Adams Arms XLP Low Profile Gas Block

Adams Arms recently released their new XLP Low Profile Gas Block. It’s 30% lighter than their standard AR-15 piston kit gas block (which comes with their kits that you install on a direct impingement AR-15) and 20% lighter than the standard pinned block that comes with their complete uppers and rifles. Unlike Adams Arms standard gas blocks their new low profile blocks fit under most AR-15 rails that use a standard barrel nut, a huge plus for those who want to use rails that extend past the gas block. The XLP Low Profile Gas Block has five adjustable settings and is available with the Adams Arms pistol, carbine, mid-length and rifle length conversion kits, uppers and complete rifles. Check out for more info.


The perfect height to fit under most manufacturer rails, the new Adams Arms XLP Low Profile Gas Block is for the shooting enthusiast who wants a little extra rail real estate! The XLP offers adjustable gas settings for various applications and doesn’t vent directly to atmospheric pressure which eliminates flash signature and super sonic crack making it optimal for night vision and suppressed fire.

The XLP Specifications:

.750″ Diameter
Five adjustable gas settings
LifeCoat Components
About 30% lighter than standard kit block, and 20% lighter than standard pinned block
Fits under most manufacturers rails that use a standard barrel nut
Comes in all kit lengths: Pistol, Carbine, Mid, and Rifle
Also available as complete uppers and rifles

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  • echelon

    I love me some Adams Arms!

  • After my review of the 5.45 rifle a month ago, this is very alluring!

  • Vitor

    Sleek is the right adjective for this.

  • Mack

    Does this gasblock interchange with AA other two gas blocks or is it completely new set up? If it is interchangeable will they offer just the block? I don’t see just the block on the website!

  • TangledThorns

    This has renewed my interest in AA piston system.

  • MoPhil

    I own two of these XLP Systems by now. I am using Troy handguards, so it is perfect for me, BUT there is still one thing, AA did not think about (this was not my con, I read it somewhere else): how many handguard producers actually use the original barrel nut as a base for their handguards?

    Samson Mfg. – Yes
    Troy Ind. – Yes

    Midwest Industries – NO (except their SS-Series Two Piece FF)
    Geissele – NO (with no exception)
    LaRue – NO
    Rock River Arms – NO
    Daniel Defense – NO

    One thing, AA could start to offer in near future: adapters for different handguards, because the original piston rod only works with the original AR-15 barrel nut.

  • ernie

    I have a cmmg AR, and it has the gas piston setup with upper/lower picattinys, I want to install a 15″ quad only this setup is in my way, will this low profile gas block work? And what all will I need?