SIG X-Five


The SIG SAUER  X-Five series of handguns are now being sold in the US.  The guns are competition guns that are a bit more expensive than the regular SIG offerings.  The guns being sold are the:

  • XFIVE ENTRY, MSRP $1,762
  • XFIVE MATCH, MSRP $2,728
  • XFIVE OPEN, MSRP $4,852

The Firearm Blog previously discussed the European introduction of the X-series here.




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  • That certainly hit every branch of the ugly tree on its way down. What’s with the increasing fetish for tapered wedge tri-top slides amongst the European manufacturers?

    • M.M.D.C.

      And it was a costly fall.

    • Eurocopter

      I disagree. I think it is beautiful. Stealth-like angles…

      The European philosophy is very different than the one i the US. Due to local regulations setting a cap on how many guns an individual can own, people instead buy few high-end firearms, whilst in the US, people have “collections” of mediocre guns. I see more X-Fives, P210s, Pardini GT6s and STI than I see Glocks here in Norway.

      This gun functions as a “system”, where buying a slide does not count as a gun. That way, with a registered Supermatch frame, you can buy a .22lr slide, an X-Five/Six in 9mm or .40 to shoot IPSC minor/major/open, PPC and cheap training with .22lr and other local tournaments.

      Many of the ones complaining about price, are the same who buy 2 USPs, 3 Glocks, and why they do that is just beyond me. This is a competition instrument, not something for your average Tactical Timmy who require it to handle extreme conditions for some imagined scenario.

      • There is no reason they couldn’t offer the system with a conventional SIG-Sauer slide profile like the original X series. This is the sort of production shortcut you’d expect on a Volkspistol, not a high-end target piece.

        • Eurocopter

          The slide profile is just cosmetic, how is that a shortcut? I think it looks better than the old one… What benefit did the old one have over this?

          • Slabs and facets are easier to machine than complex radii. The manufacturer definitely won’t need to invest in any specialty radius cutters.

            I can’t help myself. My brain has ~40 years of imprinting in regards to what a SIG-Sauer P22#-series pistol should look like. To my eye, even the original stamped sheet-metal slides looked better than this.

            I don’t care for the current Sphinx or CZ P-series cosmetics either.

          • Eurocopter

            You called it a production shortcut, not fit for a high-end target pistol. But it is not a feature that makes it less accurate, so I don´t think your criticism is justified in that regard. Look at it form another perspective, it is a redesign to accomodate gear to make it fit for several types of competition.

            It amounts to making a full-length dust cover on a 1911. Some like the looks, some don´t. It doesn´t add ot subtract functionality either way.

          • I could have accepted the cosmetics if it was the by-product of utility or a cost-savings that was passed down to the consumer. I don’t see where this pistol’s faceted contour contributes to its accuracy potential or its ability to be modular.

            Life is too short to own an ugly gun. SIG-Sauer could have made a handsome pistol, and chose not to. The market will decide.

          • Eurocopter

            You are just arguing taste here…

            I think it is better looking, and it offers more flexibility for European shooters due to the moduar concept. The European market has already spoken, and this pistol already sells like crazy. As for the American market, it remains to be seen, but please feel free to buy another Glock.

          • Of course, I was always arguing about taste. If I am going to drop that much money on a pistol, I want cosmetics as well as performance.

          • FourString

            Ugly? Dude you need a change in eyeglass prescription.

          • FourString

            Actually, I would presume that an uncut straight look for the slide would actually make the X-Five appear bulkier. This is why you see this kind of three-wedge design on longer-barreled guns like the CZ P-09. It’s an improvement, not a flaw.

          • hod0r

            Facets have to be machined more precisely to look clean because the edges show even the smallest of imperfections. It’s easier and cheaper to do a hum-ho radius and get away with it.

          • Does SIG-Sauer have a history of doing that with their conventional profile slides? We are talking about CNC machining either way.

          • hod0r

            So what’s your point exactly? The facets aren’t a cost-cutting measure, that’s for sure.

          • Eurocopter

            He is just arguing out of his ass, pay no attention 😛

          • Then why do you see facets and slabs on so many low end pistols? For instance, compare and contrast the evolution in slide contours between the S&W 5904 and its value line counterpart, the 910. The only complex radii you tend to see on less expensive pistols tend to be the result of investment castings.

            What can I say, I’m becoming a grumpy old man. I’m getting set in my ways, and I like what I like.

          • hod0r

            So the round slide top on a 1911 clone by Norinco/Taurus/Khyber Pass Arms is indicative of quality? It’s a design choice, nothing more. Square sides are easy to get from bar stock, but many facets at different angles are not cheap to produce.

          • Of course not, they only keep the round top because they are trying to copy an existing design. To be fair, I don’t like tri-topped slides on high end M1911 variants either. I also don’t like flat-topped slides where the cut isn’t carried all the way fore and aft.

            I could see how a tapered facet would be difficult to execute on an old manual mill. It would take a lot of set up time with the fixtures. It can’t be that hard on a multi-axis CNC mill.

        • hkryan

          I DO prefer the classic P22X slide profile on the original X-series however the new ones actually look pretty good in person. I didn’t think I’d like it but I do, just not as much as the original.

      • iksnilol

        I agree with Eurocopter. Better to have a few really good guns than many mediocre ones, only army I am outfitting is the army of me (sounded way less cheesy in my head).

        Still, I have a fondness for Russian target pistols and CZs.

        NOTE: I am also in Norway.

  • ColaBox

    Is the cost associated with their products due to the brand name, or are they really that good? What does this do that a S&W for $700 wont?

    • Eurocopter

      Yeah, the typical “Buy XXX for 500 bucks and ammo for the rest”.

      Glocks or whatever are not inherently inaccurate, but they are pistols designed for combat, and to never jam for whatever reason. If you purchase a pistol for self defense, this is not it. Also, you only shoot at ranges of 10 ft, you are not gonna notice a difference. At 25 yards up to 50 yards however…

      In my opinion, a “good” gun is one who lets a first time shooter accomplish fairly good groupings at 25 yards knowing only the basics.

    • FourString

      You should probably pick up an X-5 in your hand before you make that judgment. I’m sure you’ll notice the difference right away :]

      • hkryan

        Agree, the fit and finish on these is incredible. Very accurate and very smooth cycling. It’s a lot of money for a pistol but I’d place these in the factory-custom pistol realm.

        • mig1nc

          I remember the old X-5’s had a guarantee on accuracy.

  • Dave
    • Exactly! I don’t see why the modular features could not have been introduced on this slide profile.

  • Mystick

    So…. they cost about the same as a 1911 now.

    • hkryan

      From the couple of ’em I’ve seen in person the actual sticker price is a little less than the older X-Fives were.

  • 101nomad

    Put a bottle opener on it and you got a deal.

  • hkryan

    I’m hoping the new laminate grips on these will fit the older X-Five frame!

  • gunslinger

    ok, looks pretty ugly. but competition guns aren’t made to look pretty

  • MiniBus

    Dear Sig, build one in .357 SIG with tritium sights and a 4.5lb SA trigger and you have created the ultimate self defense gun, at least for me.