Home Made Wrist Mounted Flamethrower

Colin Furze has made a flamethrower rig to mimic the Marvel Comics character Pyro. They are wrist mounted flame throwers. Sort of like Spiderman but he throws fire rather than webs. From the video, Colin seems a bit eccentric, but his enthusiasm and passion is remarkable. Oh and he made wrist mounted flamethrowers in his garage workshop. Now these are Fire Arms.

Warning: we do not recommend you try this at home. If you do, check your local and state laws regarding flamethrowers.

Here is a montage of how he made them.


And here is a video of the flamethrowers in action.

Nicholas C

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  • nick

    The first time I see an article about fire arms on the firearms blog 🙂

    • gunslinger

      you sir, win one internetz

  • iksnilol

    How is that legal? In the UK that is, I presume he is in the UK by his accent and way of dressing (a shirt and tie when flamethrowering stuff? That is classy?).

    • BattleshipGrey

      That is classy. He almost seems to have a toned down steam-punk look.

    • totenglocke

      He’s also built a homemade jet engine (small scale, obviously) and then decided to attach it to a bicycle…. The guy is brilliant – but each time he publishes a new video, I’m amazed that he hasn’t killed himself yet.

      • Giolli Joker

        “I’m amazed that he hasn’t killed himself yet”
        The wall of death was a serious attempt in that direction…
        Crazy genius.
        These Pyro arms are the 3rd of his X-Men powers builds, he first did Wolverine’s retractable claws and then Magneto’s magnetic boots…

    • BR549

      It’s not a flamethrower or even a pyrotechnic flame projector; it’s an omni-directional smores roaster. Add in a wrist actuated MP3 playing Shannon Watts singing Kumbaya with a bunch of other leftards around a campfire (started by Colin himself), and how much more idyllic can that be?

      I can see Colin passing out the smores with his apparatus still attached and then having to say, “Oops, sorry, ’bout that.”

  • Renegade

    But where are the bayonet lugs?

  • Very technically (OK, pedantically) speaking, those are pyrotechnic flame projectors, not flamethrowers.

  • BattleshipGrey

    I’ve seen a few of this guy’s videos, if he’s actually the one making this stuff and doing it himself for the most part, he’s going to go places.
    If they made a half hour show about how he puts this stuff together, that’s a “reality show” I’d watch.

  • Asdf

    So this is what happens when you take away people’s guns.

    • Graham2

      Yeah, because we can’t own guns here in England. Educate yourself!

      • Vhyrus

        That ain’t a gun, mate….

        • Graham2

          Obviously it’s not a gun, I didn’t say it was a gun. I was replying to the above post where Asdf said we couldn’t have guns, resulting in people having to make flame throwers instead. We can have guns here.

          • Nicholas C

            Yeah but no hand guns, or ARs, or semi auto rifles.

          • Graham2

            That’ll be wrong, wrong and wrong then.

          • John Kelly

            Wrong on 3 counts, cos I’ve shot all 3 in England and I’m not in jail. Admitted the ar and semi autos were in .22 but you can buy in .223 if you want. And anyone with a firearms licence can buy a handgun, you just need a valid reason (the most common is wounded animal dispatch)

          • Porty1119

            I’ve also seen ‘long-barreled’ handguns on Section 1 FACs, with a 12″ barrel and a counterweight to bring the overall length up to 24″. Creative stuff, that.

      • Porty1119

        Not easily, and not without a ton of paperwork and miscellaneous strange restrictions. Although, I will grant that said restrictions are more grounded in reality than ‘assault weapon’ laws here.

  • noguncontrol

    this guy deserves a nobel prize!!

    • Chrome Dragon

      Or at least an IgNobel.

      Here’s hoping he wins one of those two before a Darwin award. :p

  • mechamaster

    hidden blade.. hidden gun.. sleeve gun.. and now.. sleeve flamethrower..

  • gunslinger

    on his way to becoming Johny Storm (AKA the Human Torch) or Pyro (from Xmen)

  • Payce

    Dude also built Wolverine claws and magnetic boots. He’s a crazy person that the internet needed.

    • bernardg

      He is that typical crazy genius that we probably gonna need it in the future.


  • torr10

    Apparently Colin is much more clever than writer of this story. One video was supposed to be about how they were made…neither way.