How to Shoot a rifle with No Sights.

Kirsten Joy Weiss shares some tips on how to shoot a rifle in case the worst happens. You scope or your blade sight breaks off. She chooses a point above the receiver and a point on the barrel. Then shoots and walks the shots. She gets some impressive groupings.


Nicholas C

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  • iksnilol

    So she uses the scope rail as a rear sight while using the tip of the barrel as the front sight? I know I did something like that, worked well enough.

  • KestrelBike

    Oh, well… hello there.

    • XHLN

      Modification of that idea;
      Take some broken rubberbands and tie two of them in knots on the rear intact rubber band. Tie another one on the front band in the center. The more consistent and flat the knots are, the better.

      Viola, crude open sights with windage adjustments.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    After doing some point shooting with no sights and a front sight only, I’ve already decided to not put rear BUIS on my next guns. There is just so little reason for them. If my optic goes down (it’s an aimpoint, so already extremely unlikely), using the dead optic tube or the rail if you know your proper cheekweld is more than enough for threat-sized-targets out to 100y. After that, I’ll get the aimpoint back up or put a sights on.

    … As the video shows very nicely.

    Also… Far more Kirsten Joy Weiss videos please. This is content that should be propped up over questionable AR assemblers for example.

    • noguncontrol

      yes, more pretty girls!!

  • MMMM

    I would marry this girl.

    • John Dalton

      I would have her babies..

      • Rusty Shackleford

        That would be quite a stretch! 😉

  • derfelcadarn

    This is the kind of knowledge we all need to have. All the whiz-bang doodad BS is only for wasting money. Take notes and practice !

  • dan citizen

    Isn’t this how many people shoot anyway?

    • dan citizen

      In almost all syrian/afghan/iraq videos you watch they don’t seem to need sights to spray bullets in the general direction of their enemies/comrades/innocents.

      When some officers I know tried to shoot a “dangerous pitbull” that was standing 8 feet away, all three officers missed with all 10 shots fired. It was OK though, the bullets were stopped by the furnishings in the apartment behind the dog (who ran home).

      AAR of most shootings foreign and domestic seem to indicate that sights are an expensive and ignored accessory, like turn signals and warning labels.

  • jamezb

    I had a H&R 999 pistol missing its rear sight. I* found that by creating A mental image of the rear sight and lining the front up where it seemed to belong, I could hit baseball sized targets at 50-75 feet almost every time.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Nice stance…

  • Blake

    Is that “biathlon” strait-pull action a PWS T-3?

    Daddy likes 🙂

  • Evan Samora

    This is why the negative posts about a rear sight missing from the Walking Dead or FPSRussia shooting guns without rear sights never made sense.

    We are taught to follow the front sight, draw, point, and shoot. The rear sight is nice. But as long as you have a consistent wield, you should be able to hit targets at a reasonable distance.

    No, you aren’t going to be 1MOA. But that isn’t the point, and it isn’t that difficult.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Well, the real complaint about the Walking Dead is/was the poor firearms they would show. There was no reason to not have sights on those guns, the firearms consultant just didn’t know, and that’s pretty pathetic.

      I liked the guy who was blind in one eye using the AUG’s built in scope with that non-eye. But that’s an actor issue.