Ares Armor FS Kydex Holster is Molle Compatible

Lots of custom Kydex makers have solutions for mounting kydex holsters to molle. Well Ares Armor has come up with a rather simple and minimalistic solution to Molle-Mounting. They cut slots in the kydex to attach the holster. Such a simple solution, it makes you wonder why you didn’t think of it either.

According to Kit Up! the FS holsters start at $109.95.

Here is a close up of the molle compatible slots



Nicholas C

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  • John L.

    wonder how easy that would be to pull off…looks like some mall ninja gear right there.

    • Pf

      As easy as it would be to make one yourself and save $100. I’ll steal the idea for something more practical, like a light or mag.

      • Ludite

        Yeah, Ares doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing. Trying new things is stupid.

        • Max

          Trying new things to see whether they are feasible or not is not stupid, in fact it’s quite smart. Failure leads to greater knowledge in how not to fail which leads to refinements towards success.

          However, touting an idea as a success that on it’s face seems less than perfect (which it is…) is a fail. Not a failure but a fail, as in face to palm smacking fail.

        • It’s almost always NOT stupid to try new things. You need to use a little common sense first however.

          • Ludite

            It’s difficult to convey sarcasm on the web. I forgot the extra “D” in my name. It should be Luddite. I figured people would figure out the connection and understand that I was being sarcastic.
            I’m all for trying new things. Innovation is great.
            Throwing out the mall ninja label was weak.
            Unless you’ve got the tools, materials and skill to make one yourself, you’d be better served buying from Ares if this is what you want and don’t mind people like John L. thinking your a “mall ninja”. You’re not going to save your self $100. Materials and time are worth something. I’d also be willing to bet fit and finish on your garage holster isn’t going to be as nice.
            I thought it was a cool idea. Holster will ride closer to your person and will be lighter without the need for mounts/loops/loks etc.

  • Great idea poor execution. The main issue with this mounting system is that it rides high on the battle belt, if you are using it on a battle belt, that would be the top of the full sweatguard right in the middle of my torso between the waist and armpit, really hard to have smooth draw when you have to till your torso away. There would still need to be some sort of mounting platform to make the holster drop and offset.