Modular Billet Stock

Billet Stock

JL Billet is now selling the Modular Billet Stock.  The aluminum buttstock is designed to fit all AR-style rifles with a Mil-Spec buffer tube.

Billet Stock

By itself, the stock weighs 16 ounces.  Other than the cheek pad and base, no plastic parts are used in the stock.  A variety of colors are available from JL Billet.  MSRP is $249.95.  The company is also selling several accessories for the stock, including a Picatinny rail and a glass breaker.

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Richard Johnson

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  • iHAL

    Why? Just why?

    • Justin William Officer

      Because I can .

  • albi

    16 ounces? LMAO

    • Justin William Officer

      Lighter than the magpul PRS and several other top sellers

      • Andrew

        The PRS is a precision target stock with many useful features…this is not. You’re comparing apples to oranges…more specifically, a good apple to a bad orange.

    • Andrew

      and that doesn’t even include any type of sling attachment point LOL

  • Andrew

    Just what I’ve always wanted…a heavy, ugly, expensive stock. Oh, wait…I’ve never wanted that.

    • Justin William Officer

      Like the UBR or PRS ? It’s actually lighter than the PRS . Both those magpul stocks are top sellers so there’s apparently a large market . Before buying The JLBillet I shopped for 2 months while working on my build . Having 4 AR’s already I wanted something different . This one is less expensive than the Magpul’s and I think way way way better looking and you won’t find a better quality built stock on the market . Same for his lowers . I’ve built lots of guns and when you see the quality of this guys products it become very obvious you’ve got something special that other manufacturers just don’t offer . But don’t take my word for it . We’ll see what the review says .

      • unknown shooter

        Is it me, or is this in a different class category than the Magpul UBR and PRS? I would compare this to the standard MOE way before a UBR and PRS for those have a broader amount of adjustments.

        • Andrew

          Exactly. It’s an MOE stock that weighs 3 times as much and costs 6 times as much.

        • Justin William Officer

          Then you’d be wrong . I don’t have any crayons or puppets so I’m not even going to bother to try to explain it to you …

  • Esh325

    I don’t really get it, who ever asked for an aluminum stock? What’s wrong with plastic butt stocks which have been on rifles for decades now without issue?

    • ColaBox

      A plastic stock breaks if you hit someone in the head enough times.

      • hkryan

        Totally, I keep busting mine that way… 😉

      • 101nomad

        I hope I don’t run out of 2 3/4″ 00 buck that often, (and the shotgun is made of metal, guess I would just have to beat them till it got down to the metal part). I am cheap, my adjustable stock was $78 total up. Works well for me. I am happy we have choices.

  • Yojimbo556

    Leave it in the sun, and you get a nice cheek weld with some 2nd degree burns.

  • TCBA_Joe

    Wow, didn’t know there was a market for a stock that weights 2x as much and costs 4x as much as a CTR, with no sling attachment points, while providing no additional benefits except the ability to burn your face if left out in the sun.

    • iksnilol

      Extra weight can be good, to balance the rifle out. Better with a heavier but balanced rifle than vice-versa.

      Agree with the comment about price, sling attachment, and face-burning (my face is damaged enough thankyouverymuch).

    • Smkydbr

      Picked one up because its way nicer then the MagPul PRS. It is a little heavy but feels good on my AR-10. What is not shown in the picture is the rubber cheek pad that runs the length and provides a good cheek feel. The butt has a nice rubber pad that feels good when shouldered. There is a modular sling mount and as I saw a modular cheek adjustable riser that is coming out for it. I have also heard rumors of a matching front end free float with the same modular points for attachments. This is not a cheap fiber/plastic Tapco this is for a precision rifle and special projects.

      • Justin William Officer

        ^^^^ what this guy said …

  • Justin William Officer

    I have one and they are nice . Actually balances out the rifle nicely .

    • Andrew

      Really? The old “well, it was designed by a military veteran” sales pitch? Never heard that one before…

      • Justin William Officer

        Hey man , some people have more experience than others . You guys make it sound like there is no functionality behind his design . You don’t need to worry though . They don’t make them for AIRSOFT so it doesn’t really apply to you .

        • Andrew

          Nice edit…taking out the part about how the reason we don’t like it is because it isn’t made for airsoft. Exactly the opposite, my friend…airsofters would love this thing.

          We don’t like it because it’s expensive, heavy, and featureless.

          • David Sharpe

            3 gunners would like this because it balances the weight, get off your high horse.

          • Cynic

            Bugger that as an airsofter running a gas blowback m4 I want something sturdy and reliable and light. Something I can run hard and throw around that will last. I don’t buy cheap airsoft stocks because I need it to last. I run my gun hard I would say at least equal to a 3 gunner and so i need the reliability especially because my gbb rifle needs the stock to protect my buffer just like the real ar.

        • Eurocopter

          Sofa operator detected.

          • Justin William Officer

            Come out to an IDPA event in Oregon and watch me hurt your feelings …

          • Eurocopter

            I´m in Europe, so that would be too far for little challenge.

            If you instead admitted you have more money than sense, and wanted to pimp your rifle, I´d at least accept that reason. Fact of the matter is that is does not offer anything that a 50 dollar composite stock would do just as good.

          • Justin William Officer

            really ? thats funny because at 50 yards with my battlelink (which is 5.8 ounces) i shoot 3 sec 5 round string at approx 6 inch groups. With a 16oz stock i shoot the same strings at approx 2 inch groups. This is a huge difference when I’m shooting in a match. Its become pretty apparent from this thread that lots of people think light is good. You can have it . I’m 6 220 lbs . To me a 9.5 balanced rifle is way more accurate than a 6lb balanced rifle. But what do i know, i’ve only been shooting my whole life and competing now for 10 years…

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    @ Yojimbo556 & TCBA_Joe :

    Richard did mention in the article that a plastic cheek pad and “base” ( buttpad, I take it ) were the exceptions to the all-metal construction of this stock, so I doubt if cheek burns from leaving it sitting out in the hot sun would be an issue.

    Modern composite plastic stocks have certain obvious advantages over metal ones, but the latter also have many factors in their favor, especially when seen from a military standpoint where last-ditch hand-to-hand combat may be a consideration, with the rifle in question being used as a club for buttstrokes and other physically-damaging activities against an opponent. Having said that, the better-quality heavy-duty composite buttstocks are strong enough to be equally effective under the same circumstances, which is why companies such as FAB Defense of Israel offer identical models of buttstock in both materials to the end user.

    And as far as the old-style rifles with wooden furniture and steel buttplates are concerned, the damage they can do is incredible. The Iraqveteran8888 website ( ) clearly illustrated an example of such during their classic “Mosin-Nagant Torture Test” on Youtube.

  • I got one these last week to do a review on so we’ll see how it turns out. I should be getting the pad and have news on additional accessories.

    • To Tin Fung

      do leave it under the sun for a couple of hours to test the temperature.

      • Well it’s part of the review but what the heck. I already have at 84 deg. It wasn’t any hotter than the rest of the rifle. It didn’t cause me any problems as far as being too hot.
        I’ll probably put the pad on the upper part just because I like it:-)
        Honestly I like it. It does balance the weight of the rifle which is a plus.

  • I just added a photo from my coming review. This will give you a better idea of what it looks like. You can see a short rail on the stock you can use to do some damage or attach something to the stock.
    There’s also a sling attachment point installed on this one.

  • guest

    Wow. Many aluminums. Such dollars. So tacticool.

    I can imagine it now, a TV show in the near future where a squad of gay rifle decorators in khaki tights visit regular joes to make their “lame” black rifles “simply fabuloooooous!”

  • sianmink

    I’m thinking this would be a good stock for some of those serious 3 gunners who have a lot hanging off the front of their 18″ heavy barrel rifle, don’t care much about pushing over 9 pounds because they’re not lugging it around further than from station to station, and would appreciate shifting the gun’s balance back a little.

    • Justin William Officer

      Read some of your other posts as well . Glad to see you ” get it ” on many levels .

  • gunslinger


  • B. Young

    Remember the first M4 stocks were aluminum-plastic wasn’t considered for anything but a toy gun back then and they didn’t come with a cheek pad. As far as no sling attachments I see a very unique sling attachment bracket that will directly take a plain strap OR a QD pushbutton sling attachment-nice feature is that patented?