Caldwell AR15 Mag Charger

Caldwell of Battenfeld Technologies has released their AR-15 Mag Charger system, designed to work with 50 round boxes of 5.56/.223 to load magazines quickly. With ammo in the charger system, each push of the plunger, the charger loads 5 rounds and advances the feed tray to the next slot. A 30-round magazine would take 6 charges to be loaded to capacity.


The Mag Charger is compatible with all AR-15 magazine systems. Their demo video shows the system being used with SureFire 60-rnd and Beta C-Mag options. No word if the system supports similar-sized cartridges such as 300 BLK, 6.5 or 6.8mm.


The unit retails for $89.99, but is available for less from prominent retailers.

Nathan S

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  • 1leggeddog

    Are all boxes of 50 rounds of .223 the same to fit in this contraption?

    • Julio

      All the magazine speed loaders I’ve seen require you to start by transferring rounds from their original packaging, or a loading press, into something else: be it stripper clips, or the loader itself. Here this needs to be done twice: from the original packaging into a 50-round box, and then into the box on the loader. I can see it suiting the reloader who stores finished rounds in a box of this type (I do), but if you don’t have such boxes, or don’t reload, the (modest) extra expense and time at this stage does appear to be a (minor) drawback. On the plus side, it isn’t restricted to a narrow range of magazine types.

  • The Hun

    7.62×39 please

  • ColaBox

    Not my type of product. There’s something therapeutic about loading rounds into a mag. Not that this isn’t pretty nifty.

    • Sam Schifo

      If you have to load dozens of mags this thing will save your thumb. But I agree, loading rounds is somewhat therapeutic.

      • Nancy Graciela Pippo Ruggeri

        Put It down joker….

  • Lance

    Why 50?????? make a 30 round box would be far better than 50. haven’t seen 50rd mags period for ARs in many many years.

    • Julio

      Maybe it would help to watch the video, in which 150 rounds are loaded into 5 x 30-round magazines (6 pushes per magazine, with the box being refilled after every 10 pushes).

  • My girlfriend had a stroke when she was younger and has limited use of her right hand. I can see this helping her greatly as opposed to clicking in rounds. Seems like a winner.

  • Laserbait

    Meh, I’ll keep my Mag Lula. All my ammo is loose packed in 50 Cal ammo cans, so this does me no good, plus it’s huge. Pain in the ass to take to the range.

  • Ken

    I think stripper clips with a loading spoon are a far easier, cheaper, and less bulky way of keeping and transporting a lot rounds ready to quickly load into mags than to have to get the 50 round boxes to put all of your ammo in and transfer to the tray. You can buy a lot stripper clips for the cost of this. Stripper clips are also a lot less prone to damage.

    However, this does seem like a cool gadget to play with just for the fun of it, just like an MG belt loader. It’s actually quite fun to load MG belts with the crank loader. It’s like making sausage for your guns, haha.

  • Captain Paintball

    do they make it in .308?

  • Blake

    nifty gadget, but too big for the range bag (& a bit pricey)

    stripper clips & maglulas for me

  • TangledThorns

    If my job was loading mags all day I’d want this but thankfully thats not my job 🙂

  • SafeArmsReview

    Father’s day gift for the guy who has almost everything!

    I wouldn’t buy it but it seems cool.

  • gunslinger

    what about my cheap-o 20 rounder boxes?

  • gunslinger

    quick.. someone dub over a old typewriter sounds when he hit the plunger, then the return noise when he has to reset!

  • Ratus

    StripLULA and stripper clips FTW

  • You’ll be hating life if you discover that you jammed 300 rounds that were just a little too long into 10 mags.

  • BryanS

    There was one of these that came out, IIRC, on the TFB, about 3 or 4 years ago that used whole 20rd boxes. I remember pre-ordering 2, and seeing it vanish. Lookes like the same mechanism.