Product Announcement: HK VP9 Pistol

At SHOT this year, HK USA president Wayne Weber announced that a new striker fired pistol was in development. The mystery has been revealed as the VP9 pistol; The gun seems to borrow quite a lot from the P30 pistol and looks a bit like a Walther:


MSRP is $719, so a street price of $650 can be expected.

From sales literature:

“Under development for more than four years, the HK VP9 has been subject to just about every test imaginable — NATO AC/225 and U.S. NIJ drop tests, water, dust, mud, and sand tests that duplicate the most extreme environments and harshest operational conditions in the world.
VP pistol function and abuse tests included firing more than 10,000 rounds of a wide variety of international ammuntion types through sample pistols. During these tests — accuracy, wear, and tolerance readings are taken to establish the capabilities, performance, and realistic service life of the new VP9 pistol in all environments. Unlike some manufacturers, HK test fires all VP9 pistols for accuracy, function, and proofing (for international and German industrial certification) before they leave the factory. This passion for testing is just one more part of what separates HK from the pack.”
“In development for more than four years, the VP9 is Heckler & Koch’s latest handgun and the first striker fired HK since the renowned P7 series pistols were introduced in the 1980s. Experience gained by HK engineers with the recent P30 pistol had a direct influence on the design of the VP9, but the VP9 breaks new ground with its integration of a unique striker firing system with an enhanced HK “light pull” trigger. The net result is trigger quality unequaled in any production striker fired handgun.”
I personally am a bit disappointed that the new striker fired pistol is essentially a p30 tweaked a bit, as are most people on the internet is seems after having a look at a few gun forums. That said, I will withhold judgement until I get to fire one.

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • Jeff Le

    An affordable HK?!

    • FourString

      Yeah. Holeh shet. I want one.

  • Jack Morris

    Looks like a more expense version of the PPQ.
    At least Walther doesn’t hate you.

    • RickH

      Yep, exactly what it looks like.

    • vereceleritas

      That’s funny. I remember when the PPQ was first announced, people were saying it was a striker fired ripoff of the P30.

      And as a Walther owner. I disagree with your second point somewhat. I think something just gets lost in translation between th US and Germany.

    • LCON

      To Para Phrase. “NO GUN FOR YOU!”

    • Rusty Shackleford

      If I wanted a PPQ I’d buy a damn Walther. I wish they would blow my mind and release a double-stack P9S in 9mm with a 15 round mag and 45acp with a 10 round mag.

    • hamie

      The HK is most certainly going to have a better trigger and i like how they have the paddle mag release.

      • Joe


        Also, you all can say it looks like a Walther as much as you like because that’s the ugliest HK I’ve ever seen.

      • Meridian

        From those two comments it is quite easy to deduce you have neither handled, nor likely seen, a PPQ.

        • hamie

          then you deduce too much…way to jump to conclusions about someone you don’t even know.

          and the PPQ CLEARLY has a button mag release.

          • Stu

            The M1 PPQ has a paddle release.

  • BOB

    SO did the license this from Canik in Turkey???

    • The Hun

      $300 for the Canik- $719 for the HK- both go bang.

      • anonymous

        “$300 for the Canik- $719 for the HK- both go bang..”

        Scarlett Johannson. Rosie O’Donnel. Both are women…

        But that doesn’t mean I want to bang both of them.

        • DrewN

          The Canik is a pretty darn good gun. I would carry it as a duty pistol without a second thought. And it’s a screaming deal. People used to talk sh*t about the CZ75 as well, mostly folks who hadn’t spent any real trigger time on them

          • iksnilol


            CZs are awesome and look good.

            The Rosie O’Donnel comparison would better fit a Glock.

        • John

          Pretty sure Rosie doesn’t want to bang you either.

          • anonymous

            “Pretty sure Rosie doesn’t want to bang you either.”

            Of course she does not. I’m a man, and Ms. O’Donnell prefers women. That’s about the only thing she and I have in common.

        • n0truscotsman



  • Brian

    Worse trigger than PPQ. I wonder if they’ll offer one with a long slide.

    • FourString

      So apparently you’ve fired one? Looks like a brand new trigger to me.

      • mig1nc

        The graph they show of the trigger travel looks ever-so-slightly inferior to the PPQ, and their reset is ever so slightly longer. So it looks like it’s probably about 90% as good as the PPQ.

  • FourString

    “The VP9 trigger surpasses those found on competitors. It has a short, light take-up with a solid, single action type break followed by a short positive reset.”

    Wow. H&K actually giving a shet about triggers? Is this the dawn of a new age?

    • Sean

      Well, after 40 years or so, they had to listen at least once.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      They’re surely counting M&P or Glock on comparison. So it’s not like the bar is set extremely high.

      Now if they came out and said it was better than “another” pistol and showed a picture or otherwise implied a PPQ, that would be something.

      • Hyok Kim

        Walther fan here. HK workmanship was never at the same level with Walther, (late wartime Walthers excepted.)

  • Anonymoose


  • Anonymoose

    Hopefully it will hold 17 instead of 15.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      P30 frame and mags. So, 15.

      • Anonymoose

        It’s not quite the same frame as the P30…

        On a side note, apparently there are factory 20-rounders for the P30 available in Europe.

        • Lt Donn

          I mean why???…just go and buy A Glock and leave the Walther people to their own

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Not digging the entire right side of the gun, looks terrible. Nor do I think the side charging tabs are a desirable addition.

    Oh HK…

    • hod0r

      The charging tabs look dovetailed, so potentially removeable.

  • CaptainSlaughterboard

    Woooow now H&K came back to wonder-polymer-nine realm that they started with a brilliant piece.
    And name it “Volks Pistole” again!?
    So give us slective fire with nifty stock/holster! Now!

  • AznMike

    I’m sorry, are you sure that’s not a typo? A HK handgun for under $700? I can’t even get those prices on a used HK.

  • 7n6

    and they say glocks are ugly………

    • LCON

      Glock is the T38 of pistols, higher quality then you think, survivable as hell ( given the time it was built ) looks like it was carved from a block of Cheese.

  • Yojimbo556

    Sort of want

  • strongarm

    Seems single action with built in drop safety to be taken off by 6mm trigger take up and “VP” should mean “VolksPistolen” with a such price level for HK and, may the ears at sides on rear of slide be cut curved inside instead of lugged out as widening the pistol,or, are
    they dismountable as optionaly usable. By the way, seems cactus like.

  • Andy

    The P30 has some of the best ergonomics of any pistol I’ve owned, but the stock trigger is certainly the weak link.

    I think I’ll be sticking with my PPQ. Great ergonomics and the best factory striker trigger I’ve seen on a duty gun.

    Besides, the VP9 looks like it wanted to be a PPQ anyway.

    • insertjjs

      I think that I’ll stick to my P30. Never been a big fan of Striker fired guns anyway.

    • saper1

      I agree I have the PPQ M2 the trigger is outstanding at around 4 lbs. It is a great feeling gun it can hang with my springfield 5.25 as far as accuracy great gun would have a p30

  • kipy

    Bah! Why couldn’t it have been a sub compact 9mm?

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    It looks predatory…like a 9mm shark.

  • opie

    Anyone want to explain to me why these polymer pistols should cost this much. Even after material cost and production cost i dont feel its worth a penny more than $350. Just paying for the brand name..just my opinion

    • ColaBox

      They’ve got the best marketing department in the business. They could sell this gun piece by piece for out the ass prices and the legions of fans would eat it up.

      • hamie

        ummm really? HKs really aren’t to common…don’t know who these “legions” are.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      Sure I can explain. Every other part of the gun is like say a all steel 1911, it is high quality machined steel, high quality finishes, hand fitted, then every other cost of the company is the same or more then most. Its in germany which has high labor costs, and many many regulations. Every single other aspect from marketing, to cleaning the offices, to legal, to export lawyers, to lobbyists, to dealer promo materials, to sponsorships etc they are all the same or more.

      So one little part, which does have an advantage for you (it is lighter, and does not rust) you think since its “cheap”, the gun is half off.

      Thats not the way pricing works. It is based on costs. Why can’t i walk into a GM dealership bitch about a new vette being “not even made of steel” then say it should not cost anymore then any number of other cars that are two seaters. Hell it should be cheaper then these other two seaters!

      I do not think you know what materials and product cost are, those are just terms you kinda sorta know, and threw them out there.

      • Allred

        One of the attributes of computer-controlled machining is that you can make parts to exacting precision and not have to hand-fit them. Well, Walther takes that a step further. I watched one of the assemblers, sitting at his bench with a bin of slides on one side and a bin of barrels on the other. He would snatch out a slide, grab a barrel and check for fit. If he didn’t like the way it would pop in and out of battery, he’d pull it out of the slide and set it on his bench. (He was careful to set barrels down ranked according to fits.) He’d try another, or a barrel off the bench, until he had one fitting the way he liked. Then he’d put that assembled slide and barrel on a frame and check striker movement with a special gauge. After adjusting things, he’d then cycle and dry-fire it until it felt “proper.” Then, and only then, would it go into the “done” rack.

        With a PPQ you get the benefits of old-school and the digital age combined—computer-machining and hand-fitting.
        The slide, frame and barrel are all serial-numbered. How can he build a PPQ, then? Simple: The serial number isn’t applied until after everything has gone together. You see, the steel’s so hard, it would rapidly destroy any marking dies, so the markings all have to be laser-cut. The proofhouse of Ulm is cool with that, and there’s a full-time inspector in the Walther plant to keep an eye on things. Tradition cannot be denied, however, and the polymer frame of each pistol is stamped with the appropriate proofmark.

        The PPQ barrel is so well made, I really wish there were some way to fit it to other pistols. Walther starts with a bar of steel, then machines it to a precise cylinder. It gets drilled, reamed, honed, then button-rifled. Once rifled, it goes into a CNC profiler that carves the exterior to barrel shape. Then the hood is induction hardened, the barrels are bead-blasted clean, and it gets hardened again in a nitride process that gives it an inside-and-out super-hard and corrosion-resistant finish. This means the surface is hard, and the load-bearing portions of it are heat-treated to withstand many rounds of ammo. I was gratified to see the labor that went into it and more than a bit jealous that I couldn’t have something like that on other pistols.

  • Anoymousstereoscopicwonder

    700 dollars?

    new slogan:
    “You don’t suck as much and we only dislike you now.”

  • suchumski

    i live in germany, have visied HK multiple times.
    they make great guns and not everything is around john moses,
    but someon has to tell them that there is a lever roule, that if the barral is
    to high over the end of the grip you will have a powerful flip of the gun.
    the handguns of HK are realy great and will even survive the direkt
    hit with a A-Bomb, but me, i hate the flipping of the HK’s
    post USP products. i have the P9 in 45, the P7m13,
    what a innovative stuff and then they turned
    to the SOCOM Pistol and the ligt
    is turned of.

  • jamezb

    H&K rebrands a Walther. Hail Umarex.

  • n0truscotsman

    Im buying one.

    I actually do love HK handguns and will buy one. Since I liked the PPQ and PPS so well, I suppose I can give this a shot. Maybe itll be my new carry gun to oust the M&P and Glock from my favorites?

  • Leigh Rich

    Ever notice all the new poly pistols coming out look all the same after awhile.

  • Cybrludite

    Looks like an M&P had a drunken one night stand with a HiPoint, and this is what arrived nine months later. There’s guns that are ugly in a form-follows-function sort of way, but this one looks like it hit every branch possible in it’s three or four falls from the top of the ugly tree.

  • ramv36

    Looks like they’ve finally decided to go after Glock head on.

    It was good while it lasted, but HK had a successful polymer frame auto on the market a decade earlier, while Gaston was still molding curtain rods and maybe dreaming about pistols…

    • Meridian

      “Looks like they’ve finally decided to go after *Walther* head on.”
      There. Fixed it for ‘ya.

  • Dragonheart

    My HK P-30 is a nice handgun, but I absolutely hate the trigger; long hard initial pull then a very long reset on the second shot. The first time I fired the P-30 I was pulling against the frame on my second shot because the trigger had not reset. Admittedly, I am used to shooting 1911’s or Glock’s in IDPA competition, which have a very short reset. I could get used to this trigger if you want to shoot it like a revolver, but why? It’s terrible. I really liked the ergonomics of the P-30 grip so I recently purchased a Walther PPQ 5″ and really like this handgun. It feels great in the hand, very accurate, reliable, good sights, long sight radius, GREAT TRIGGER, high capacity and a lot less expensive than the P-30. Since I plan on selling my P-30, why would I want to pay more for another HK which looks like a Walther PPQ want-to be? Just buy the PPQ and you will probably be much happier.

  • Freedom_Road

    I can tell you right now I don’t own a gun with a safety mounted in the trigger, this is a horrible idea!!! It screws with trigger feel and consistency!!

  • Db4d

    H&K has copied a few weapons recently like the Kriss vector… And Scar…. Come on HK build something that will blow minds
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  • Ghost930

    Yawwwwwn. Innovation is apparently kaput at HK.

  • maodeedee

    The P30 was a better gun because it didn’t have the added safety. Why in the WORLD does any DA or DA Only Pistol need a safety which complicates instinctive function and can cause more problems than it solves?

    My Smith and Wesson Model 58 41 magnum doesn’t have one, and neither does My Colt Python and neither does my Glock 20sf. My 1911 has one but I’m trained to use it each and every time I fire the gun so that it’s instinctive but it also has a light consistent trigger pull from the first shot to the last.

    And yes, I’m old school but what has always made sense always will.

  • petru sova

    Just another Glock clone but it is a safer gun because it has the firing pin sticking out the rear where it can be seen and felt even in the dark.

  • Gregory

    I hope they solved the trigger bite issue I had with my P2000. The end of the trigger was very irritating. It was the sharpness, the shape of it and distance from the bottom of the trigger guard. Removing the sharp edge did not resolve the issue. I got rid of mine a a loss. The USP’s do not have the same issue.

  • Herk

    Wow, for only $100 more than a Glock I can support an anti-RKBA gun company *and* get a pistol that actually doesn’t have holsters made for it by pretty much every holster company in existence, doesn’t have zillions of spare magazines in circulation for $25 a pop, and whose spare parts actually aren’t ubiquitous and cheap! Sign me up!