Sub-$400 Mepro TRU-DOT RDS Sight … FINALLY!

US retail availability of the Meprolight M5 was officially announced this year at SHOT Show. Tim did a on-the-floor review of the sight here. While it is by all accounts a great sight, the price was disappointing (at least to those of us with a good memory). Back in 2010 rumors circulated the internet claiming the M5 would retail for under $400. It is currently retailing for about ~$620.

Apparently what happened was that while the original prototype met the IDF specifications and tests, they requested additional features that increased the price. So four years later the final product is over 50% more expensive at retail.

We have just gotten word that Meprolight is about to announce a new sight called the Mepro TRU-DOT RDS. This sight is based on that original M5 prototype and will retail in the USA for under $400, making it the first red dot sight under $400 that is truly “mil-spec” (built to survive IDF testing).


Mepro TRU-DOT RDS prototype.


I have been told that the Mepro TRU-DOT RDS will only be sold in the USA to civilians and police and will not be exported to any other market. As soon as I find out the product specifications and retail price, I will blog it.

On a side note, I just noticed that OpticsPlanet list the Meprolight M21 as discontinued. The M21 retailed for about $530. No doubt the TRU-DOT RDS is replacing it, at least in the USA, at a much lower price point.  UPDATE: No, the company just emailed us to say its not discontinued. Opticsplanet’s website is incorrect.

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  • John

    How much is sub-400$? because right now i’m thinking ~$385

  • c0urage

    i think sub should be like 220-230 and anyone else thing it looks like a really cheap eo tech

  • An Interested Person

    What features are being lost?

    The price is attractive, but I wish the asthetics were similarly pleasing.


      The saying “you get what you pay for” comes to mind, but at least they could have smoothed down the body a little more. But then again, if it’s reliable then I don’t see much of a problem, although I’m more of a tube-ACOG guy.

      • adsfdasdf

        Smooth down the body a little more? Really? For $400?

    • The one in the picture is a prototype so the finished product may look different.

  • The M21 is such a classic sight. I love mine on my Tavor. Sad to see it go! I’ve oogled but never used the M5 variants. Personally I’m more keen on the MOR with its triple illumination methods and fun-time lasers.

    • I like my M21 on the Tavor also. I knew they were doing away with the donut and dot reticule but not all of them.

    • Ok guys I talked with a source today and the M21 is not being dropped. It will be available as always. The only change is the model with the reticle dot in a donut is discontinued but that’s it.

  • Eurocopter

    Does everything revolve around pricing? I mean, why buy 3 mediocre guns, and buy one high quality gun? The same goes for optics. Quality has a price tag.


      This might appeal to airsofters. A mil-spec quality of sight compared to those usually found on the plastic guns at a price that isn’t exactly wallet breaking.

    • 7.62 Precision

      Yeah, that’s why the price on this one is under $400 instead of $200.

    • John

      You just answered your own question.
      If it’s a $390 optic, it’d be contending with solid optics like the Aimpoint Pro.

      If it’s a $200 optic, would you expect the same thing?

      Sub-$400 is a vague figure with a large range

    • Joshua

      Exactly, why get this when I could probably get a Aimpoint PRO for the same price and have a far superior optic.

      • 7.62 Precision

        Who said the Aimpoint PRO was a superior optic?

      • Ian Thorne

        I am not a particular fan of tube style red dots. I have the PRO and some EOTechs and just like the open hood far more. To me more competition in this style is great.

        And while AImpoint does make some damn good optics, so does Mepro. And if it really is IDF spec then I am sure it will just just as rugged as any Aimpoint. Let alone their bottom dollar one that isn’t even mil-spec.

        • mig1nc

          But will it have the bazillion-year battery life of the AimPoint? My first thought was, “I got my PRO for around $360 when it was on-sale with free shipping from PSA, what does this offer?”

          • 7.62 Precision

            15,000 hours at highest power setting. Auto shut-off and auto-activation, so the reticle is turned off is the rifle is left stationary.

  • Lance

    That much for a crappy 1x red dot??? I rather take a E0 tech or a AIMPOINT ML-2 for that price!

    • I don’t know for certain that it will be a single red dot???

    • 7.62 Precision

      It is both less expensive and newer technology than the older Aimpoints and EOTechs.
      I have shot with this sight. Have you?

    • adfsd

      ML-2s are horrible to look through, and EOTechs have the lifespan of crickets.

  • NotoriousAPP

    What is battery lifetime? I picked up a new Aimpoint Pro for $369….is it really going to rival that?

    • 7.62 Precision

      Yes, it will rival the Aimpoint Pro. Battery life is 15,000 hours at the highest setting. It has an auto shutoff and auto reactivation, so any time it is stationary the reticle will not be powered. Price range is similar.

  • Sulaco

    Watching the events in Thailand and noted that most if not all the Thai military (Army anyway) carry what looks like Tavor 5.56mm and meprolights as issue….

  • cmorrow

    Aimpoint PRO is $399 when it’s not on sale…. is it not “Mil Spec”? Cuz I sure as heck trust it.