Old Barn vs 164 lbs of Tannerite

A guy, in a Richard Nixon mask, took down his family’s old barn using Tannerite and a rifle.  He filled a rubbermaid bin with 164 lbs of tannerite. He shot it at 101 yards away.




I did manage to watch the video yesterday and it was spectacular, but the video has been switched to private. Here is the link that I found it.

edit: Just found a repost of the video.

Nicholas C

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  • Tall boy

    Seems like a waste of a lot of good old barn wood to me.

    • There are a lot of people out there looking for old barn wood. It’s a “thing” now in decorating homes etc.

      • Cymond

        Especially since it’s one of the only sources for American Chestnut wood.

  • HughdePayens

    Congrats to an idiot for giving those who beg to control us one more reason to do so. I get the fun of blowing up the barn, I don’t get the reason to post this on You Tube. Right now the feds would love a reason to ban tannerite…contgrats to an idiot for giving them one more reason .

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Equally curious to me is why this article is still here at TFB.

      • Cuss it’s fun to watch stuff blow up:-)

        • HughdePayens

          Well then save this video because with the crew in DC both on R side and D side tannerite will be gone soon enough.

      • Nicholas C

        He used a gun and tannerite. An entertaining target for firearms.

        • HughdePayens

          Yup sure looks like fun. The problem is he felt a need to make a video to share his fun. Now a lot of people who like making sure that people don’t have fun have evidence of why tannerite should be considered an explosive and regulated.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Couldn’t be more spot on.

            The responsible thing to idiots who give anti’s ammo (as it were), is to deny them attention.

            The gross amount of tannerite used, the effect on the structure, the Nixon mask…. NONE of this should be given a single bit of attention. Yea, “cool” to blow things up and all, but entirely irresponsible to highlight imo.

            TFB is basically condoning this guy’s almost certainly illegal actions (guessing based on the amounts used, blowing up a barn in general, and the reason to use a Nixon mask).

    • Nicks87

      As cool as that was, I would have to agree. It will be banned before Obama leaves office and the left will claim it as some kind of victory.

      • Guest

        You do realize that the executive branch doesn’t write laws, right? It’s in the Constitution …

        • hjkl

          so its OK to disregard an executive order? whew…thx for letting us know…

          • gunslinger

            didn’t our hero W have a bunch more EOs the Obama?

        • Ken

          Hasn’t stopped Obama or his alphabet agencies from doing so in all but name. They call them enhancements or regulations. The Constitution means nothing to these people.

          • gunslinger

            wonder if any other prez takes advantage for their personal goals….

          • Ken

            Go on…

  • Comrade Misfit

    Tannerite becomes illegal to purchase without an ATF permit in three….two…one….

    • ThomasD

      Tannerite is a brand name for a mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder. It requires a high velocity impact to detonate.

      They can ban the commercial product, but it’s not exactly hard to make your own, the precursors agents simply have to many other commercial applications to be heavily restricted.

      It is a lot safer than other similar agents (eg. anfo.)

      • JumpIf NotZero

        This argument is incredibly foolish. The ATF has ruled holes and strings can be machine guns.

        You really don’t think they could make it illegal to mix two materials together into an explosive? Tannerite WILL be banned eventually.

        Idiots in Nixon masks are absolutely working towards that.

        • ThomasD

          Why so sad?

          Your ‘argument’ is beneath idiocy, as well as pointless. As a matter of fact, it isn’t even an argument, it is an assertion based upon emotional fear and nothing else.

          The BATFE is already well aware of Tannerite, this video will have accomplished nothing in terms of changing their distaste or disapproval.

          And unless and until they ban the manufacture and sale of ammonium nitrate and powdered aluminum people will still be able to mix them together.

          The guy could have used fifty pounds of black powder and accomplished the same results. Only it would have been profoundly more dangerous.

          You either have to shoot Tannerite, or use a true blasting cap to set it off. Not with black powder. Black powder can be ignited with a match, or even friction. Black powder is what the Boston Marathon bombers used. Tannerite makes a lousy choice for an IED. Yet – somehow- the BATFE has not banned black powder.

          They’ll come for black powder, and several other things long before they get around to tannerite. I’d list some what some of those other agents might be, but clearly you are not smart enough to be trusted with the knowledge.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            I almost suspect you could belong to a group of people who open carry long guns into restaurants… I mean, it’s LEGAL right!?

            Conflating legal and legal-for-now into cleary-legal-forever. And that a video showing massive potential destruction is a good idea.

  • hikerguy

    No, not the smartist of things I have seen filmed and put on you tube, but it did make my day watching it. Judging from the location, he lives miles from his neighbors or any towns, so he wasn’t concerned doing this. Hope tannerite isn’t too expensive, lol.

    • ThomasD

      Never bought the brand name stuff, but aluminum powder is not cheap, about $5 a pound in bulk.

      But he probably lost more money turning good lumber into a royal mess.

  • skusmc

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • Joe

    Thats kind of a cheaper way to take down a barn. a dozer can cost upwards of 500 a day. to do that by hand would take a week with 5 people. Tannerite is about 3 bucks a pound. so for $492 you too can level a barn.

    • ThomasD

      Except, from the video, it ain’t level, and most all of it is still there.

      He’s gonna need the bulldozer.

      After that, wait for winter, then burn the pile.

      • Jonathan Wright

        I’d say it would have been cheaper, less dangerous and more fun to have used a truck and a couple of cases of beer.

        • Uncle Charlie

          Just a senseless waste of salvageable lumber. A nice cabin could’ve been built out of that old barn.

          • Old Goat Patrol

            “Watch out for all the nails.”
            I don’t think they are running any livestock in that area for awhile.

  • Pete

    Nice boom, cute mask, shame about the lumber 🙁

  • wetcorps


  • John

    I agree, not a smart move, but this is not the first time this has happened….
    In 2008 a man detonate 100 pounds of tannerite with a .50 BMG rifle and blew up a truck on his property. The shockwaves reached a nuclear plant 1/4 mile away and set off an alert, leading him to be charged with 8 felonies and a misdemeanor


    • Jonathan Wright

      there’s a lot to be said about the habits of stupid people.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    That’s cool but it definitely doesn’t compare to plastic explosive. Any military guys know how many pounds of C4 it would take to do that?

    • Pete

      Well, roughly half the C4 by weight to get the same “Net Explosive Weight” (N.E.W.). It depends on the RE factor of the plastic explosive vs the specific “tannerite” formula he’s using. Tannerite is just a brand name for Amonium Nitrate Aluminum powder (ANAL). ANAL can be made with any number of extra stabilizing or yield-increasing additives (usually less than 5% by weight).
      That said, to simply blow the crap out of a big drafty barn like that, C4 wouldn’t be my first choice anyways (well, my first choice would be to harvest all that great old lumber, but if I had to blow it up for some reason…). An Ammonium Nitrate explosive (ANAL or ANFO) would give you the best bang for buck, and would give you the most “Hollywood” kind of explosion with a lot of spectacular smoke, and more “pushing” force. RDX based explosives (like C4) would really just shred the wood apart. I would use multiple small RDX explosives linked by det cord to take down the support beams strategically and drop the structure like what is ThomasD is talking about if I wanted to do that, but again, it’s a total waste of great lumber.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    BTW, what do they use in commercial, large building demolitions?

    • ThomasD

      Large building demolition typically uses commercial high explosives – TNT for concrete pillars and linear shape charges (probably RDX, maybe others) for steel beams – to break key structural supports and allow the building to collapse from it’s own load.

  • 101nomad

    Do it for the barns.

  • Bobby

    i don’t know much about tannerite but what would have happened if the bin dropped off the barrel? boom?

    • sianmink

      nothing whatsoever. It takes a high energy impact like a rifle round or blasting cap to set off.

  • Mack

    May have been fun, but all i can see is dollar signs blowing up, i use to work for a guy that took down old barns, piece by piece just for the wood and then would make furniture and other pretty neat items, he made a killing. That was a lot of rare money to blow up, i would rather seen the same done with a newly built lumber.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Actually, Louisiana just passed a law regulating more than 5 lb of tannerite– House Bill 160.
    Also, what’s with the Nixon mask?

    • Old Goat Patrol

      “what’s with the Nixon mask?”
      Point Break reference?

      • Pete Sheppard

        Ah. Must be a movie I haven’t seen. 🙂

  • Sledgecrowbar

    Yeah, I was thinking about the lumber, too, but it’s his family’s barn and his fun. I get that we want to recycle as much as we can, but it’s possible the wood had so much termite damage that nobody who came to reclaim it thought that it would be worthwhile.

    That’s just one possibility, not necessarily the case, but it was fun to watch nonetheless.

    As far as banning Tannerite, it’s no secret what it’s made of and people have been using the same or better materials already for malicious purposes. Whether the brand gets banned or not, it’s not going to affect public safety. I think the fact that someone accumulated this much and used it for legitimate recreation is a better argument for it than against, but everyone will see it as leverage for their side of the argument, so there’s no point in worrying about it.

  • The Hun

    All it takes is 1 idiot to screw s*** up for everyone.

  • Kitanis

    Sad.. but this “fun” video will only give the ATF and other agencies the ammunition to ban the substance from being purchased.

    I can also hear the cringing of woodworkers who would give their left nut to “recycle” that old lumber…..


  • meadmkr

    Dang, looked like some decent wood that could have been recycled for other building projects before it got shredded 🙁

  • J.T.

    Isn’t it illegal to set off more that 50 pounds without an explosives permit? Probably why he is wearing the mask.

    • ThomasD

      It was probably illegal to do any form of demolition without a permit.

      • gunslinger

        i thought i saw a while back some guys with 20lbs? 50lbs? in wyoming (some big open space out west?) got the local and feds all on them coz their binary compunoud was heard miles away.

  • Crawler

    I think 164 lbs. of Tannerite, a Rubbermaid container, some duct tape and one rifle cartridge is probably a lot more cost effective for barn demolition than renting a machine or hiring one with an operator. Not to mention that it’s much quicker, too.

    I’d say it’s time for a big bonfire party on that property.

  • Julio

    Aside from the potential present and future legal issues discussed here, and the value or otherwise of the lumber, it seems like a stark sign of the times that land someone once farmed, tended stock on, and took the trouble to build a barn on; is now abandoned, neglected and derelict; and all someone can think to do on it today is to turn what’s left of the hard work of previous generations into worthless and hazardous trash, and then to post the process on Youtube in the hope of making some pocket money. I’m not saying they should have restored the barn and chosen to live a hardscrabble life, as who would choose that, only that it is a striking testament to how times and values -spiritual as well as material- have changed.

  • John Everett Walker

    There’s a legend about a guy in Illinois whom might have set off 100 pounds of the stuff in a dump truck bed. Allegedly, this was fifteen or twenty miles from some military installation and drew major attention from uh-oh! squads of all sorts.

  • Lt. Dan

    Can’t watch it because the Youtube account has been terminated.

    Tannerite is a fun time in small amounts but alas, some people have to take it to extremes and get attention. The attention is usually the unwanted type. The FBI has been “concerned” for several years about the lethality of tannerite is larger amounts and its potential use by terrorists. Stories like this only reinforce that concern.

    It won’t be long, the regulation or ban hammer will be coming down. Like someone else said, this is why we can’t have nice things!

  • informed1

    Here is a link to that video for all who care. I was bummed when the link above didn’t work as well. Quick search found it right away. It’s dynaamiitttee!!