back to me.

        • PatrickHenry1789

          Does anyone know what the heck is going on with Remington. I bought a 700 in 30-06 a couple of years ago. It started scratching up brass real bad and I reload. I sent it back to them 3 times and it’s still doing the same thing. I just got a recall letter in the mail from them concerning the XMP trigger assembly. I really don’t even want to send it back to them. They haven’t fixed it the 3 times it’s been there so far. So I don’t have very much faith at this point that it’ll be fixed this time. I’ve always held Remington in high esteem. But they must have some serious issues with their QC right now.

          • I wish I could tell you but I honestly don’t know. The trigger recall is the real deal though. Some I’ve talked with said the fix or replacement works well. I haven’t shot one though.

          • PatrickHenry1789

            I believe I had the assembly that isn’t under the recall at first. But the second time I sent it in, they put a new receiver on it. It is the one that’s affected by the recall. I even told them what was marring my brass up all 3 times it’s been back. It’s the mag lips on each side of the receiver. They must be awful sharp to put grooves in the brass like it is. Oh well, I guess I’ll send it back for the recall and mention the brass issue. Maybe they’ll fix it this time.Maybe one of you guys could drop a bug in someone’s ear over there and tell them to get their act together. You can search for hours looking for contact info for someone in management. None of them are listed. All you can do is call the toll free number and talk to someone who only takes the complaint (supposedly) and sends a label to ship it back to them.

          • I’d have to agree if your getting cuts in the brass cases it has to be sharp.
            In the past I have drawn attention to some of the post concerning Remington. In fact last time we sat down while I brought them up on the computer for this management person to read. He did read them and yes he was rather angry these things have happened. That’s about as far as I can take things.

          • PatrickHenry1789

            I understand, thanks for what you guys do. I don’t have extensive knowledge about firearms. So I don’t comment much, but I’ve learned a lot just from reading the articles and reading the comments. But getting to the subject at hand on this post. You’re going to have haters no matter what you do. I love coming here and reading the articles. They are very educational and informative for the most part. I absolutely understand that you guys have to pay some bills with advertising. It’s never bothered me one bit. I look at it and if I like it, I go to the website to check it out.

      • JT, what you’re seeing is just that Phil is a nice guy who always looks on the bright side.

        No, I’m being serious. Phil will tell you; I’m one of his early critics (now he’s my boss, of course).

      • JT one thing you don’t know is that it was two weeks after I wrote the initial R51 article that actual production started. I had no way of getting a production gun since none existed then.
        I have been waiting on one since before things went south. When I do get it I’ll write it up and let the chips fall where they may. Right now I don’t know when that will be.

    • Siggi

      The Samson article was egregious. If the site doesn’t want to come across as shilling for a company, shouldn’t it be the site’s responsibility to review articles with a critical eye before posting and asking itself the question “Does this come across as an ad?” Getting bent out of shape for being called out for a puff piece is not the answer.

    • Actually I can blame them. The reason being is Steve has always been very clear about where we stand on being paid for reviews Steve would fire them at once and I would skin them alive when he’s done.
      Steve has written this so many times I’ve lost count. I can tell you this will never change. We don’t get involved in the money end of advertising. That is sent directly to the lady who handles such things. Like Steve I have no idea who is advertising with us unless I take the time to look at the ads.

  • Andrew

    While we’re on the subject of keeping quality on TFB high, can I *please* request you guys start proofreading your articles better (or hire a proofreader) to cleanup spelling and grammatical mistakes? Gun owners tend to get a rep as less educated or more “folksy” than non gun owners, and I have to say, compared to the technology websites I browse, TFB and its ilk absolutely suffer from lower quality writing and proofing. It plays exactly into the stereotypes. I can’t do anything about the comments, which suffer the same, but for the editorial content itself, there is not a single reason you guys shouldn’t hold yourselves to the same editorial standards as any professional news website. If you want to be taken seriously, you absolutely need to produce professionally written content.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)


    • As of today 06/13 I’m proofreading and if needed editing each article. I can’t say there won’t be times when I’m tied up on other projects and miss doing it for a few days but I’ll do my best.
      Request has been noted and acted upon:-)

      • big daddy

        I had a similar issue writing a Blog. I really had to proof read better, I an not college educated and I had to learn and re-learn many things I honestly did not want to about grammar and punctuation. It paid off and my following increased as the quality of my work increased.

        • We’ve been letting the writers handle their own because of the workload Steve and I have. At this point I just need to make time and will.
          It’s not a knock on the writers by any means. Anyone writing articles will find it difficult to proof their own writing.
          It’s like I mentioned to another reader growing pains:-) Honestly any business has to evaluate and tweak things from time to time.
          I appreciate your comments!

          • Andrew

            I’m sure you can outsource it almost for pennies, with fast turn around time too. Takes the burden off of everyone! I did a simple Google search for it and came up with scores of companies that do it. Check it out!

          • big daddy

            Good idea.

          • big daddy

            I overlook a lot of stuff that is not written by professional writers. You can be a professional and write about that subject without being a professional writer unless you have a higher education like a masters degree. I have a masters degree from the school of hard knocks……LOL. I look more for content. Now if it where a truly professional site not a blog I would feel differently. Yet I see so many so called professionally written articles on Yahoo, SI sports even science periodicals that have an unacceptable amount of basic mistakes. One that cracks me up is the use of the term Muzzle Break. It’s Brake as far as I know nobody broke it or the muzzle doesn’t break or does it?

          • Well a muzzle brake shouldn’t break:-)

  • JT

    Mods=Very very bad idea. It will go elitist or padded room in 5 seconds. No moderation at least allows people to see different opinions that are unpopular or even uncomfortable. You need people to be allowed to say the kind of things that people don’t want to hear. We already have “range nazis.” we don’t need the same thing here

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      thats no what I envision. We all hate range nazis. I am intentionally avoiding attracting power hungry idiots by ensuring they have a long history measured in years of good behavior.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        We all hate range nazis
        I don’t even like thinking about them,

        But I sort of agree with JT. While I know I can be brash in particular. it benefits us all to see someone very nice but with entirely wrong and patently bad information be told as such, even if it’s not going to win a popular opinion poll. You aren’t ever going to convince the guy that thinks the .410 is a good defensive round. But you might be able to convince the guy who otherwise read that and was perhaps inclined to believe it because they just don’t know any better.

        In the past few days there has been some terrible information presented in the comments section along regarding weaponlights, shooting in the woods, niche products, how to work malfunctions into training, etc. I feel that the more the wrong the information is, the nicer it is presented.

        I’d suggest unmoderated, but if you do go down that route I hope you find people who really know their stuff. And prioritize between NICE and VERY WRONG.

        No offense to anyone in particular, but as the article count has gone up, I’ve noticed the quality of the comments has gone down.

    • Steve and I do it all now and we aren’t heavy handed by any means. Some people just get very carried away by their emotions or they just hate everything. Nobody wants to listen to that stuff.

  • H.H.

    Steve, Phil and others in TFB … I’ve been following TFB for four years (every single day) and I always enjoy your blog. This blog is one of the GREATEST things in firearms community !!! I want to THANK YOU for the outstanding work you do and …you know, haters gonna hate… don’t pay attention … keep TFB up guys!!! Thank you.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      thanks buddy

    • Thanks very much. It’s always great to hear this from readers. It really is greatly appreciated.

  • Exoskeleton

    I have been visiting TFB for a while now and visit the site at least two times a day. Yea sure, not all articles are about my personal interests, but overall the TFB is my hub when it comes to firearm news etc.

    For all those that get a bowel movement in their pants about some content, remember that you access this blog for free. Yes, the TFB writers work round the clock to give you all this information for free!!! Never criticise a gift!!!

    Keep up the good work TFB, I support you 100%

  • jakes

    Hi Steve, I just want to say that the first thing I read in the morning is TFB, and I am very happy with it. I learn a lot, I get informed about new products and enjoy most of the articles. I also think that your articles are well balanced and fair. My only complaint is that you guys should publish more everyday! Best regards and greetings from Argentina.

  • Pete Sheppard

    I like this site!

  • Matt

    My name is Matt and I check TFB for updates in the industry. I have recently graduated from the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School. I have also served 6 years in the Army as a military police soldier. Twenty five of those months were spent over seas helping train local nationals to be law enforcement officers (or the host country’s definition of). I feel as if my experiences in life lead me to be more knowledgeable and more critical of the information in not only the firearms world, but media in general. This is a good internet site. I’ve tried checking out the other gun news sights and never return. It is my opinion that TFB generates immediate announcements of news and steers away from meaningless pieces. Can I use a different internet outlet to fulfill my desire for updates in this industry? Probably, but I’m happy with the diverse content delivered to me by Please continue to pursue your passion and do not get discouraged. Maintain what you got because not many other people are doing what you’re doing.

    • Thank you Matt and thank you for your service on behalf of us all!

    • I’ve visited PSG. They sure are a small operation, but I’ve seen some fine smiths come out of there!

  • Chris

    Rule #1 of the internet, don’t feed the trolls. You’re feeding the trolls.

    • me ohmy

      line in the sand means something too..
      you tell them they get blocked after one entry.. they dont like that

  • Eh

    Keep up the good work TFB. The quality of this site is a 1000 times better than any of the other popular gun blogs. I’ve been reading daily for a while now and the only thing I’d like to see is more posts.

  • Keith

    I’ve never had any problems with the articles on this site (and even the worst comments are at least amusing), but that Samson post was truly bizarre. I was certain it was a paid advertisement made to resemble a story, and I figured I just missed the disclaimer when I clicked on it.

    • John

      I love this site and you weren’t mistaken about the Samson. It was a giant ad.

      H&K comes out with the first VP in 45 years and gets one paragraph. Samson (who??) comes out with a magnifier and gets a 5 page spread. If it quacks like a duck…

      • I like to think that I have given H&K more than enough attention over the years…

      • The H&K was an announcement of a new product. I ordered a VP for review which we should have and start work on pretty quickly. Then you’ll get the longer complete review.
        As far as Samson the person who wrote that is not a regular writer but a guest who is active duty military. He asked Steve about his posting an article and Steve said ok. He kept his word.

  • opie

    i honestly dont know how or why i ended up reading TFB…but now it becomes an every day/multiple times a day event. i just dont feel right if i dont read it atleast once a day!

  • Thatguy

    I just wanted to drop you guys a line and let you know what you’re doing right.

    Not having to wade through political crap just to read about guns is amazing and incredibly refreshing. Please don’t EVER change this.

    The mix of news is great. I’m not going to click every link, and that’s fine. There are a lot of stories and links I didn’t know I even wanted to read until I saw the story.

    • That will never ever change of that I’m 100% certain!

      • kevin kelly

        I agree 100%. I used to go to ttag a lot and that’s all they post anymore. Guys we get it…you don’t have to blow up every slight against you. If you think these comments are bad check out those lunatics. They can’t wait for the “revolution.”

  • W

    Jeez, just like with firearms in general, a few idiots ruin a good thing for everyone.

    • Yellow Devil

      Well that’s EVERYTHING in general.

  • I am simply a writer for TFB, but I can assure you of the following items:
    1. I have never been paid or otherwise compensated by any company for a review. On the contrary, I have spent my own money for testing by using excessive amounts of ammunition, and when I flew down to see Battle Rifle Company it was on my own dime. I do this because I enjoy it, and I like contributing to the firearm community as best I can so that you guys can best determine where to put your hard earned dollars.
    2. We writers are not allowed to contact manufacturers or companies directly. There are very few exceptions, such as if we are doing a review of a class III weapon or if the manufacturer has special requests.
    3. Without Steve or Phil, this operation would not work. Steve spends hours a day looking for news and content for the site and I think he may well work 30 hour work days. Phil is “retired” (using the term loosely) but he is one of the most on the ball people I have ever known. Damn near any email at any time of day gets a response in 15 minutes, and he maintains incredibly good relationships with companies to get us test products.

    I love being a part of this crew, and above all I take pride that I write for TFB. Again, I would like to thank all of our readers for taking the time to visit us. You have no idea how much we value your input, and we try our best to implement your desires and ideas.

    • Nicholas C

      I concur. I love being a writer for TFB. Sure my responsibilities are menial. It is to find content from other blogs and youtube and repost it. But that is how we all learn of information. It comes from somewhere else. Steve, Phil and Paul are all dedicated to making TFB as great as possible. I try to do my part and find interesting material when I can find it. I am proud to be a part of this group and will strive to keep you updated with any interesting finds I come across.

    • Alex speaks the truth.

      I don’t think there has been a review yet that actually makes a “profit.” We do it because we love the job and you guys.

      Thanks for reading!

      • Reviews are killer, it’s true. I wish I had the spare scratch to do more of them.

  • allannon

    Huh, I guess I’m just used to more…vocal forums. I hadn’t noticed many such comments; apparently my troll filter’s working. 😉

  • Jon

    I’ve never posted a comment here before, but I read the blog daily. I have absolutely zero problems with how you guys run this place, and I believe you do as good a job as any, in regards to avoiding favorites.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Risky

    If you’re going to put the hammer down on negative/abusive comments so be it. But at least recognize the kind of articles (not just the non-news-worthy ones) that bring about these comments. The most blaring and recent example is the Samson Manufacturing article… twenty pages of stroking a company without any real content. I’ve never accused of any writer on here as of getting paid to do something but many folks won’t interpret something written like that as something written from an unbiased perspective, and it obviously isn’t. If is website is just going to be the virtual version of Guns N Ammo or some other industry gun rag that simply promotes everything without question, just say it and I’ll move on. If not, recognize that article and others are flawed.

    • me ohmy

      so you are saying blame the audience for the stuff they WANT to read??
      not following you, and if it’s that much of a cross to bear.. there is the virtual door.
      Steve and company are doing STORIES, and hopefully stuff THEY get first crack at.. hence when *I* know something industry and get cleared by the company /person/ HMFIC.. I give Steve and company first crack.. look me up.. I am kinda proactive here…. for GOOD REASON, TFB **IS** that good.
      again.. not feeling it. or just too much for you to contend with… roll

      oh, this is my OTHER google account I dont mind linking to comments..
      my real nick is nature223

      • Risky

        I’m not really following you either…?

        Anyway, read the Samson Manufacturing article and get back with me if you think it reads like anything other than something the company would write for themselves. It’s a zero critique/100% praise piece that doesn’t serve much purpose to the reader. Those are the kinds of articles you find in the off-the-shelf gun magazines and not something that TFB readers go for. I’m not sure at all how you read my first post but I hope that it makes more sense now. And yes, if TFB starts down that road of producing nothing but advertisements (even if they don’t get paid for them) then yes my virtual butt won’t be hit by their virtual screen door on my way out.

        • dan

          Were you forced to read it? It was a long piece full of praise, but had I been annoyed at reading it I would have just moved on. Much like I am going to do now because your discontent for an article you didn’t have to read annoys me.

          • Risky

            There’s a difference between being childish and clever and to be clear your comment is childish, but I digress. Whether I was forced to read anything isn’t the point. Do you think you can only criticize things you didn’t have a choice in? I guess you’ve never complained about a movie that sucked or about a crappy burger you ate somewhere, right?

            Anyway… the writers and editors of TFB actually want feedback about who likes or dislikes their articles and why. Do you disagree? Notice my original comment is narrated toward TFB and not just some mindless complaint or rant. I’m not complaining just to read my own words. I’m trying to inform TFB staff about a problem I see with some of their articles.

          • me ohmy

            no.. you’re complaining to be pejorative and annoying.. big difference.

          • Risky

            Nope. But I am confused as to why you didn’t expressly agree or disagree when I asked if you disagreed with my statement about TFB wanting feedback. Seems like to me you’re the one attempting to annoy me with insults, colloquially known to the internet as trolling.

            If you really want to engage in a useful conversation, read the Samson engineering article and try to discuss it objectively. Please defend it if you can. Trolling in blind defense of TFB against any criticism is just as bad as trolling the writers for no real purpose.

  • Hmmm… I think this post was an ad paid for by the trolls!!! *snicker *

    I actually thought the comments here were quite tame compared to what I see in the tech blogs. That said…outside of banning users, you’ll never be able to prevent trolls from being trolls. Just continue doing the fantastic job that you’ve been doing all these years!

  • 101nomad

    That is the best way to do it, put the ‘ground’ rules up front, and stick to them. My pet peeve has always been long winded critiques of other people’s opinion/comment.

  • big daddy

    Every great or even very good web site goes through the same issues. The real site killers are the trolls, they destroy a web site if the people who run it let them. This internet phenomenon of being totally anonymous allows people to act out. I call it computer muscles like beer muscles some people who would NEVER say the things they do to a person’s face are secure and protected behind their keyboard. As with alcohol it gives a sense of false courage. This empowers these trolls to feel like they are 6’5″ & 300 pound ninjas instead of what they really are, mostly below average men. Most trolls are people with personality issues too numerous to mention here. Ignoring them doesn’t work, only censuring or total banning does by the people who run a site. I see it everywhere I have been on the internet, any site who has comments. It’s a part of the breakdown of society, civility and the free expression of thoughts and opinions are what drives a free society. The idea of America as a country and civilization was based on the premise that people can and must act in a righteous way, controlling their temper and prejudices , simply treating others as they themselves want to be treated. Society has moved further and further away from this simple yet so difficult for some philosophy. So many who run web sites are clueless and for some reason allow this manipulation by individuals who act out and gain a certain control they do not deserve by deeds. They chase away anybody who does not agree with them right under the nose of the people who run a site. So many sites end up a small group of people who agree with each other and slap each other on the back saying how great they all are. That usually signals the end of the site as it falls into obscurity as the amount of people who participate dwindles. Please do not let it happen here.

    • This sir is one of the best and truest comments I’ve read in a long time-Thank you!

      • big daddy

        Been there, I was a mod on a sports web site, a writer for a sports blog and I have seen it all. They are just now starting to do what I have been doing for years in a totally amateur way, psychoanalyzing the different personalities on internet web sites. It’s not good, people are just not nice, much less so than in face to face interactions. Maybe being older I have the mind set to treat others no different on the internet as I would face to face. One guy that used to be here was according to him a rocket scientist, like just WOW, sorry not impressed. He was a bit of a condescending jerk but typical of one of those personalities that the internet seems to be loaded with. In face to face interactions his BS would not go over. Being anonymous let him act out as though he would in real life if and if is the curial word here he had a position of real power at his work place. Maybe he does but not over me, so he thinks his rocket scientist BS allows him to act in a superior manner. Years ago a jerk like that would get beat up in the place I grew up or some of the jobs I worked at, even in the military guys like that end up with a message from the troops. In war they let you know real fast. Just an example of one these personality types.

    • Hyok Kim

      “This internet phenomenon of being totally anonymous allows people to act out.”

      My real name is Hyok Kim.

      “I call it computer muscles like beer muscles some people who would NEVER say the things they do to a person’s face are secure and protected behind their keyboard. As with alcohol it gives a sense of false courage. This empowers these trolls to feel like they are 6’5″ & 300 pound ninjas instead of what they really are, mostly below average men.”

      I’m 5’7″, 46years old, 150lb. Never served in the military or police, no black belt in any kind, but an avid history buff.

      • You’re right on the money with that observation. It’s sad really that some make themselves feel better by acting like that 300 pound Ninja while visiting or rather Trolling websites. I know it’s a tiny percentage but they sure can have a negative effect.

        • big daddy

          The old saying one bad apple can spoil the bunch. It goes with everything. All the people trying to get SS benefits that do not deserve it and never paid into the system. That has made it almost impossible for people that really do need it like war veterans and have paid into it for years. Same with pain meds, all the people that abuse pain medication make it harder for people with chronic pain to get them. A few bad ones ruins it for everybody. It’s time for people to grow up yet I don’t see it happening even though the average age of the citizens in the USA has gone up.

  • dan citizen

    This is why TFB is a great place. Keep up the good work.

  • Fruitbat44

    Basically I like this site.
    “Guns not politics” is a good rule; okay sometimes it’s hard to separate the two e.g. I’m a Brit so an article on how neat such-and-such a full-bore semi-auto rifle is will be of theoretical interest to me. 🙁 But in my limited experience “politics” on firearms blogs tend to degenerate very quickly from a full-and-frank exchange of views into ranting and name calling.
    Articles which are just links to other stuff on the web: okay it’s not exactly journalism. (Well, given some journalists standards of research . . . sorry, politics.) But if it’s interesting stuff which otherwise I’d have never found, well it’s a good ‘un.
    Quirky articles: lego assault rifles, firing rubber bands, how gun owner X sees gun owner Y, well it gives it a bit of a mix, and helps lighten things up.
    Same with non-firearms bits-and-pieces;
    But I guess the quality of TFB depends on . . . well it’s a bit subjective Jim might yawn about an article on the British Army bringing back the SLR, while Bill finds that piece interesting and informative , and while Bill couldn’t give a fig about Remington and Ruger merging Jim thinks the article is really telling him something he needs to know. YMMV. 🙂
    But coming back to the basics, I like TFB and I think it represents the best sort of free-stuff on the internet.

  • bobsburgers

    TFB was paid to do this review
    im just joking around someone had to say it. I think you guys do a fine joke at what you do I don’t feel like you guys get paid to do reviews I just think you guys are gun lovers in general and if it works the way its suppose to you give it a good review which is the way it should be but there are people out there that think a review means some guns are gonna suck and others are going to be the best well when it comes down to it there is no best gun out there it really comes down to personal pref you guys not everyone is going to like the same gun look at the glock vs 1911 fight people will never stop fighting over what gun is better yet the only thing they have in common is they both go bang.

    • gunslinger


    • I’ve been shouting that very thing about personal preference for a long time. I couldn’t agree more.
      There’s just no reason for guys to fight over it.

  • Justin William Officer


  • Austin

    Some of the articles aren’t my favorite but then every website is like that for me. I think TFB does a pretty good job of avoiding politics. The truth is that an article about a gun shaped hose nozzle does fall into the category of “Firearms, not politics”. It may not be as exciting as reading about some new gun being developed, or something you can hang from your tactical rail, but it is about guns. I do also appreciate that TFB keeps it classy by avoiding the use of half naked girls to keep people reading. I say keep it all coming. TFB, I salute you.

  • CrazyKg

    I check this site everyday. The commenters are one of the reasons I try not to scroll down all of the way. This site is fine.

  • gunslinger

    ya know what Steve/Phil
    This is unacceptable. I pay a hefty sum on $0.00 for all this content you provide. HOW DARE YOU TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CAN’T POST FOR FREE ON YOUR WEBSITE. COMPLETELY UNACCECPTABLE. believe it here. i am going to take my money elsewhere and you won’t get 1 red cent of it! EVER.

    /end sarcastic rant.

    that was fun. sometimes i can get a little “wth were they thinking” in some posts. but i gotta remember, you don’t charge for this site. heck, you don’t even have to “register” or anything. honestly, i’m glad you guys are doing what you are. keep up pall the great work!

  • Steve Truffer

    To all the TFB editors, thank you for what you do, especially since you provide higher quality articles that the print media, and do it at no cost to us. However, I must say that some articles (Samson, et al.) are egregious, well, ass kissing. They fall well below the quality that you have established over the years. If you have a friend whom you have come to know as a solid person of high quality in all they say and do, then completely reverse themselves, many people would feel like what you see in the comments. You invested nothing in said friend, but to see them deteriorate spontaneously can generate feelings of reprimand. Its tough love TFB. Your excellence is self evident, we just don’t want to see you fall to the digital equivalent of Shooting Times.

    • Thanks Steve and I’ll be the first to say we won’t always knock it out of the park. There will be mistakes made from time to time and I make my fair share and don’t mind saying so. As with everyone else we try to learn from mistakes and continue to try and make TFB better.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Good on you Steve.

    We’ve talked often enough for me to know that straight up paid reviews aren’t on TFB.

    But…. Have you considered a small disclaimer text for the articles that could be constued that way?

    For instance, X reviewer takes a class from Y instructor, did the reviewer pay for that class? Discounts? Maybe a header for opinion pieces? Z writer goes to an event put on by AB company, did they cover travel, lodging? Is it a yearly event that you wish to be part of next year? I would appreciate you guys NOT saying things that could otherwise may be between the lines. Entirely to the other side, yesterday’s article about the silly G36 style fold out lever for ARs, I was surprised to see some of the text in the article that I did.

    I know on a couple articles in particular, in the comments, the authors became defensive about a product they should have no particular feelings on at all. I know that’s caught people’s attention. But, I might be critical if someone was critiquing my work too.

    • Small disclaimer:-)

    • Jump, reviewing products is a lot of fun, and it’s difficult to be negative sometimes. Also, there is a lot of personal investment in the way of ammunition, gas, and range fees when reviewing a firearm, and being negative about something you just spent money on can be difficult.

      Further, if a product is a mixed bag, with some good aspects and some bad, the bad will stand out to the reader, while the reviewer had a wider range of experiences creating the review. This can cause a difference of opinion.

      Nobody here (certainly not me) is perfectly impartial, though we try. However, if you were to join us for drinks, and loosen our lips a little, you’d find we’re far from rolling in the perks.

  • jake

    > The quality of comments on TFB has been declining.
    As has the quality of the articles recently. Sad actually that it appears drama is going to result.

    • How so? Is the issue chosen topics? Reviews? Reach out to Paul with any feedback and I guarantee he will read and act on it.

      We treasure feedback from you guys.

    • Hyok Kim

      I haven’t noticed it so far. Compared to typical gun forums, this site rocks.

  • iksnilol

    Are witty/sarcastic comments still allowed?

  • cutamerc

    I visit TFB daily because it is very diverse. As you said, a little bit of everything from a variety of people. I often learn from the higher quality contributions in comments section as well. Keep up the good work, I’m sure very few people mind the odball knife or non-firearm post. They are great IMO.

  • jamezb

    Thank you so much. I agree with everything you said. Some people just come online to argue and demean the likes, ideas, and suggestions of others because they can do so without any threat of reprisal. I fear this decay of polite society online is also beginning to overflow into the real world. Recent tirades against articles about knives and airsoft guns were wholly un-called-for. Guns and Ammo and Shotgun News never flinched at dropping an article about knives, airguns, safaris, or the latest lantern from Coleman… and nobody was offended, They read with polite interest and learned. If a letter comment was published regarding such articles, more often than not, it was of the “tell me more!” sort. I really enjoy this site, I check it morning, noon and night, daily, for fear of missing a post. Thank you and your staff for all the hard work you do, Maintain your high standard, You have the best news and reviews firearms site on the internet. Between you and Forgotten Weapons, all my interest bases are covered. God bless you all.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Among the numerous relevant and intelligent comments in this particular article, I think “Big Daddy” and “GUNxSPECTRE” summed up a great deal of it when they addressed the issue of trolls as being a major cause of serious problems with many web sites. There are few things as off-putting as being constantly attacked, criticized ( usually unfairly ) and having to deal with incivility, prejudice, bigotry and ignorance on-line simply for attempting to express an opinion or post an informed comment.

    It isn’t too difficult to distinguish reasonable and constructive critical commentary from outright trolling, and I have noticed that the latter has reared its ugly head with some frquency on TFB. Disagreement, done with proper respect for, and acceptance of, reason and the humanity of the other person as an individual, can be the foundation for a very strong collective forum with a healthy discourse and exchange of ideas, as opposed to the ultimately stale and self-destructive monolithic ( “ditto head” ) outlook that some seem to desire so much.

    Sharing and discussing differing outlooks and approaches to a common subject, together with reason and respect, are how we will all really learn more about said subject, ourselves and others, and grow stronger and better accordingly.

    On that note, I have always thought that Steve Johnson, Phil White and all the staff, writers and contributors on TFB have done their level best, often putting in long hours and enormous effort on their own time utilizing personal resources, to make this web site work. Remember, many of them have full-time jobs unrelated or at least not directly related to TFB or even the firearms community, so it is a great labor of love that deserves, at the very least, our full support and understanding. Of course there are many areas of detail that need to be improved, eg., some readers ( including myself a long while back ) have brought up the need for better grammar, syntax and editing in the final published product in the interests of professionalism and all that implies ; but then again, are not all these improvements in the making, as with everything else in life? Absolutely nothing in the realms of human endeavour will ever be perfect — yes, some unique efforts will come close, but only as far as that — so we instead keep striving to make things better with what we have. In that light, the TFB staff have done a pretty remarkable job with the limited resources available to them. To all of them, many, many thanks, and from myself a pledge of continued support to the best of my ability.

    • Well said as always. By the way did you get my email last evening? If not please email me. I have something I’d like to ask you about.

  • Patrick Mingle

    You guys do a great job. TFB is one of if not the most positive reflection of the firearms community on the internet. keep up the good work.

  • tirod

    It IS a blog – which means you don’t get 100% scientifically proven fact dripping from every word in the sentence. You get opinion – and with the wide variety, you get a wide variety of it.

    Do I agree with every knife review I’ve read – here or elsewhere? Nope. Been using and studying on them for 40 years, sometimes it seems a description or assessment of a feature is a little too positive. Doesn’t mean it’s wrong – just maybe it’s me, somewhat jaded about it after all this time.

    Same with guns.

    But what also happens – very much with younger males – is simply a lot of “OH YEAH?” and jockeying around for status in a group. A police shrink named it the “monkey dance,” that choreographed and socially set up way two dudes square off and one gets thumped, to learn his place.

    With few joining the Army, no rites of passage into manhood, and too many raised by a one mother parent family situation, a lot of young guys aren’t familiar with the signs and cues they need to know – where to spout off and when. At home with a father, they would get the chafing they deserve, cause good ol day is usually about 20 years ahead of them in experience getting his butt put in place daily at work. The mommy’s boys, tho, don’t have a clue.

    It’s not hate speech or even meant to be very negative, it’s just a bunch of guys who are doing what coach told them to do on the ball field – where they can go toe to toe in pads and have it out. Doesn’t work in real life, tho, and it’s actually surprising to them to find out. Not the game they thought it was.

    Food for thought, don’t take them too literally. They know not what they do.

  • Nicks87

    No more haters or trolling on TFB?! Well, there goes my Saturday night.

    • LOL—-yep same ol boredom.

    • Nicks I’m going to be posting some 1911 articles so get ready—LOL!

      • Nicks87

        Lol, I cant wait. Dont hold back, I want to know how they have great triggers, only hold 7 or 8 rounds (which is enough) and are absolute tack drivers! Oh, and how they are subtly different than the other 5000 1911s that are already being offered by many other manufacturers.

  • Jon R.

    I’ve been following TFB for quit a while, rarely comment, but I do read the comments section frequently. I fully support your decision to moderate the comments section for a couple of reasons.

    First being that while this site strives to not discus politics, the comment section often dives into it. While I am personally fine with discussions regarding the politics of firearms as long as they are civil, but ad hominem, insulting, racist and sexists comments do often appear from a small minority engaging in the conversation. At this time there are some gun control organizations that will often lift such comments from gun related sites to use as propaganda for their organizations and their related causes to paint us all in a less than favorable light. If we can all avoid that, great. Not saying adopt a zero tolerance policy regarding political discussion in the comments, just make sure its on point, relevant, and not derogatory.

    Secondly, trolling contributes nothing to the conversation. If it’s a constructive criticism backed by experiences and facts, I love hearing that kind of stuff, it makes the discussion that much more interesting and educational. trolling however, just angers people and leads to insult pissing matches that I have no desire to read or take part in.

    Thirdly, it’s your guy’s site, run it how you want to. If you think it will help you produce a better product and lead to more successful site, do it, you have every right. I you take it too far, we’ll let you know, then you can either adapt and change it, or loose readers. I do have faith that the TFB will moderate accordingly though, and I am looking forward to a better experience. I might even be more inclined to comment more often now! woot!

    • Jon it’s honestly not an announcement of a declaration of war rather a statement that we’re tired of it and will pay closer attention.

      I’ve been doing a lot of the moderating and I do try to be understanding and fair. I can say that I usually spend a fair amount of time researching a persons comment history on TFB and other websites before deciding whether to take action or not. Half the time I run what I have by Steve and we talk about it first. The only time I ban someone immediately is for racist, sexist and revolutionary type statements. Those persons are banned as quickly as I can hit the right buttons. Those types of people will never change nor will they contribute anything to TFB or to the other readers. They usually have just joined and it’s no loss to any of us.

      I promise you I’ll never be heavy handed or ban someone just because I don’t like what they say or because they disagree with me. That would be petty indeed.

  • Cymond

    The articles that are really just links to other articles, with little to no content here on TFB? Well those are nice because I don’t generally read any other gun blogs (tired of wading through their junk posts), but it’s a bit disappointing to click on an article and just find an external link.

    Recommendation: In a single post, do an occaisonal (weekly?) link round-up to other articles around the web that you feel are worth reading.

    • What you’re referring to are called “dailies”, and they are the only real allowance a TFB writer gets. I would be very sad to see them go.

  • John

    The start of communism on TFB.

    Great job, TFB team.

    • Thanks for a prime example of what Steve was talking about. Non productive blanket statement that contributes nothing.

  • guest

    Dear TFB,

    Since you request actual suggestions in comments, here you go!

    You yourselves lead yourselves down this “pit of public condemnation”.
    Look at your own articles and judge for yourselves: some of them “compare” guns or gun products, without doing a proper comparison. Some articles (“relia-bolt” or whatever it is called) actually lack article content, ending with a QUESTION!
    I can probably browse for 5 mins in article history and find at least 10 articles that had major flaws, so you probably get the picture. Plus, perhaps due to the size of your staff or whatever, your updates are way too seldom, here is where you could really take a lesson TTAG. And finally if you are worried about claims of bribery… again, article quality is the word you are looking for. You can’t really expect to be one-sided and overly positive to a product and not expect such claims, you simply have it coming as soon as you post something like that.

    So to sum it up; set standards for your articles, do not write one-sided “comparisons”, do not write articles which are by no means articles, and you will be much better off. Going out with a childish rage like this post you wrote, is not necessary and gaining reader loyalty out of self pity never really worked.

    • Sorry no way on taking a lesson from that other blog you mentioned.

      As far as being paid Steve has covered that so many times all should know it. That said if it’s a positive article it’s a sincere evaluation. If you have experience with the product or gun and disagree fine just be civil about it and talk like we’re face to face not behind the curtain of the Internet.

      • guest

        I don’t know what beef you have with TTAG, but I was specifically talking about volume of content. If that is not something you or TFB is interested in general, then so be it. You are on the losing end then, by your own admission. I could just as well take NY Times as an example and it would not make a difference seing how you attack the example and dance around the point I was making by derailing the conversation.

        As for the “small minority” – again, playing word games does not adress the issue either. You have a major problem with article quality at content – not always – but every week there are several “shining examples” like the ones I pointed out. In no way does that add to the satisfaction of the readers, but what it does add to is the “trolling” you are speaking of – the from-the-gut replies though perhaps hasty and not well thought true, but truthful none the less.

        I don’t think I will waste any more words writing this, your reply was 100% defensive, and a hypocricy of your own statement that you do want constructive criticism yet you instantly “get behind the barricades” so to speak as soon as it appears.
        You got sore (not in this comment thread but by the “trolling” in general) and you don’t handle it well. Trolls need to be ignored, proper issued adressed. If you continue sweeping absolutely everything under the rug and act busyness as usual you are sabotaging your own blog.
        Though I am not a “fan” of either your blog or TTAG, I can see it clear as day that if you continue this nonsense you *will* end up as one of those overly sarcastic and fun-poking posts on TTAG, where you get “taken apart piece by piece” for everything you did wrong. But I sincerely hope you do not give them reason for that, and rather focus on the quality of YOUR content rather than pointing fingers at the comments.

        • I think you may just be reading a lot more into what I said than is actually there. It is a small minority that causes problems no word games just a fact. The vast majority of our readers are great! They always have been.
          I’m not sore at all whatever that’s about.

          • guest

            Are you going to adress the quality of the articles or not? Did I make an invalid point? For several replies you completely ignore the issue, and I believe it is the cause of much of this “trolling”.

          • I thought you were through talking about it? I’ve already answered that question.

          • guest

            Are you going full Jen Psaki on me? Then I’m going Obama on you: Now, let me be clear! You have, at times, a serious issue with the quality of articles directly relating to their content in volume and in the quality of information contained in them, as well as rudimentary journalistic standards (the Reliabolt article). Plus from-the-hip “reviews” of various items that are either not really worth discussing (the “new and improved” dust cover article) that make everyone from seasoned AR users/gunsmiths to novices baffled or crack jokes about the writing here.
            Those are just two examples, and never mind the way people talk about it because as long as you – as in TFB staff not just you personally – don’t pay attention to that criticism then you are literally welcoming more of it, in all ways of writing good or bad.
            You see the problem here?

    • n0truscotsman

      “Plus, perhaps due to the size of your staff or whatever, your updates are way too seldom, here is where you could really take a lesson TTAG. ”


      Dont even mention TFB in the same sentence as that place (phil might have a differing opinion about TTAG, but Im voicing my own separate one)

      This place is lightyears ahead in every conceivable way…

  • joethefatman

    Hopefully I haven’t been among those lowering the standard of commentary here. If I have I apologize.

  • tincankilla

    I recall TFB prior to the switch to your new look and platform. It seems that the comments prior to the switch were very substantive and expert opinions from guys who really knew their stuff. now it seems pretty different, but i have no theories as to the drivers of that change.

    • Those were the days when it was mainly just Steve and I and guest articles each week.
      We’ve grown a great deal in the last couple of years and I look at it as growing pains. The entire staff will continue to try and make TFB as good as we can.

  • MountainKelly

    Hey man, very reasonable and cheers to that. Don’t let people’s negativity get to you. Moderators are always a good thing as well to keep the static down.

  • Hyok Kim

    I get some of the greatest tips on firearms from this site. No, I don’t agree with some of the advises given, regarding the use of firearms, but hey, I don’t agree with some of the views I used to hold strongly as late as 5 years ago. This site rocks compared to most of the gun forums I’ve been.

  • James Driscoll

    Just keep doing what you do to the best of your inner compass and the rest of us can agree or disagree as we see fit. Sometimes I may disagree; sometimes I may agree; other times I might just scratch my head in wonderment…but I always read it. That said, let the record note I strongly agree with those who point to the typos, grammatical errors and other lapses as an unnecessary distraction. Otherwise, just keep up the good work.

  • TyroneAlfonso

    Uh huh…. read the comments here. How’s that non-existant review coming along? Based on this one of many examples, your word isn’t worth much.

    The “decline in quality of comments” is a reflection of what this site has become (or rather what it has lost). I’ll be curious to see if this gets deleted.

  • gecko_45


    Allow me to be the first to thank you for your outstanding work informing us all of exciting new tactical products for operational operations. Security professionals such as myself don’t have time to surf the web all day, and it’s good to know that The Firearm Blog can be counted on to provide useful information on all the new battlefield-superiority products from Masterpiece Arms and Hi-Point, without the usual “poor quality” and “threat to personal safety” slant that I see everywhere else (I suspect a conspiracy).

    Continue Operations,

    John Gecko

  • confused

    so, you guys do product placement pieces for Masterpiece Arms…for free?

    that’s actually worse. shiver.

  • Zebra Dun

    This is a capitalist nation, the idea is to be successful and make money.
    To keep the website open and running it takes money.
    Take the money but give accurate and informative results of tests, inspections and impressions.
    I believe The Firearm Blog gives it’s test, inspections and impressions despite any money received.
    I learn from each article, I read, extrapolate and make my own mind up.
    The Firearm blog does a good job in being informative and enjoyable reading.
    Keep up the good work and ignore the yapping l’il chazz buckets.

  • angrymike

    So many other online blogs and such, would be so much better off if they had moderators to keep the trolls out. They highjack the story and change the subject to what their opinion is…
    I applaud the decision…….. 😉

  • Chris

    I really don’t know how long I’ve been lurking on TFB, way longer than I’ve been a subscriber to their newsletter, but this is my first post. I’ve found that this site has long been my go to site for information about most anything firearms related, that’s why I did subscribe to their news letter now and look forward to it. Not all articles are my cup of tea, I simply skip over them. There are grammar mistakes, it’s a blog and it is difficult to prog read one’s own work. Overall it’s a great informative place to get news about the firearms industry. I don’t suspect any writer here of being in somebody’s pocket. We all have our preferred platform and setup but I see open mindedness about reviews and relatively unbiased opinions in articles. So I’d like to thank all the writers at TFB for their time and effort, even if sometimes it is taken for granted. Back to lurking.