FN PS90 Custom Barrel Shroud/Rail

PS90 Carbine with Dan's custom upgrades

The FN PS90 Carbine is the consumer-legal version of the FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon. The PS90 removes the full auto fire control group and increases the barrel length from 10″ to 16″. The same compact bullpup stock is used on the PS90 as on the original P90, despite a PS90’s longer barrel. The short stock, which was designed for a PDW, not a Carbine, isn’t as ergonomic as it could be and in my opinion it looks awkward with the long barrel protruding so far in front.

FN PS90 in factory configuration.

FN PS90 in factory configuration.

Dan Haga of Dan Haga Designs has developed a very nifty Barrel Shroud/Forend, Rail and Cheek Riser for the FN PS90. It adds a forend for holding the carbine ergonomically, 3/6/9 o’clock rails for accessories and a cheek riser that makes the carbine easier to use with optics. Apart from being practical, I think it looks awesome.


PS90Painted02 PS90Painted03


I asked Dan when, or if, he planned on manufacturing this upgrade kit for sale. He told me that he hopes to built some prototype for sale to people interested in testing the system. Dan hopes to find investors or manufacturers who can help him take it to the market. If you want to get in touch with Dan, contact him through Facebook.

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  • ABeiruty

    Why FN does not offer PS90 in 5.56? With such very high line of sight above the bore, does the PS90 need a special optics with a special reticule?

    • Mack

      My guess is because of the feeding system, you would have to actually make the gun wider and retool to make everything which would be very costly and the egro on it would be crap with the gun as wide as a brick!

    • sean

      Well, it is essentially a weapon born by its cartridge. At least that’s what FN seemed to have in mind when they were designing this weapon; they were really pushing for the 5.7…

      And like Mack commented, transforming the weapon to fire 5.56 would just make it all weird. Most people would probably just opt for a 5.56 AR-15 SBR then.

      • mason1911

        They did make a 5.56 version, the FN F2000.

        • GUNxSPECTRE

          Well, sure, other than the ammo-feeding mechanism being completely different and the whole brass ejecting thing.

          • mason1911

            In terms of handling, its the rifle version. Think mp5 to g3, or ump to g36. As stated before, getting 5.56 to work in that type of magazine is kinda dumb. So they made it take stanag mags, just like most other 5.56 rifles. Is stanag the best? Of course not, but its far more common than aug or proprietary designs.

          • GUNxSPECTRE

            Yes, I knew that the F2000 holds similarly to the P90 and they’re both bullpup guns, but that’s where the similarities really end. And like I’m going to say again, the reloading processes and brass ejecting are different enough to be two different weapon systems all together.
            And for the weapon comparisons you gave, they’re all conventional weapons that load mags in front of the shooter’s firing hand. So, really, that example holds no water when comparing it to the F2000 and the P90, which the former loads like a regular bullpup rifle and the latter loading from a horizontal box-mag that loads from the top.

            If you actually read the original comment I was replying to, you would see that he or she was asking why they don’t chamber the 5.56×45 specifically to the chassis and workings of the P(S)90 specifically. Meaning he or she’s asking why FN doesn’t make a P90 PDW that still uses its horizontal box magazine that holds 5.56×45. Saying that the F2000 exists answers only a fraction of the question if at all.

            And really, no one (including me) was asking the reliability or function of the STANAG design.

    • 360_AD

      Why would you need a special reticle? it’s a close to intermediate range round. Use of magnified optic would be unusual. Even if one was used, once zeroed at 100 yards (or meters) the rest on a BDC reticle would be fine.

      • ABeiruty

        Usually, the optics is mounted as low as possible to the barrel. Assuming PS90 is zeroed at 100 yrd. At close range, all shots would impact 3″-4″ lower than line of sight. Would that be a problem?

        • 360_AD

          I don’t think that’s really an issue at close range as shots are aimed at center mass? Plus, you don’t think the trained user would know to compensate for it at longer ranges? Clearly not an issue for Brazil’s BOPE or the US Secret Service who uses the P90.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            It IS an issue, and you deal with it. This is Carbine 101 stuff. I’m very confident that the secret service members know that at closer ranges you hold-over whatever your offset is, and not just take center mass shots and hope for the best.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          I’m not sure who told you optics are mounted as low to the barrel as possible. But that’s not the case.

          It would be ideal to mount them low, but cheek weld is the only thing that dictates optic height. You may have to deal with more offset at close range compared to low mounted optics, and you will get different crossover trajectories, but to the point sometimes even just for ballistics you must mount higher over the bore than the bare minimum possible.

          OFFSET shooting is very much a consideration with rifles. You keep it in mind, you know your offsets and you move along.

    • Paladin

      With the way the rounds are loaded into the magazine sideways it simply would not work in 5.56. The gun would need to be about twice as wide, and there is no allowance in the design for the curvature needed for reliable feeding with a 5.56 cartridge. 5.7x28mm is a straight-walled cartridge so it can feed from a straight magazine with no issues, 5.56x45mm has a slight taper, which requires a curved magazine.

      • damien

        If you alternated the way the 5.56 rounds faced in the magazine, you could have a straight magazine.

        Is there any reason why the rotary feed ramp on the P90 couldn’t alternate the way it turned?

        • Paladin

          Yes, geometry is the reason.

          Even if it is possible to have a magazine wherein the rounds are stacked in alternate directions the complexities of such a system would likely have a greater impact on reliability than feeding tapered rounds from a straight magazine.

          Developing such a magazine is essentially a non-starter. It’s too much work and cost for something of dubious benefit, when it would be significantly simpler to design a straight walled cartridge and use that instead, if such a beast were required. It’s not required, and that’s why you don’t see anybody making one.

          • anonymous

            “So what exactly is stopping us from doing this?”
            “Just ignore it.”

          • JumpIf NotZero

            I loved that. Excellent point to the topic.

  • Vhyrus

    … I suddenly have need of a PS90…..

    although I wish he had put a rail on the bottom rather than the top.

    • iksnilol

      Maybe the rail is for iron sights?

      • Squirreltactical

        It would be a good place for a PEQ.

        Also, WANT.

    • mechamaster

      bottom rail… for underbarrel accesories…

  • momsFORguns

    Dan needs to get this on kickstarter

    • echelon

      Too bad you can’t kickstarter firearms projects…

      • C&L Armory

        Go to IndieGOGO. They allow for firearm crowd fundraising.

      • Harold
        • echelon

          If you’ll notice there are no pics of the optic mounted on a firearm nor are there any references at all regarding anything firearm related in that posting. It skirts Kickstarter’s policies very nicely. You would be hard pressed to do that with this barrel shroud or some other accessory that bolts directly on the firearm…

          • Secundius

            @ echelon.

            I don’t know what your looking at. But what I see is a Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal (FNH) PS90 Carbine in .224FNH (5.7x28mm) caliber, with a swap=out Dan Haga Design Barrel Extended/Protective Stock. With a possible reclassification of a Rifle-Variant Sub-Type. With 4-rail mountings, one of which with a scope-mount on the handle.

          • echelon

            And I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was replying to Harold, who was replying to me, who was replying to MomsForGuns who suggested that they kickstarter the barrel shroud.

            To which Harold replied with a link to a cover for an Aimpoint. Which I was pointing out was not really a firearm related kickstarter since the creator of the product wisely chose to not talk about, describe or show anything firearm related in the kickstarter.

            What is so hard to comprehend here?

            I know what a PS90 is, I know what FNH stands for and I know that it’s chambered in 5.7×28. None of your pontification on the subject has any bearing on my reply to Harold, which you would have understood had you read the whole comment and reply thread…

          • Secundius

            I replied because your question was sent to my email address.

          • echelon

            Then I surmise that you are either Harold, C&L Armory or MomsForGuns…or they used your email address…or Disqus is stupid…otherwise I don’t know why you would’ve gotten an email with my response as I was responding directly to Harold.

          • Secundius

            @ echelon.

            All I know, is that I was minding my own business. The screen Flashed (Like a Flash Bulb) going off, and your email appeared. With a question attached too it, about “The lack of a scope rail”.

            I looked at the attached photo, and posted a comment about what I could see in the photo. If it cause you distress, the next time it happen, I won’t post a comment about it!

          • echelon

            I’m not really distressed, more amused than anything. I’m guessing Disqus sent you the wrong message or something. I don’t see that you were a part of this discussion at any point so it’s baffling that you would’ve gotten my reply.

            And my reply wasn’t a question about a lack of scope rail. It was a response about kickstarter.

            So the whole thing just seems really dubious.

            From my perspective please just understand that all of a sudden you replied to me giving me all these specs about the PS90, totally unrelated to my post about the kickstarter, which was a response to Harold. I never asked a question, nor did I send any picture. The whole thread is here to see on TFB…

            You can post a comment on whatever you like, feel free…we’re just a couple people having a discussion on a two month old post is all! 🙂

          • Secundius

            @ echelon.

            Who or what is “Kickstarter”?

          • echelon

            See Harold’s post above.

          • Secundius

            @ echelon.

            Thank for the info. It’s a ex-Military Technology Digital/Optical system. I’ve seen this technology before, you just have to know where to look. Probably 4th or 5th generation.

          • echelon

            Indeed. Maybe not digital. I’d say 5th gen for sure…

          • Secundius

            @ echelon.

            There a whole lot want they don’t say about the scope. The main one being about the Magnification Power and what their offering in their video is just the Lens Covers. What the hell am I going to do with those. I mean, Rubberized Lens Covers, I can by those anywhere. And a more careful examination of both lens, you can get Aluminum Protective Lens Covers, the Quick-Fit kind at any Gun Store or Telescope/Binoculars Optics Store.

            I have a old Soviet KGB Pocket Scope that I bought, that just about the same size. Approximately 3 & 13/16-inches in length, weights approximately 4 or 5-ounces and an optical 8x magnification rating. And is also Tig-Welded in a Hermetically-Sealed in Titanium. You could drive a Semi over it and won’t even deform the Titanium Protective Housing,

            And by 1990’s price, only cost me $12.50 US. Why on earth would I be stupid enough too invest in his start-up business.
            You could probably, still by these Russian KGB Pocket Spy Monocular/Scopes on the internet for less than $25.00 US.

          • echelon

            Yeah the red dot is an Aimpoint, I’m sure. His business is just selling the covers, which, if you don’t have an Aimpoint won’t mean much for you.

            And again, kickstarter is anti-gun so as I was saying to Harold before he has to basically ignore the scope and just talk about the cover to skirt the anti-gun policy of the site.

            If Soviet Spy Scopes work for you I stick with ’em comrade.

          • Secundius

            @ echelon.

            I question his claim too one-handed operation, as well. One control nob on top and two on the right-side. The two on the right-side are so close together, that you can’t turn one without accidentally hitting the outer. And god-help you if you wearing gloves or winter gloves. The Soviet-era Spy Pocket scope I have.
            Has only one turning focusing nob mounted in the front, and you can easily turn it one-handed with or without gloves. Both winter and regular gloves. When the Soviet KGB design something, they thought it out to the nth degree.

          • echelon

            Yeah and you’d probably have to put the gun it’s mounted on between your legs to actuate it with both hands. Not the superior KGB – the other.

          • Secundius

            @ echelon.

            The Kickstater Video and Ad, leave as many unanswered questions, as the do answered questions. It called “Window Dressing”, Their giving just enough information to get you interested. But, leaving not enough to make a informed decision. .

          • echelon

            Yep kickstarter will do that to a person…

          • Secundius

            @ echelon.

            Oh, by the way. The Sportsman’ s Guide (www.sportsmansguide.com), you can get as PS-90 (AR-90) receiver swap-out for your M4/AR rig and both 30-rd. and 50-rd. magazines. For a around $800. US.

          • echelon

            yeah, not really my thing, but I’ve shot ’em before.

          • Harold

            Secundius the Aimpoint H1/T1/R1 are not scopes per se but aiming
            devices. If you are attempting to criticize the Aimpoint and/or the IO cover I would suggest 10 minutes of research prior to doing so. Both products have been wildly successful with folks who use such products in the battlefield. You could not / cannot buy what was funded via Kickstarter anywhere.

            Afterall, It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

            I’m not here to defend Aimpoint or Joe Chen, but I felt the urge to comment on your penny pinching curmudgeonly attitude of “back in my day everything was cheaper and better”.

          • Secundius

            I didn’t criticize its merits as Rifle Scope, I criticized its merits as a Pocket Scope. Both Video and Description of Scope presented itself as a Pocket Scope and not a Rifle Scope, even thought it did show a possible Camera Mounting or Rail Mounting attachment at its base.

          • Secundius

            @ Harold.

            I didn’t know it was an Aimpoint until long after I made the comments, neither the video or the commentary make that fact clear. All I saw was a person holding what appeared to be a pocketscope. And the comment I made were made on that fact alone.

  • sianmink

    Can you Kickstart a gun accessory without people flipping out?

    • 360_AD

      There are other sites besides Kickstarter—who most likely does not allow firearm related items.


    The curve grip in front of the trigger looks kind of goofy in line with the whole straight-line real estate up front but, hey, whatever works.

  • 360_AD

    Nice, but could’ve designed a little closer to the lines of the PS90.

  • allannon

    That looks…kinda terrible. Like an afterthought; it doesn’t really match the rest of the gun. Maybe it’d look better in black, as the details wouldn’t be as well defined.

    The rest of the chassis is predominately wide curves, the shroud is all lines and narrow curves. The raked front end and the vent things don’t mesh with anything on the rest of the gun. I’m not really sure what the point of the top rail is, aside from maybe a light?

    And aren’t the ergonomics supposed to be an advantage of the P(S)90? Holding it by the shroud kinda throws that out the window.

    • Mike

      Remember, it’s a prototype. If you want to check it in black then click the link to his FB page, he has a pic of it in black there.

    • Burst

      I’ve gotta agree.

      It’s a good idea, marred by poor aesthetics and design. Those diagonal slashes don’t appear anywhere else on the gun.

    • JLR84

      “Maybe it’d look better in black, as the details wouldn’t be as well defined.”

      That brings up an interesting point. I tend to be a traditionalist when it comes to my gun accessories, I just stick with classic black. I don’t need a Glock with an OD frame or Coyote Brown stocks and handguards for my AR.

      Yet when I’m looking for pictures online, I almost always check out the non-black ones since it ups the contrast and makes the small details more visible.

  • hkryan

    I like it!

  • ThomasD

    Given the limited projectiles available on the civilian market I’d rather have something like this in 10 mm auto.

  • chungbot

    Jesus….taking something really rad and completely making it absolutely incredible.
    do want.
    must have.

  • Munkfish

    Looks way better than the quad rails I’ve seen people put on these, but I’m still a purist and SBRing the thing is about the only mod I would want to do.

    The little shoulder pad thing though, the one that goes up, that’s kind of neat! Especially if you don’t use the stock optic.

  • Sulaco

    Even with the long barrel in front I think the PS90 looks better than say the Uzi civilian model. I had a choice between the PS90 and an Aug clone. Took the AUG cause of the 5.56 ammo. Can’t say my choice was wrong yet, costs and avail of the 5.7 have just been dismal so far…

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Congrats, you just compared the Aug, Uzi and P90 against each other while each has vastly different roles to fill and for the most part can not really be compared to each other fairly.

      • Sulaco

        I was commenting about their appearance if you bothered to read the post and commented on the ammo as a deciding factor in my purchase. The only exercise you get Jumppiftoconclusions?

        • JumpIf NotZero

          Have you seen an Uzi?

          • Sulaco

            Owned one. LONG barrel

        • jp

          I wish this board had a member hide. I quickly learned he’s, “that one guy,” on tfb – those gospel types that I’ve no use for.

  • Nicholas C

    It reminds me of the quad rails that Japan made for the Tokyo Marui P90.

  • LCON

    Instant Syfy Movie Prop!

  • Jay

    That will cost you more than the tax stamp to make the PS90 into what it should be: a very compact weapon.
    Instead of spending that money making it not only longer than it should be, but also front heavy, spend the cash on the tax stamp and cut the barrel to the P90 length.

    • Sam Schifo

      Some states don’t allow SBRs. My state (Illinois) did not allow them until just a couple years ago (on a side note we still don’t allow suppressors). While I agree that simply SBRing a PS90 is the best way to go, some people unfortunately do not have the option.

  • 1leggeddog

    I really like the look of that!

  • mechamaster

    They just need modular butt plate and it’s perfect. ( with spacer or telescopic version like Dessert Tactical SRS )

  • Secundius

    I think is has more to do with comfort, than anything else. Everybody has their own comfort zone on a holding a weapon. The only reason I’ve haven’t acquired a PS90 carbine is, because where the support arm rest in located. Its to close too the trigger for me to be comfortable. My comfort and support rest area is where the bare barrel is. And after burning myself several times on a hot barrel, has stopped me from purchasing certain rifles I really would have liked to purchase. This stock configuration may change my mind, as far as any future possible purchases. Also it looks a lot like the M41A from the movie ALIENS.