Beaten Zone A.T.C.H. (Advanced Tactical Charging Handle)

Before you sigh at yet another “tactical” product, hold your breath for a moment. The Beaten Zone A.T.C.H. takes the extended charging handle latch to a whole new, even bigger level.

No. 5 in OD

No. 5 in OD

Made of the usual top-notch materials, the A.T.C.H. comes in three configurations, each changing the machining on the latch itself. No 1. is your standard latch. No 3 rounds it out a bit and, and No. 7 adds aggressive serrations for grip.


No 7. in Tan

For now, the A.T.C.H. is only available in black. OD and Tan colors are coming soon. Retail for the No. 1 version is $73.00 with the No. 5 & 7 clocking in at a reasonable $75.00

You may sigh now…


  • GEN 3 NO. 5 & 7 A.T.C.H. AVAILABLE IN BLACK, O.D. GREEN (coming soon), FLAT DARK EARTH (coming soon)


Personally, I think the concept is sound, but the actual execution removes my favorite way to charge an AR, the “blade-hand method.” The shooter has to pause a moment to extend the latch.

What do you think?

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Max

    Meh, so you want something that will probably slow you down and effect greater stress on the thin aluminum component which is your charging handle. Looks cool though….

  • JumpIf NotZero

    lol, wut?

    I can easily think of all the times I’ve wanted a giant lever arm to rack an AR…. never.

    • BuzzKillington

      Ex-f***ing-actly. This thing is so slow, I’d prefer a standard CH at $75 over this. The fine motor skills needed to locate the folded latch, get underneath it and unfold it prior to being able to charge the handle, is a liability. BCM Gunfighter or Rainier Arms Raptor need nothing more than sweeping and pulling. One single simple and fluid movement. This charging handle is the epitome of Tier 0; so tacticool it’s worthless.

  • RickH


  • Risky

    Might make sense for someone with limited strength or possibly a physical disability that makes charging the rifle difficult. Of course you don’t want to just market your product to the disabled.. It’s usefulness is otherwise very limited though… $80 best spent elsewhere.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      The way this works, it doesn’t reduce the strength required to pull. It does create a larger area to pull on, but this isn’t a mechanical advantage as it’s not a lever arm, just a larger handle.

      But yea, maybe like two guys out there with sever arthritis or ectrodactyly might benefit…. I guess.

    • True I haven’t thought about that. A disabled person might find this helpful.

  • safearmsreview

    Yea I’m with the other guys who say this is neat but I see no need for it. Just more weight and extra motions needed to rack your rig = no thank you. I recommend BCM ambi charging handle.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    “at a reasonable $75.00”

    Good one.

    • TITAN308

      Pretty much this. There is probably a reason I’ve never heard of this company and probably won’t again in the future; well established companies offer the same thing for less.

  • ColaBox

    Well at least the name is right. Their certainly beatin’ the hell out of an over saturated market.

  • raz-0

    OK, you gave me a bigger lever to generate more force to break stuff with, and it requires more dexterity to activate. They can’t even come up with bad marketing bullet points that are marginally true. They show videos of it being basically slower and more fiddly than a decent extended latch charging handle.

    Also looks quite the treat if you are operating the gun lefty.

  • John L.

    Judging by the videos, this thing makes your ar-15 misfire a lot…

    • An Interested Person

      I am fairly certain they put duds in there on purpose to demonstrate the charging action repeatedly.

    • Rob D.

      BBWAHHAAAAAA!!!! I was thinking the same thing.
      Won’t do me any good anyway… I’m a southpaw.

      • iphonetechtips

        Exactly, for about the same price lefty’s & those interested in ambidextrous use of their AR, weather for purely fantasy or actual/potential tactical need to use the rifle either left or right handed, can buy a Rainier or BCM ambi that is probably a more sturdy design. Which is what you want in “tactical” parts & accessories, something that works for its intended purpose & won’t break when you need it most.

        Although as Max said… it does look incredibly high speed, which is probably why it will sell. Those who buy it will probably end up throwing it in the parts bin or selling soon after the magic wears off.

        • BuzzKillington

          This does NOT look high speed at all. My disdain for this product has nothing to do with whether it looks like it will break easily or not. If you watch how he has to manipulate the latch, it’s slow as hell. He first has to get underneath the latch so he can get it unfolded. Once it’s unfolded, he needs to either roll his finger towards the base, or slide it down, whatever it takes to get closer to the base so a positive grab can be achieved to pull back on the charging handle without slipping off of the tip of that very long and thin latch. With a BCM Gunfighter or Rainier Arms Raptor, you just hit the latch and pull. There’s no need to pry under a folded down latch to get it opened up, before even being able to pull back and charge the handle; it’s already there, extended and waiting for you to hit it and go. This takes fine motor movements that extended latch charging handles were designed to surpass. It’s literally attempting to solve a problem by creating the same problem, just with a different dynamic. In this case, I’d rather have a standard charging handle as at least I know it’s consistent and I don’t need to worry about slipping off the spring folded latch and having it fold forward on me, causing me to have to try to get it unfolded again, fighting a battle against a slim profiled latch continually folding under spring tension and keeping me from just charging the freaking rifle. —- This thing is not high speed in any way. It’s a liability under stress.

  • patrickiv

    How is this better?

  • hydepark

    Where can I get a pair of the sweet eye pro in the second video? Oh, wait….

  • John

    DOH!! Magpul has the patent.

  • That looks snagtastic. Guaranteed that handle would get hooked on the bungees of my TACO mag pouches on a regular basis.

  • Nicholas C

    Interesting. think it is a little over complicated. I prefer my Rainier Arms ambi charging handle.

    • Gregory Markle

      All my rifles use Rainier Raptors, I think it’s the best rethink of the AR-15 charging handle out there. I think that besides being ambi it makes charging the rifle easier despite which hand your are using and I like that rather than trying to kludge something on in place of the original latch they completely redesigned the mechanism…and did so intelligently to make a VERY sturdy piece of kit.

  • To Tin Fung

    looks like it hurts to pull too… sigh.

  • Tirod

    Aaaaannd, I need it why? Because I shoot very bad surplus or import fodder that simply won’t cycle?

    I keep looking at these and all the rationale centers on the apparent fact that ammo is mostly very bad quality. Are we talking post apocalyptic cache of abandoned ammo?

    I don’t think so. The M16 was designed to be charged the first time, right, and then keep the bolt back to insert the next magazine, at which time you punch the release to chamber and fire.

    So, where are all the malfunctions coming from? No matter what the reason, it’s really all about operator error. For whatever reason, the powder charge isn’t propelling the bolt carrier to cycle fully – bad ammo, bad choice. If it was caused by too much internal friction, then it’s poor maintenance. Bad choice. If the rifle wasn’t built properly, error on the part of the builder and the shooter for trusting him. Bad choice.

    I don’t see ANY reason to substitute the GI charging handle save one – to spend money and have something that looks cool and makes the user look as if they are prepared for the worst. If they exercised the same discretion about building, cleaning, and feeding the gun, it wouldn’t be necessary.

    45 years in service, over 8 million made, not one government has expressed any concern whatsoever that the charging handle is a problem area.

  • Burst

    Ambidextrous yet? No?

    Okay then.

  • gunslinger

    when can i get an advanced operator handle? operators operate much more so than tactical folks…?

  • SuperSquirrel

    I got one, took a little getting used to but I love it. And mine was only $65 about a year ago, but it looks like they came out with some new charging handles since then. I’m hoping they put out a .308 version soon because this thing is great if you have a large scope.

  • E Wolfe

    No, no, no!

  • BuzzKillington

    Despite having a lot of time to practice, the demonstrator in this video definitely takes more time to locate the thin folded forward latch, getting his finger underneath to lift it away from the receiver, and then finally being able to pull the charging handle rearward. This is a solution creating a problem, all at an expensive price tag. I would actually rather pay the $75 for a standard charging handle than to have to use this. I could see there being issues with gloves, being unable to get underneath the latch to unfold it from the receiver. Maybe not, and the flare-out of the folded latch is easy to get hooked and unfolded with gloves. But it’s such a long latch once it unfolds that you can’t just hook it and pull back like you can with the litany of aftermarket extended latch charging handles (such as BCM Gunfighter or Rainier Raptor). You need to hook it to get it unfolded, then ride your finger down to the base before pulling back, lest you slip right off of the little real estate you have at the tip of the latch, causing it to fold right back into the receiver for you to have to start over again. I do not like this design on so many levels. Failed product in my opinion. It would belong on one of those History Channel shows “Failed weapons of WWII” if they did one on ‘tactical’ AR-15 products.

  • jim