Roll Up Case For Ruger 10/22 Takedown

A small company that produces flower pot heaters has begun making roll up cases for the Ruger 10/22 take down.  Made from 1000 denier nylon, they will no only last for a long time, they will also hold enough stuff to fully support your 10/22 for quite a while.  In the video they are able to fit the rifle, scope, ~1500rds of ammo, cleaning kit, six 30rd 10/22 mags and a Walther P22 with three mags. When rolled up it looks more like a sleeping mat, or for the urban types a yoga mat.  Would make a perfect kit to throw in the trunk of you car or as a grab and go survival kit.

On a side note… after watching the video though, I am a little jealous at the amount of .22LR that guy has to put into that case… That much .22LR would be worth a small fortune in todays .22LR market.

For more info, check out the website at:

Thanks Randall for the tip!


  • Mystick

    $15 shipping? Really? If it’s that heavy, it’s not an improvement on the stock case.

    • He is more than likely shipping flat rate, and has to use a certain sized box, so it’s not the weight that they charge for. Without looking I believe the large box is $15.

      It really can’t be that heavy. It’s probably the total wright of 2 layers of 1000 denier nylon.

      • patrickiv

        Production of respectable scale should have an account with the shipping company and not have to use flat rate boxes. Looks neat though.

      • Yep USPS priority flat rate boxes for this size item is $14 and change.

        • kevin kelly

          We ship a lot of things at work and it would be a hell of a lot cheaper than $14 to ship

  • iksnilol

    I would recommend that they make it non camo colors. Something like this would be useful for people living in areas where gun ownership is frowned on, as long as you make it in a color/pattern that doesn’t scream “GUN!”.

    A gray or OD green version would be a perfect blend of camo and not raising suspicion.

    • tincankilla

      great idea! also suggest a navy blue.

      • iksnilol

        It wouldn’t be a bad idea to make this for other guns too. It isn’t hard to break an AR in two, also AK pistols could also fit.

    • gunslinger

      grey, or balck maybe. OD green starts to get into the “military look” so if you are concerned about stuff like that, i’d shy away from it.

    • Michel_T

      Agree, it would be great in other colours… wouldn’t mind a red or bright blue one.

      This could also be a nice options for the Browning Auto-22

      On a side note, if you are living in a not-so-gun-friendly urban area… guitar cases are a nice option. Just add some velcro loops to hold stuff down and you are good to go!

  • Sulaco

    Flower pot heaters (?) Wait, what?

    • gunslinger

      yeah, next, the textile shop who makes your undershirts will start producing powder for reloaders!

  • Fred Johnson

    That’s a pretty cool product. Nice!

    • Fred Johnson

      I meant to continue by saying that this roll up case looks useful for more than just an owner or a 10/22 takedown. Knowing the dimensions of that roll up case would be helpful. Such as each pocket size, unrolled size, and the estimated “full up” rolled up size.

  • drewinohio

    Check out our facebook page for details on the Roll-N-Go cases.
    I think we have answered most of the questions and comments there… The shipping covers the box purchase price and tape used to close it… USPS was charging us 13.00 to ship one case plus 2 bucks for packaging made the 15… It has been higher for Alaska and Hawaii shipping plus multiple case shipments…