Monitoring Brain waves and muscle activity while shooting

On USA Shooting, a scientist measures the brain waves and muscle activity of a competitive shooter. I am very curious what would happen if the scientist monitored Jerry Miculek, USPSA Grand Master, or a 3Gun competitor.  Regardless, the test was interesting and may help to make the shooter more efficient.

Nicholas C

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  • gunslinger

    that would be an interesting comparison.

  • AirgunVic

    If you look at plots from SCATT trainers you can visibly see the
    difference between top world class shooters and non-World Class
    shooters. Even if both use the exact same equipment and techniques
    there is a huge difference, so I’m talking about aside from the
    obvious. One major difference is in the ability to concentrate.

    from years of refinement in everything else, concentration also
    improves after enormous amounts of practice, and that translates into a
    shorter and more steady shot execution sequence. World Class shooters
    minimize the amount of time that is required to take a shot, while
    lessor shooters think they can recover within a shot execution
    sequence. A World Class shooter will start all over again after a
    certain amount of time.

    But again, this all happens because of
    super fine concentration. If you want to shoot well, work on
    refinement, instead of just slinging lots of lead down range. More
    shots is not better than more quality shots.