Gunner’s Mate 12-Gauge Shotgun Shell Dispenser on IndieGoGo

A nifty shotgun shell dispenser in the same vein as the F.A.S.T. magazine system is looking for funding on IndieGoGo. The Gunner’s Mate is designed by Todd Luebke, a veteran of the U.S. Army and owner of Strike Hard Gear, which focuses on Com-Bloc weaponry.

The AmmoBoss Gunner’s Mate is a polymer spring-powered 12-guage shell dispenser that holds reloads in the same position relative to the hand. The polymer pack is a double-stack design that holds 8, 2 3/4″ shells.

The Gunner’s Mate promises to ease retention and reloading. The video shows the concept in operation and details the steps the inventor has made to bring it to its current point. Based on the video, it looks like the design is complete and partners are lined-up for production.


What do you think of the concept? Worth an estimated $50 price at retail if it goes into production?

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Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • TITAN308

    Not sure how I feel about the “door kicker” theme.

    Oh they even have an “Elite Door Kicker” category…

    • iksnilol

      It’s kicking a door for chrissakes, ya don’t need a PHD for that!


  • Julio

    I liked that. A nice clear video with an honest feel to it. The product looks practical too.

    • dan citizen

      that was exactly my take on it.

  • Michael Scott

    OMG. It’s Dwight Schrute!

    • Harry K.


    • JT

      D – Daring
      W – Worthwhile
      I – Inexpensive
      G – Good Product
      H – Handy Product
      T – Terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ColaBox

    Moysin…never heard it like that before. Well good on this guy for trying, but im quite skeptical on the product. Iv seen a few similar holders come out with generally negative results. Though this one is spring loaded so it has promise.

    • 1911a145acp

      Correct pronunciation. In Russia you would likely hear Mhoy seen Nagant. with a slight emphasis on the “seen”

      • guest

        No, you won’t. Mosin, read straight out, with a very short pronounced “o”, with no “hoy”, and “s” pronounced the normal way, not a “mozin” but “mosin”.

        • dan citizen

          russian speaker here, mosin rhymes with “ostrich”… Just kidding.

          Depending a bit on region, you would generally here it pronounced
          “moe-sin-uh” The first O in a russian word is pronounced “O” (following ones are pronounced “ah”) the little “uh” at the end is not represented by a letter.

          most russians call the mosin a “3 line” referring to it’s caliber, calling it a mosin is more of an american thing.

          here is a link to a russian video (with english subtitles) that should clear up the pronunciation.

          • guest

            Шо ты там мурлычиш, ебаный насос?

            You pathetic little fake of a “russian speaker”.

            The “uh” you refer to is derived from saying “vintovka MosiNA” literally translated “mosin’s rifle”, where the “-na” is the english equivalent for “‘s”. What you are writing, the “uh”, comes from your bad auditory system hygiene. So either it’s “vintovka Mosina” (винтовка Мосина) or Mosin-Nagant (Мосин-Нагант), the latter is almost never used.
            “Not represented by a letter” just broke cpt Picard’s forehead, in yet another facepalm “expert opinion” on linguistics.

            Also, there is *very* little variation in dialects, if any, from Vladivostok all the way to Murmansk, and that applies to specific commonly used words and almost never names or brand names.

            Юу спик рашшан дэ уей а рашшан спикс зулу, ор ин озэр уордз го ауэй лэйм тролл. Понял нах?

          • dan citizen


            I work with russians, ukrainians, moldovans, kyrgastanis, belarussians etc, all day.

            Take a word, any word, and no 2 will agree on it’s pronunciation. High russian, village russian, old style, new… They all argue which is right.

            I’ve gotten to where I can spot a muscovite just by accent.

            Your guest posting, overly aggressive diatribe, is not what TFB is about.

          • guest

            High russian? Village russian? Old style? New style? Are you pulling these terms out of thin air as you go along?

            I already showed how your “not represented by a letter” claim is a blatant lack of understanding of the language and pure fantasy, back your claims up by anything else than your imagination please.

            Let’s stick to the topic at hand: you mean to say there are DIFFERENT ways of pronouncing Мосин and Винтовка Мосина. Please show me a single source (video, audio etc) where it is pronounced differently.

            I already wrote that your last “not represented by a letter” is you not understanding what your are even talking about, so go ahead prove me wrong.

          • dan citizen

            Clearly you do not actually speak russian.

            Russian was originally copied from ukrainian (as is most russian culture) and in russian certain rules are always followed:

            There is no russian word for “sock” meaning an item oif clothing you wear on your feet, you can google it and see a picture of one.

            Every letter is represented by an animal, but no animal from russia, hence “ostrich” “rhino” “ghiraffe”

            All russian words are effectively a pig latin version of german with the letters switched around (most russians really want to be german)

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            russian cursive is actually a bunch of lower case “m” in a row.

            What are you really, Polish? Latvian? Finnish? Go buy rosetta stone (and not the pirated version)

          • guest

            Пиндосьня, ты в натуре ёбнутый? ГМОшныйе писчепродукты пиндосьни серую массу в конец салом сделали, или блядь метано-бензеновых паров из марселлскочо шифера нанюхался? Ты себе насок на хуй натяни и своим терпилам каким-нибудь про разнообразность диалектов твоей больной фантазии рассказывай, но не мне. С украинского скопировали… ебать-копать. С какого твою суку мать “украинского”? С древнеславянского? Ты где в учебниках истории Украину до 1917 года видел, сука? Еще будеш мне тут про диалекты говорить. И шпарю на более чем пяти языках из трёх разных язоковых групп, уебок. Пиздуй на работу свою, встань раком, смаж все полости вазелином и пусть тебя дальше твои коллеги интимным образом обучают лингвистическим тонкосьтям.

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          • dan citizen

            I have translated your post for our non-russian speaking readers:

            Dan Citizen, most enlightened poster and better man than I.

            You have clearly and succinctly described some of the most vital rules of the russian language in a way my drug addled mind can barely grasp.

            Sometimes my fetish for ponies and dogs clouds my ability to politely engage in online discourse. I am hoping my upcoming gender reassignment surgery will aid me in this effort.

            As you have probably guessed I speak no russian and am actually a 14 year old boy from kansas who merely plugged a wall of text into google translate,

            I like to troll people on forums and blogs because it makes me feel like a big man.


          • guest

            Мальчик из Канзаса это была твоя мать до хирургическиго вмешательства и изменения пола. Схавал?

          • dan citizen

            Wow, nice of you to admit you’re wrong, and such sweet compliments about my mother too.

          • guest

            The fact that you can not write a single word in russian, proves everything there is to prove. One that by his own definition can “distinguish a muscovite accent” can surely do better than google translate, so go ahead, I am ready when you are. Start writing in russian.

          • dan citizen

            what the hell makes you think I could write in russian?

            I make a few nonsense posts, which anybody could tell are total gibberish, including yourself….

            Yet still you spend post after post trying to make sense out of it?

          • guest

            А теперь пошел нахуй, уебок.

          • guest

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          • dan citizen

            I am sorry but I cannot tell if your rash is herpes based on a purely verbal description, and since I am not a doctor I wouldn’t try to anyhow.

            Additionally, I doubt goldfish are a disease vector in this case.

        • 1911a145acp

          You could be right. There are possible broad interpretations as it is actually French/ Belgian. The t at the end should be silent. I guess the Lit professor I asked at Oglethorpe College, who was born and raised in Russia, was mistaken…..

  • 1 With A Bullet

    I remember seeing a similar product several years ago. The primary difference was that it was inverted. I can’t recall the name but this seems to be the patent for it:

  • flyingburgers

    They need to make a 5 and 10 round version. That would be ideal for clays, so you don’t have to fumble with a box or pouch.

  • BattleshipGrey

    The $50 price is probably more reasonable than the 6 shell holders for $40.

  • me

    If you could grab 2 shells at once, I’d like this a lot more.

  • Garrett

    My only grip is it seems to sit high when attached to the front of a vest. If it had a rear clip that could be adjusted to different positions, then I would pick up one or two.

    • Garrett


  • Blake

    For clays, my favorite “shell holder” is a $5 nail apron.

  • gunslinger

    is 2.75 the prefered shot?
    what bout 3/3.5 versions?

  • Will P.

    Ok where can I find the CAD files so I can 3D print this? Also I’m going to need a 3D printer…half-sies anyone? Lol

  • Ken

    I like the concept. John Yeiser fabricated something similar with much higher capacity for his record trap run. I’d like to see more of that one.