New Titanium Bolt Carrier Group from BoomFab

A new company to the weapons industry, BoomFab has announced the release of their first product- the TiTane Carrier. The TiTan is a CNC Machined bolt carrier designed for competition use. At only 4.4 ozs. with the gas key (standard carriers are about 9 ozs.), BoomFab claims that the TiTane carrier “results in faster shot recovery, increased cycling speeds, and minimized muzzle movement.”

The TiTane comes complete with “multiple proprietary heat (treatments)” that boost service life. TiTane carriers have been in noted national 3-gun rifles for over 10,000 rounds without issue with the carrier.


The carrier comes standard with staked torx fasteners on a mil-spec steel gas key. Customers can order the carrier with key now for $479 or a complete carrier group with a C128 bolt, cam pin, firing pin, and retaining pin for $579.00. All products are made in the USA.

Full presser available here.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • strongarm

    Wonder if it works. Stoner’s “In line gas system” was developed for balanced reciprocal movement of parts in charge of firing. If not disturbed by current off set piston stroke systems, it works very satisfactorily with minimum muzzle rise and fastest recovery time. Besides, Muzzle jump is also related by the kick taken to the shoulder and momentum comparation of values; faster speed of carrier or heavier weight of the same bringing an advantage should be made.

    • raz-0

      It works. It is very competition oriented though. The last guys that made a titanium carrier went out of business, and it was a feeding frenzy over the last of those on the market, just like the older JP aluminum carriers don’t hang around very long on the used market either, which I suspect is why these are so pricey. What market there is has spoken about how large a premium they will pay.

      Mostly it is to avoid the buffer and BCG slamming home from causing the muzzle to dip at all. Even just a properly lightened steel carrier is noticeable if you are running the gas turned down to match. This just lets you do that more.

      That being said, they need a properly lightened buffer and an adjustable gas block tuned to match. Drop it in a mil-spec setup and it’ll suck and likely not run right.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        You said it right there, these need a lower sized gas port or otherwise adjustable regulator. I suppose the people that might pay this amount for this carrier would already know this, but surely there will be people that think this is a drop in and rock part.

        All I see is gamer gear. Increase the cyclic rate, heh, no thank you!

      • John

        Absolutely correct. My JP 308 LMOS bolt carrier with adjustable gas block shoots way smoother and softer than mil-spec 5.56 and way smoother than my pistons (mr556 and bushmaster).

        I can’t imagine anything better than JP, so I will stick with JP.

        • Vitor

          May I ask if your JP also have that unique return spring they made instead of the usual boing-y buffer?

  • gunslinger

    at that price…get me two!

  • Joshua

    Boosts service life? I can honestly say in all my career I have never seen a carrier break…..keys rarely……retaining pins sure……bolts? Absolutely…..but carriers? Never.

    • Eurocopter

      …tactical prepper…

      • CA

        It’s very important for tactical preppers to have sound logistics during a SHTF scenario. That means only common and mainly stock guns are allowed, such as the glock 17/19 and AR-15 with DI. This ensures that after they’ve fired off thousands of rounds in shootouts, they can ensure that if any parts need replacement, they can easilly scavange them off fallen “enemies.” Because you know, it’s all going to revolve around firearms and the condition of your firearms, in the same way that the Mad Max universe revolves around gasoline, with no mention of water, even though they are in the middle of a desert. =_=

      • n0truscotsman

        They dont even fire 2,000 rounds annually to be proficient… 0__o

    • n0truscotsman

      You could not be any more correct, well said.

    • valorius

      Just one part saves over a quarter pound though. If youve got $$$$ and want a super featherweight, why not?

  • ColaBox

    Im going to go out on a limb here. This is bling. This is the AR equivalent of the elephant trunk ivory grips you see on the cholo’s 1911’s in San Fran.

    • Eurocopter

      Agreed, except for the weight, which will dampen recoil on raceguns.

      • valorius

        1/4 lb is a ton of weight to save on just one part.

    • ImSteevin

      getting ivory from an elephant’s trunk does sound pretty tricky

  • Graham2

    They called their company BOOMFAB! How stupid of them.

    • rabrooks

      Is that anything like “ghetto-fab”?

  • derfelcadarn

    Sure you need to make the rifle 4 oz lighter so you can stick 6lbs of ridiculous BS on the outside of it. How has mankind managed to slaughter billions of its members without all this happy horse $h!t up to this point ? Boggles the mind.

    • 3331

      As others have stated before, this is designed and marketed for competitive shooters, neither for tinfoil nut jobs nor for tactical (wanna-be) operatuuuurs.

      A bolt carrier that will cut down my splits by .1 or .2 seconds – yes please.
      The price is ok as well, its not like that 400 USD will make a difference when I add them to my ammo, match travel and match fee expenses.

      P.S.: We usually don’t add crap to our rifles – mine has nothing on it, except a 1-6x scope.

    • valorius

      A featherweight build would highly benefit from this part.

  • Sam Schifo

    Damn, I could buy a whole AR for the price of that complete bolt carrier assembly.

  • toby

    I’m new to ARs but would this (plus adjustable gas block) let me cycle my 300 blk shooting 147 gr bullets subsonic?

  • rabrooks

    But does it make cleaning easier?