Specialized Brazilian Police For World Cup 2014 Security

BOPE (Batalhao de Operacoes Policias Especias) stands for Special Police Operation Battalion. They are the elite unit operating in Brazil to counter domestic terrorism and armed criminals. They operate in the Favelas (Rio De Janeiro’s slums) and are adept at close quarters urban warefare. Their list of roles is extensive.

  • Providing additional security at special events
  • Break barricades constructed by drug dealers
  • Shoot to kill at any criminal threatening both civilian or member life
  • Exterminate drug trafficking criminal factions and all of its members
  • Extract police officers or civilians injured in confrontations and combats
  • Rescuing officers and citizens captured by criminals or endangered by gunfire
  • Serve high-risk arrest warrants
  • Hostage rescue
  • Stabilizing situations involving high-risk suicidal subjects
  • Suppress prison riots at any cause
  • Support civil police in combats of any kind
  • Providing superior assault firepower in certain situations
  • Armed patrols around the favelas
  • Special missions in swamps or mountainous terrains such as reconnaissance, planning and infiltration
  • Engage in combat serving state sovereignty
  • Crime suppression to minimum
  • Resolving high-risk situations with a minimum loss of life, injury, or property damage
  • Engage strongly armed criminal factions

The first role is what they are being tasked for the upcoming World Cup on June 12. The fear of Football hooligans is quite real.

According to the Daily Mail:

Carrying M16 and M4 carbine rifles with laser sights, Taurus PT92 pistols and fragmentation and stun grenades the squad have in the past also dealt with armed drug dealers who are known to operate from the city’s impoverished favelas.

Fans traveling to Brazil for the World Cup have been warned to remain aware of their surroundings, with kidnappings as a major pinpoint. Fans have also been warned to steer clear of any hooliganism, which usually runs rampant with the sport in other countries.

“If hooligans drink a lot of calpirinhas – our national cocktail – and does something crazy, BOPE are the ones that will deal with him,” Lieutenant Colonel Joao Soares Busnello told the Daily Mail. “BOPE will also be called if someone is taken hostage or there is a terrorist act or a political or religious riot.”



Nicholas C

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  • Chirol

    interesting they havent gone to flattop uppers and are using A2 uppers w/ EOtech’s on top.

    • Nicholas C

      My thoughts exactly. Although in the video there are a couple of them who mount the Eotech forward over the handguard and can co-witness the irons.

    • sianmink

      That might work better when you’re using riot gear and big visors and a cheek weld is impossible. I’ve seen similar high sights on Russian gear designed for the same purpose.

    • LRCampos

      It is not an option, but the lack of option. Until very recently, they were very poor equiped and not very knowledgable about the lastest gizmos on the gun industry. But, boy… they really DO KNOW how to operate in very high hisk/high intensity áreas!!
      If a LE in US must take 15 to 20 years to, may be, get into one gunfight with criminals (or never in his life), these BOPE operators get in gunfight on weekly base. I do know several of them and they think (correctly in my opinion) that tactics and movement are way more importante than latest equipment (that they are getting on the last 1 or 2 years).
      On a side note, scope sights, holographic sigths, uppers, AR handguards with keymode system, magpul accessories and about 99% of all the equipament available in US… are not avaiable in Brazil. So they have to deal with what they can have and are issued to them.

  • iksnilol

    How can these guys be operators? They don’t even have Magpul stuff.

    • Eurocopter

      Gotta have at least an infrared laser to oper8.

  • Justin

    It should be noted that a lot of the clips in that video are from the movie Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad), so I wouldn’t take the configuration of those particular rifles too seriously.

    That being said, if you have not seen that movie, and its sequel, you are seriously missing out on one of the best movies ever made.

    • Julio

      +1 Excellent movies. Even the sequel doesn’t disappoint.

  • The Hun

    Gay. wannabes that would s*** themselves against SS Totenkopf.

    • Yura Putz


    • iksnilol

      All are human, they bleed equally when shot in similar places.

      Also, yes, I am SS (Super Smooth that is, not a nazi)

    • Caesar

      Zombie nazis I suppose.

      PS: Anyone. Elite SS nazis, Bope, Delta Force, SAS… would S*** themselves against Tiberius Praetorian Guard

    • James

      Where are these Waffen-SS LAH, Das Reich, and Totenkopf operators nowadays? I mean the ones who didn’t die in Russian prisons c. 1945-1950. Aren’t they in South America in fact?

    • Russell_TheRagingBULL

      Waffen SS would would dominate them with their WWII era gear. German leadership was far superior

  • JaxD

    Is that an Alpha Jacket (with removable branding removed) I spy under all that gear?

    How does a place that corrupt and crime ridden, get to host such world class events?
    World Cup & Olympics. The scene outside will be more interesting than the events.

  • Rob

    At one time I had a friend in Brazil, he wasn’t a fan of the Bope, considered them far too heavy handed for certain situations. Even described them as state authorized thugs at one point. Let’s hope this doesn’t prove ot be the truth.

    • Sable

      A cop acting like a thug? Desist with that nonsense citizen.

    • Leni Cohen

      You will report to the local ministry of mental health for correction by 0800 tomorrow, and be returned to your employer to resume your work. You will not be compensated for the free time.

  • Eddie

    Actually, the brazilian specialized police for terrorists and hostages situations is the COT (federal police equivalent to US FBI-HRT)

    • Lucena

      Each state has it’s own police force with specialized troops trained to handle hostage situations (they happen in a regular basis). COT does it as well, but much less frequently – it’s jurisdiction area is quite diferent. BOPE’s Grupo de Resgate e Retomada (GRR) does in a extremely professional and effective fashion.

  • Eddie
  • DV

    Brazil: an ongoing government experiment in gun control

    • Sulaco

      Wasn’t it Brazil that tried full confiscation of guns from citizens with a national vote couple years ago and lost?

      • Vinicius

        yes, and even losing in national vote, is nearly impossible to get a gun here (legally) but if you want an AR from other sources, only walk down the street !!!

  • 101nomad

    Where do they strap the bottle to pee in?

  • Miguel

    Rio de Janeiro State Police bought 600 Armalite AR10 carbines last year, 420 are for the ‘BOPE’.They arrived in the beginning of 2014 and I believe they are the “AR10 Law Enforcement Carbine” model in olive green.

  • Gallan

    This is just a publicity puff piece. Recent pictures of BOPE in action and the movie ‘Elite Squad show they are surprisingly poorly equipped for such a supposedly elite unit. Forget M4’s and Eotech’s, they aren’t even issued 5.56mm rifles or carbines, they are forced to use standard military issue FN FALS with 18 inch barrels. Even saw a picture of them using a WWII era heavy machine gun. So seems to me if they aren’t being provided with the bare minimum of proper equipment they probably aren’t provided with much of a budget for training. Which makes their super capable abilities doubtful.

    • James

      People first, ideas second, hardware third. Per John Boyd, anyway.

      If you have the right people, you can arm them with M1 Carbines and BARs and they can run circles around lesser mortals overweighted with all the latest gadgetry.

      • Gallan

        True, perhaps Brazil is just stingy on new equipment. And using the standard military calibre, would have given them easy access to military ammunition stocks, no need to get separate orders of exotic 5.56mm. (which Brazil has yet to adopt as their standard military calibre)

        And perhaps they choose to use 7.62x51mm rifles to penetrate the adhoc brickwork housing common in the favelas.

        • Lucena

          1st: The LMGs used by Rio de Janeiro state police were danish madsens converted to 7.62×51 and weren’t used by BOPE (they use hk21).

          2nd: Although the 7.62×51 still is largely used (and loved) by all police forces in Brazil, AR variants and modified FALs chambered in 556 are there as well.

          3rd: The lack of good equipment (which is practically a thing from the past in the BOPE case, specifically) was a minor setback compared to the vast experience that every single member of the battalion has in urban combat. The teams only does two things: fight and train. No week passes without a firefight, and not a day passes without physically, shooting, tactical and self defense training. I bet few units outside Brazil endures such routine.

  • Nokeo

    Are these guys going to go through the favelas killing street children again?

  • Graham 1

    …The audio from The Moon landing?

  • kogk1943

    My wife is from Brazil. She say’s any and every time these guy’s go into the “favelas” they get their clocks cleaned by drug “traficantes”. So much “chicks dig it” gear and the spiffy vid’s.

    • PFC P.O.G.

      I’ve got a buddy that lives in San Palau Brazil, from the sounds of things, what these guys lack in equipment they more than make up for in sheer brutality. From what he’s told me, they don’t hesitate to put rounds on target, even in situations that could easily be resolved peacefully. The general consensus down there is “Stay out of their way and don’t make eye contact.”

  • DannyBoy

    There is nice pics here of Brazilian SF with Magpul’s Pmag and Misc stocks


  • Ari Meyer

    1 step up from prison guards…