Remington Versa Max Tactical With Trijicon Reflex Optics

This is the first time I’ve had a chance to shoot the Remington Versa Max Tactical with optics I would deem appropriate for shotgun use. These optics are the Trijicon RMR and standard size reflex Trijicon sight.


The Versa Max Tactical is a seven-port gas operated semi-auto shotgun with extended magazine that holds eight rounds of 2 ¾ inch shells. This allows the shooter to have nine total rounds with one round chambered and the tube full. The Tactical will handle up to 3 ½ inch shells. The way Remington has designed the Versa Max makes it extremely reliable no matter what ammunition is used. This can be anything from 1 ½ ounce birdshot up to slugs and 00 buck.

When you load the Versa Max with a variety of shells you can well expect it to feed anything and everything you load it with. The seven-port gas system only uses those ports needed to cycle the action required by the load fired.


The operating controls are large, well placed and very easy to locate and use at speed. The safety is oversize as is the bolt release. The Tactical with the extended magazine and 22 inch ribbed barrel balances well in regular use as well as moving from one station to the next in a timed course of fire.


As I’ve mentioned earlier we used two of the Trijicon optics on the Tactical. I must say after using the standard reflex Trijicon and the compact RMR my personal preference is the RMR. At least for me the RMR provided a very good field of view outside of the sight itself but still allowed me to pickup the red dot, triangle reticle in any color. My favorite RMR was the fiber optic with a Tritium tube mounted on the fiber optic itself. Green has always been my preferred color reticle since the human eye picks up green better than any other color. An RMR is just very fast on target. If I had an RMR with the green reticle fiber optic with Tritium and the Picatinny rail mount I’d be a happy shooter when combined with the Tactical Versa Max.


In conclusion between the four of us we shot a wide variety of loads up to a round count of several cases of ammo. We had no malfunctions of any kind that to me is impressive since we mixed ammo types frequently and many times we fired very fast on the courses we ran.


Considering the reliability, accuracy and the excellent match with the RMR Trijicon sight I can’t think of a shotgun combination I’d rather use.



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Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Risky

    22 inch barrel seems a little long for a ‘tactical’ offering. Does the Versa Max gas system not like shorter barrels maybe?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      They sell same gun as the R12 to police only. They have 14″ and 18″ models.

      Remington is just tying to pass off gamer gear as “tactical”. Marketing drops the ball again.

      • They have the hunting version as well as the Tactical in Three Gun configuration in addition to the one we were using.

    • I’m used to an 18 inch or shorter barrel but I didn’t have any difficulty with this length on this particular model. Balance was good.
      The Versa Max will handle a short barrel I asked about that since one of my issued shotguns had a 14 inch barrel and I wondered if it would work with the Versa Max.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    At video…

    Um… Why would anyone ever load the shotgun with their strong hand!? Even an admin load. Eyes down, tying up both hands, gun isn’t locked down into arm or to body just wobbling around, shells randomly in both hands, both hands crowding on the receiver, etc. hmmmm… Very last round he loaded was actually correct.

    And that combat load at the end is exactly why large optics on shotguns are an issue. Gets in the way of the weak hand coming up to index and drop a round in. Shotguns are the only guns you can expect to drop a round into from the top or around under the bottom, large top optic is just in the way, esp consider the 4-8 round capacity most guns have meaning you can actually expect to have to load this way.

    Aside note, the shooter SHOULD have hit the bolt release button while his hand was right there after dropping a shell in, instead of quitting after dropping the shell in and then coming around the bottom side of the gun only to hit the same button his hand was just hovering over. Economy of motion and all that…

    • Most likely it was simply something he did because we were on the range. He’s a retired FAST team Marine. They spend a ton of time on CQB with all of the weapons at hand including shotguns.
      I know when we ran the seven station course things changed big time with him. It was a pretty fast run and he was handling the shotgun as one would expect in a combat situation. It was kinda like flipping a switch on the guy.

      • Hyok Kim

        “I know when we ran the seven station course things changed big time with him. It was a pretty fast run and he was handling the shotgun as one would expect in a combat situation.”

        So did he change the way he loads or did he simply do it faster using the same method?

        “He’s a retired FAST team Marine. They spend a ton of time on CQB with all of the weapons at hand including shotguns.”

        I know a former Marine Recon, and a current Army Ranger, who still use weaver method. Classic Weaver method is obsolete.

  • evan

    actually it holds 8+1+1. they are very easy to ghost load.

  • RomeoTangoBravo

    Nice Pics 🙂

  • Commenter


    The article says “The Tactical will handle up to 3 ½ inch shells”. Now, I know the standard, or full sized VersaMax has a 3.5″ chamber, but I’m pretty sure the tactical version came with a 3″ chamber when introduced.

    Clarification? Has there been a change this year?

  • Vitor

    Hey, I would love to see a gel test of a slug fired from a 3 1/2 magnum shell. I can only imagine being extremely devastating. Please, please, please.