FN Herstal Buys Wooden FN SCAR Replica From UK Artist

Earlier this year Jenni Edwards, a UK artist, emailed me asking if I could feature her art on TFB. She had discovered it has not possible to sell her creations in the United Kingdom due to laws prohibiting the sale of replica guns. The post I wrote was very popular and attracted 76 comments.

Jenni just let me know that FN Herstal (Belgium) has purchased two of her guns. They will be exhibiting them during their 125 year anniversary celebrations. Jenni did not specify which guns they purchased, but I assume the FN SCAR (photo above and below) was one of them.

Replica FN SCAR

Replica FN SCAR

It is great to see a major gun company supporting decent gun artwork. We are all tired of gun art (as opposed to guns that are art) which is mostly limited to artists melting down AK rifles and turning them into park benches, or putting mutilated gun sculptures outside prominent buildings around the world.

Congratulations to Jenni. She has a number of different replica guns on sale at her Etsy store page.

Steve Johnson

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  • Awesome! Very cool for her indeed.

    • jimmiuk

      Britain has some strange illogical firearms laws.

      You cannot but a realistic looking replica firearm without a special licence.

      You can buy a deactivated real firearm without any licence or restriction.

      British law makes no distinction between committing a crime with a real firearm or a toy firearm, even one painted orange. Commit a robbery with a toy gun? You will get charged with armed robbery in the UK.

      • Andy

        It’s like that here in America too. If someone holds up a store with a BB gun, they get time for armed robbery. And they should.

        • Gallan

          Why? Apart from giving someone a heart attack from shock, they aren’t hurting anyone just scaring people. I guess U.S.A gotta fill up those jail$ though so all is good.

          • Max

            How does one know for certain that the gun ISN’T a toy though? Just because the tip is orange doesn’t mean it’s not a real gun. Don’t you think that if you’re being held up by someone who is pointing a real “looking” gun at you you have the right to defend yourself with a REAL gun? I know that’s a mash up of how you charge someone with a crime and how reasonable self-defense is determined, but it’s about the same thought process.

          • allannon

            Agreed; it makes sense not to treat replicas or toys differently from real firearms. If you’re using it as a firearm–which is what threatening someone with them is–then treat it as a firearm.

            Anything else aside, the reason the bad guy didn’t use a fireaerm was probably because they couldn’t, not because they wouldn’t.

          • Not Stupid as a Rock

            If I point a realistic fake gun at you — realistic enough that you do what I tell you to do, abase yourself to me to save your life, surrender your possessions and your human diginity to my demands — then I’ve done quite a bit more than “just scare” you.

            You sound like someone who has spent his entire life being protected by grownups.

            Someday you’ll have to venture out from behind mommy’s apron.

        • Tom

          Its an issue of threat. If you threaten someone with a “gun” they are not to know if its a real gun or a replica. UK laws are messed up yes – our laws regarding many matters not just guns are more the result of tabloid outrage than the weighting of facts – but this is one part that makes sense. If you use a replica to threaten someone then its the same as using a real gun.

      • At SHOT I managed to coax some politics out of Steve. We were talking about gun laws around the world and he said, “you know, I have learned one thing about gun laws around the world: they never seem to make sense”.
        That is as political as the man gets, and dont tell him I ratted!

        • iksnilol

          Pretty much what I think too. For instance in Bosnia minimum length for a gun is 12 inch barrel, 12 inch rest of the gun though suppressors are illegal.

          (un)fortunately I know people who dabble in illegal firearms, so I can try some fun stuff without going through the trouble to get it.

      • Paladin

        It’s much the same here in Canada, except that there is no license to get replica firearms. DeWaTs, deactivated firearms, are 100% legal without need for any license, even if they’re a firearm that would otherwise be prohibited. Recently one dealer imported a fair number of deactivated full-auto AK-74s from Russia and sold them, perfectly A-OK.

        Replica firearms on the other hand, defined as anything that closely resembles a firearm without meeting the legal definition (A barrelled weapon capable of inflicting gross bodily injury or death) are prohibited.

      • 555 Channel Hd

        Commit a robbery with a toy gun in the US and you will be charged and prosecuted as if it were real too. It is based on perception, what did the victim think at the time of the robbery. People commit robberies even bank robberies all the time with toy guns in pockets, dark areas etc.. The victim rarely gets a good look at the weapon used, they just comply based on the fear of said weapon.

      • The Forty ‘Twa

        You do not need a special licence to buy a realistic imitation firearm, this is a common misconception based on industry self regulation but is not law by any means.

  • Eurocopter

    Wait.. Gun replicas are banned in the UK?

    • TV-PressPass

      “Replicas” are banned in a lot of places. In Canada any airsoft gun under a certain speed qualifies as a replica and is a prohibited device. Same goes for semi-automatic blank-firing pistols. Although oddly starter pistols are still available.

      • Steve (TFB Editor)

        Yes, many countries. Australia as well I think.

    • Cahal Mcgirr

      The law regarding replicas is confusing. Airsoft weapons can be bought and sold to anyone over 18 ( I think)if a set % is painted with a hi-vis paint. Airsoft weapons without hi-vis paint can be bought if you can prove membership and attendance at an industry recognised airsoft gaming site/venue.
      It is a little odd but metallic, realistic replica bb pistols are available to buy without hi-vis paint though there are age and power restrictions.

      • The Forty ‘Twa

        That isn’t law, that is policy airsoft sellers have set amongst themselves.

    • Phil Ward

      We had anecdotal issues with chavs waving around cheap airsoft springers during robberies, and so there was a knee jerk reaction…

    • The Forty ‘Twa

      They aren’t, the artist has totally misunderstood the law on this. It would be perfectly legal for her to sell these in the UK.

  • Yellow Devil

    I’m hoping her other creation sold was a 240B with working feed tray and spare interchangeable barrel.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    So, no one knows which guns FN purchased from her, and you ASSUME (which might be a safe assumption) that one of them is a SCAR, yet you report as fact (based on your headline) that FN did in fact purchase a replica SCAR.

    Come on people. That’s bad journalism.

  • Graham2

    THe gun laws over here in England are indeed really stupid!

    I can buy a CO2 powered Beretta, Colt or Walther look alike that fire lead pellets but I can’t buy an airsoft gun that fires plastic balls. I can buy a deactivated AR15, Bren Gun, GPMg etc but I can’t buy a replica of any of them!

    I can buy a shotgun to shoot clays or pheasants with or a bolt action 7.62mm or 5.56mm rifle to shoot at Bisley but I can’t buy a piece of art in the shape of a firearm.

    • Not Stupid as a Rock

      Don’t complain too loudly or they’ll ban all those as well.

  • J.C.

    What beautiful art! I wish they were a little more affordable after the conversion rate. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t mind having one above the work bench.

  • Matt

    I’d assume that they bought 2 SCAR’s. That makes sense, right?

  • Nicholas C

    Damn, I wanted to buy it haha.

  • guest

    Seriously, UK? But then again, that kind of law coming from Europe’s capital of violent crime and Orewellian mass surveillance…. somehow not surprising.

  • Michael

    Don’t let The white house know about banning Replica guns, they may do the same.
    All countries have crazy gun laws. Last time I was in a British gun store most of the Rifles had suppressors attached. I think the rifles came with them. Here you have to go through extra steps to obtain them.

  • Charles Newman

    I built an engine out of wood. Hit the throttle and it goes ‘wooden-wooden-wooden….’