Some More Chinese Developments

There is now a Chinese-made rail system (which appears to be 1913 standard or similar) for the QBZ-95 rifle. It replaces the top handguard/carry handle. A logo is visible that reads “ACP” or “AGP”. More pictures at Sinodefenceforum.

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Also found was a glam shot of China’s entry into the OICW category, the Type 05 Strategic Rifle:



Thanks to yalmuk and matrix_3692 for the tips

Nathaniel F

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  • CaptainSlaughterboard

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    • John

      No Barack?? He must have been coming fashionably late.

      • anonymous

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        – Fred Reed (Purple Heart, USMC, Vietnam)
        Understanding Economics. A Perfect Grasp, and for Free
        # 521. July 4, 2012

        • Disillusioned

          Socialism and Communism are very different.

          Socialism can best be defined as Corporate Fascism, and can take form under liberal or conservative ideologies. National Socialism in Germany was in many ways hyper conservative. Meanwhile, some modern governments are heavily socialist although not outright. Norway is a good example. In these forms it falls under liberal ideologies.

          Communism, on the other hand, is exclusively a liberal ideology.

          Obama is not a socialist. However, he does seem to encourage Cultural Marxism often, which in my opinion subverts the US proven competitive system of society. You can see the result of this long term subversion all around. We’re being slowly accustomed to turning our back on the system of society that made this country so internationally competitive and successful for its people, the formula that made it great, plucky, can-do.

          The only difference he has with those in the picture is that he isn’t a dictator.

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          • dp

            Communism, with blip exceptions such as Parisian Commune of 1871 and some religious orders (Christians in particular have strong commie tendencies), NEVER existed and I firmly believe it will not and cannot exist in any sustained way on this planet. It is a toothless media ploy, long time dead.

          • anonymous

            Communism…NEVER existed

            You’ve obviously never lived in an H.O.A.

          • Cynic

            But a h.o.a is more likely to be a aristocracy of board members making choices without recourse. Or a dictatorship.

          • jcitizen

            HA! 😀

          • Yellow Devil

            Actually I disagree. Without getting to political (too late) Communism and Fascism is just the final evolution of Socialism, because Socialism lays down the groundwork for either one to take hold. The final step that goes all the way is the either subtle (Fascism) or overt (Communist) method of destroying individual liberty. That is why there is a inherit fallacy with saying Coms are left and Fascs are right, because left and right are purely vernacular terms that depend on the political climate of any given nation. Political systems should really be broken down (if only two extremes) between Classical Liberalism and Totalitarian Statism. I always say, it doesn’t matter if a political prisoner is going to a Gulag or Concentration Camp, the end results are the same. I know there is more than that, but this is more of a Firearm blog and I already broke the tagline. As for why Marxism keeps getting support is because it fundamentally taps into man’s inherit characteristic of hope and greed in a negative manner. Hope that a system of perpetual equality can finally be established but also greed because it uses class warfare to validate coveting other people’s wealth.

          • mikewest007

            Communism? Liberal? What were you smoking? You haven’t seen real communism, and you should be thankful for that. But, don’t believe everything uneducated conservative fucktards spout on fringe radio shows.

      • dp

        I hate to get into ideologies, especially since I see here (mostly) bunch of non-sense. At the same time some people may go past usual and worm cliché, In that case I can offer this:

        I consider it best reality-capture I have read in long time. BTW China has so far to communism like we have to constellation Andromeda.

        • anonymous

          I consider it best reality-capture I have read in long time. BTW China
          has so far to communism like we have to constellation Andromeda.

          Look out, Ned! The Andromeda Galaxy is coming right at us!

      • bernardg

        Guys… Firearm, not politic here. Don’t go stray to far.

    • Gallan

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      • Chijen


    • 101nomad

      A ‘flash mob”?

  • bbmg

    I couldn’t help but think of this:

  • Matrix3692

    First, that’s NOT the Type 05 rifle, this OICW is (will be) officially dubbed Type 1X(the “X” is still an unknown number).

    The REAL Type 05 is a conventional layout rifle chambered in 5.8×42mm, has better accuracy than other QBZ rifles, but suffer some lack in reliability in extreme conditions. The Type 05 has yet to make an appearance, but is confirmed to have produced in some quantities but keep in storage, and the production line has been shutdown.

    This “mystery” shrouding both weapon systems had caused many confusions in the online community, and many had confused both weapon system into one another. So, please Steve, help stop this misinformation.

    And, btw, I send that tip over two months ago, and making the same statements above in the tip.

    • Matrix3692

      Sorry, my bad, Nathaniel, I mistook the writer.

      • If you’ll notice, you have been cited from the beginning as the source of this information. Unfortunately, we get more tips than we have articles per week, so sometimes it takes a long time to get to them. I have been focusing on doing short daily articles on military/infantry hardware, since we have a significant backlog of that, and it’s a subject I know passably well.

        • LCON

          Matrix There are lots of over lapping “types” For example there are at least Three “Type 88” Systems in the PLA one tank, One LMG, and one DMR. in the Case Of a Type 05 I know there is already a Type 05 SMG The critical factor is the Full designation. the CL/LS5 or CQW05 or in this case the ZH05.
          For the record I happen to be a member of Sinodefenceforum

          • Matrix3692

            But I have reliable confirmation that this rifle is not the Type 05 everyone though it was, this Type 05 = Type 1X OICW confusion originated from chinese forums where everyone is guessing back then, and no one had any kind of confirmation.

          • LCON

            Well I will say this The model Shown if different form the earlier PLA strategic rifle which was magazine feed, This unit is bolt action likely single shot. If you can produce this evidence for Steve I am sure he would make corrections where needed, And If you can post it on Sinodefence Forum I am sure it would be gone over, We try to be as Accurate as we can.

          • Matrix3692

            Well, I can only say that Nathaniel had left a lot of details include in my tip.

            Which two months ago I mentioned that the airburst grenade module had changed from a magazine fed semi-auto into bolt action single shot because of problems with the FCS (some say that the system need some time to reset itself, so it doesn’t matter to have a semi-auto when your software can’t keep up) and because the feedback from troops during field testing, which they say that many felt that the magazine fed mechanism is too heavy for comfort.

            And there are also photos that the PLA Marines had deploy this weapon system for field testing during numerous Gulf of Aden escort missions.

          • Matrix,

            We covered the Chinese OICW-type weapon before. I checked your tip against our previous coverage.

          • Matrix3692

            The last time TFB cover the weapon system, it’s like years ago. And many new details had surface during this period. That includes the supposed “ZH-05” name which is meant for another conventional rifle that isn’t suppose to be used until massive wars breaks out on the mainland (some kind of last ditch attempt weapon to arm the militias). and trust me, I spent a lot of time in those forums and their info is as good as they can get on the public internet about Chinese weapons.

          • Matrix3692

            This website is the best and most reliable source of information regrading chinese firearms (as good as internet gets):

            And it has debunked the ZH-05 myth:

        • That we do. For each tip there are probably 5 or 6 more people submitting the same one. First in gets the credit.

    • Thank you for the correction. The Russian article cited in our initial coverage of the Chinese OICW called it the Type 05/ZH-05.

  • dp

    Next logical step. Is anyone surprised? Then comes to point of “saturation” with optical devices and opposite trend will ensue till just basics will stay. Just think what happens with you fancy (and expensive) sight after mud is splashed over it…… useless. And we are not talking about weight addition awkwardness to handle and so on. Hey, I am not against O/S; small and light, easy to replace ones have good use.

  • Julio

    At least now we know what the Village People would have looked like if they had ever been fully weaponized.

  • Bill

    Do they have a MOS for choreography or theatrical design?

  • William Johnson

    Looks like life sized plastic army men.

    • Logic

      what if they are………..

    • sianmink

      Where’s minesweeper guy? There’s always a minesweeper guy.

    • Ryan

      There is! look behind the stationary rocket launcher guy! Better question is where is the binoculars guy?

      • Azril @ Alex Vostox

        Yeah! I like him too. He’s just like a polite Canadian, pointing his fingers telling “Walk along chaps. War’s over there.”

    • Fred Johnson


  • iksnilol

    That has got to be the most fabulous army I have ever seen.

  • Macchina

    The guy with the Chazooka (a knock-off Bazooka) needs to review the first law of firearm safety…

  • Eurocopter

    Nice. A Chinese knockoff of an Eotech… This is why China will never become an influential superpower. A superpower, yes, but not an influential one.

    • Logic

      Define ‘influential’

      • Eurocopter

        In this case I refer to the USA and “Hollywood” end cultural exports. China is already an economic power house. Their military power is howver, a joke.

        • Michel_T

          Well… knowing how much $$ and manpower they have… they are not a very ‘joke’

          • Eurocopter

            But manpower, cash and replicas can´t replace operational experience aquired over a century…

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    That last photo looks like “Starship Troopers: The Musical”

  • Guest

    Now, can I fit that rail system onto my Canadian Type 97? Because that would be stellar.

    • LCON

      It should assuming it’s mil spec.

  • ColaBox

    Did they rip off the FAMAS with that top rifle…?

    • IIRC, the Type 95 is a gas operated rotary locking gun, unlike the FAMAS’s lever delayed blowback mechanism.

  • TV-PressPass

    Now can I fit that rail system onto my Canadian T97? Because that would be stellar.

    • It appears to just replace the upper handguard. I can’t see why you wouldn’t be able to.

  • dan

    Trijicon SRS, wtf?

    • LCON

      the PRC has some degree of accessory industry but it’s virtually nothing when compared to the US or Europe.

  • john huscio

    “PLA: the musical”

  • 101nomad

    It is refreshing that we don’t do politics in here. I am bi-partisan, I dislike them all.

  • snmp

    There are an canadian after market Rail for the T97 =>

  • RKflorida

    The picture reminds me that the Chinese are such drama queens.

  • CavScout

    I hope the Chinese know they are lame (the stage show looks like the US Army at E3 back in the early 2000’s), and still 15+ years behind us. Even with stealing all our secrets, they still suck…