Ammo Subscription Service

A new service promises to deliver uninterrupted, regular supplies of ammunition to subscribers starting in July 2014.  The new service,, will initially offer ammo subscriptions for popular handgun calibers.

There are several things not yet known.  For example, the company has not announced pricing, calibers or what kinds of loads will be available.  Also, it is not clear if the company will manufacture their own ammunition, or will be selling loads from another company. will launch on July 4, and will be open to invitations only.  If you are interested, visit the company’s site and enter your e-mail address to get on the waiting list.

Richard Johnson

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  • Steve Truffer

    I saw something like this a few months ago. People were not impressed. Limited selection, and high prices (due mainly to refusal to stock anything but semi-premium ammo). Hope they can do better.

  • Blake

    “Members select the type, brand and quantity of ammunition they want delivered each month”

    …so they’re probably not manufacturing anything, more likely buying common calibers in bulk and stocking them…

    • Rusty Shackleford

      …and adding a 50% markup + S&H.

  • Jack

    The prices may be reasonable on the ammo But the shipping prices will drive the overall cost up to the point it may be cheaper to just buy locally.

  • floppyscience

    There’s a local manufacturer doing something similar, except the ammunition is actually relatively cheap and well made. It’s a couple pennies per round more expensive than steel-cased Tula, but American-made and brass cased, and also cleaner (no nausea-inducing alkaline stench in the powder).

    Basically you choose monthly or quarterly 300rnd shipments, and they charge you $82.99 for each one. The $82.99 covers everything, there’s no additional tax or shipping charges. That works out to about $0.28/rnd of American-made brass cased ammo, delivered to your door. Pretty good IMO.

    Tula, like I mentioned above works out to $0.27/rnd after tax ($12.50 normally, +6% tax), plus you have to actually find it and then drive to the store to pick it up…

    I’m not actually part of this “9mm ammo club” but the more I talk about it and figure out the numbers the more I want to. 😀

  • gunslinger

    give us money, we’ll tell you what you bought in the future!

  • BeGe1

    Possibly could be a great deal. People can’t always afford to buy 10,000 rounds at a time, yet in agreeing to 10,000 rounds over the course of the year and to pay a monthly fee for them, a company could afford to give them similar bulk discounts to buying 10,000 at a time.

    Of course the possibility of something being done well and it actually being done well are different things. We’ll see.

    It would be especially effective if used with “distribution points” such as local gun shops so that 1 larger shipment for the month could be sent to the gun shop and then the subscribers stop in to pick up their monthly share…that would mediate lots of shipping costs. Though some compensation for the gun shop’s time would also then have to be taken into account…even though a smart one would do it just do it for free for the guarantee of having all said subscribers in their shop once a month at least…but not all will see it that way of course.

    By allowing bulk discounts and group shipping discounts there could be some serious combined savings…in theory.