GunBox Torture Test

Gunbox test 2

Larry Vickers takes the GunBox and does some testing to see how robust the GunBox is. He does two drop tests, drives over it, and then shoots the GunBox. I would have liked to have seen how one would open the GunBox after a Toyota Tacoma was driven over it. It crushed the electronics, but I think there is a manual override to get the GunBox to open. The shooting test was surprising.

From the video, it seems the price has risen a bit from our previous post. It raised from $180 to $279 for the base model.


Nicholas C

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  • TITAN308

    Typo at the end of the article: “It raised from $180 two $279 for the base model.”

    I don’t think you meant to use “two” 🙂

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I dislike when people run over things in “tests”. Air pressure can something look extremely tough. For instance, look how amazingly strong these guys are. A Jeep or light truck with a 35″ tire and 8-12psi won’t look ultra deflated, but you should be able to run over someone’s foot slowly with only a little discomfort (for reference, don’t do it)

    I’m not implying that’s what they did here, there is a little sidewall flex, but they’re hitting it at enough speed to press it into the ground and lift the tire off for a moment after the box is cleared.

    But generally, the run-over-it-test is dumb and can easily be manipulated. Viewer beware.

    • I don’t like it when they say it’s a 10,000 pound whatever when only one tire and less than one quarter of the weight is actually on the rifle,optic etc.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Yea, Extrapolate it out more. 4000lb light duty truck, one tire is 1000lbs roughly (ignoring weight distribution). Air the 35-37″ tire down so that it’s track is 12″x18″ that’s 5lb/in^2, now use All Terrain tires like the truck in the video, that’s a lot of rubber actually touching the ground, but figure 50% is air that’s 10lb per square inch. Mud tires with larger knobs and less touching the ground would be worse as the surface area is less, the parts that do touch apply more force.

        Depending on the item you’re running over, it’s easy to manipulate the force seen. If you completely put all the weight on a magazine, that’s pretty impressive since it’s that same 1klbs on a surface area of 3″x8″ or whatever. But…. If you only have 1/2 the tread or otherwise split the surface area up it’s a lot less.

        You’d think we’d be beyond running over things with cars… Or putting holes in them to confirm they are indeed physical objects that exist in our space/time.

    • BryanS

      Also, it looks as if the latch rotates around a pin, which would not do anything in this case by being run over. The drop tests are suspect without a pistol type weight inside.

  • hod0r

    How about trying to pry it open? You know, what somebody who actually wants to break it open would do?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      There was a great Defcon presentation awhile back, they hacked and exploited gun boxes, they all failed miserably. Some with just shims, some lock picking, some electronic bypasses.

      These products are basically to keep kids out, that’s just about all. The gunbox with the GPS is sort of interesting, but if it would have to be cellular, and I wonder if there is a subscription price added to that? Still, the only thing it would be for is if someone stole it and kept the box around after they smashed it open, or didn’t smash it open right away.

      I’m guessing in the extremely rare chance someone steals on of these with GPS, and even rarer the police track it down, they’ll find a smashed up box in a dumpster somewhere. But, it’s a cookie crumb trail that’s better than nothing.

      • BryanS

        Not necessarily cellular, it could use a similar system to the Spot GPS tracker. They use satellite phone tech to send short text messages.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          This size, this cost, I’ll bet cellular. But you’re right, it doesn’t “have” to be.

          • BryanS

            With how much those personal trackers can cost (sub $100) I think satellite would work better int eh US> We still have cellular carrier mess and dont have a good network with changeable sim cards to make cellular easier.

  • DNH

    Regarding the shooting test, I’d like to see video of the results from targeting one of the fluid-filled gas springs (struts) on the sides.

    Looking at their website, I find it interesting that there is no keyed bypass. There is a “failsafe” screw behind a small cover, but this can be disabled by the owner.

  • mugwump

    I bought one of these things during the fund raising campaign. What a mistake! Worst customer service ever. After a 3 month delayed delivery the model I had would not hold a charge when unplugged so you need 5V DC to open it. Sent it back for repair, identical problem upon return. AVOID!

    • Yazz D. Atlas

      Well I have one that I order during the fund raising campaign and have had little to no issue with it. There was a recall on the early units because the mechanism to lock the box could be defeated by dropping it just right. The new mechanism prevents that. To close the gunbox you must unlock and push it closed. My only other issue with the gunbox is the tracking feature. I have had a real pain setting it up in my apartments. To much concrete and steel around the bedroom where I keep the gunbox cable locked to the bedframe.