New Chinese CS/LR14 7.62x51mm Automatic Rifle

A new Chinese rifle called the CS/LR14 7.62x51mm Automatic Rifle has been on display at a law enforcement expo in Beijing. This rifle looks like it is a modernized version of the old Type 81 rifle but chambered in 7.62x51mm rather than 7.62x39mm (note, the Type 81 design looks similar to the AK, but internally it uses a short stroke gas system).

Chinese CS LR14 rifle

The CS/LR14 features a top cover rail with an integrated HK-style diopter rear sight, a side-folding and length adjustable stock, a quad rail handguard, a muzzlebrake/compensator and a polymer 7.62x51mm magazine.

One curious aspect of this gun is that it retains the original Type-81 rear sight, which sits above the chamber, in addition to the diopter rear sight on the top cover. The original Type-81 sight can fold down out of the way.




Thanks to Lionel and Matrix3692 for the photos and information. 

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  • Paladin

    Queue thousands of Canadian black rifle owners screaming to see this imported. I wanna be first on the list 😀

    • You called it! Lets get these puppies in at the $1000 mark!

      • Paladin

        My thoughts exactly. CanAmmo needs to bring these in NOW.

    • Agreed!

    • 1leggeddog

      It looks like an AK….

      even thou it is not.

      So it’s going to be prohibited, i guarantee it.
      Because stupid government.

      • Paladin

        The Vz.58 looks like an AK too. Loathe as the RCMP may be to allowing such a rifle into Canada they would not have much standing to prohib this one.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        There are a few good things Canada gets that the U.S. doesn’t. The ~$450 Norinco M305 with a forged receiver, the FAMAE SG540 and the Grizzly 12ga SBS.

  • Bar Fly

    That thing looks like it has more creaks and wiggles than an Ikea camping chair.

    • John

      Yeah, these guys only invented gunpowder and the oldest gun barrel in the world is from the Yuan dynasty. Pretty sure Norinco knows what they are doing.

      • Cameron

        And the Germans are the best at making sausage, does that automatically make me the best sausage maker? Yes, yes it does.

        • John

          This analogy (while funny) is wrong on so many levels. My only advice is stay away from the SAT and LSAT exams, because it won’t be pretty.

          • Cameron

            What does a test we take in the 11th grade have to do with sausage?

      • Gallan

        Norinco AK’s are preferred by Delta. Thing about Norinco is they probably make more rifles in a year than H&K makes in 10. They got mass production down like no other, they make so many rifles they haven’t got TIME for quality control, so they make sure it isn’t necessary.

  • Rich Guy

    And an AK-74 style brake.

  • MrPhantom

    Looks an awful lot like a Galil ACE with a tacticool AK-74 compensator

  • supergun

    Is this an automatic or semi-automatic?

  • Valintino Pak

    Looks like a FAL and a AK had a baby together……

    • SP mclaughlin

      It has existed for about 30 years, see the Galil ARM 7.62

  • AntiCitzenOne

    Looks suspiciously like the AK-12…

    • Logic

      OK can?

  • Chris

    The Chinese make a new 7.62 Nato battle rifle. While we can’t even get ours right, ie the M110.

  • Esh325

    Pretty sure this has to be an export rifle. The Chinese don’t use the 7.62×51 as they have the 5.8x42mm which is suppose to fill both of the 7.62×39 and 7.62x54R.

    • LCON

      It’s meant for Africa and Latin American markets. it has to be.

    • kev

      The Chinese have been using 5.56 weapons a while now in knock off M4s so perhaps its for special police and foreign markets such as Africa were 7.62 weapons are prevalent.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    I’m surprised they didn’t chamber it in a proprietary round approximating 7.62×51 so their enemies couldn’t use it.

    • CA

      I don’t understand this concept. If the their enemies can’t use their ammo, then they can’t use the enemies.

      • Frosty_The_White_Man

        They probably have a better manufacturing base than any local rivals (India, Vietnnam, Taiwan, etc) and can produce more 5.8mm than they’d need to borrow.

      • Sean

        China PLA is a defensive minded army. The reason they choose different size ammo is just in case if any stockpiles is lost during a retreat, the enemy, USA or Russia, won’t be able to use it. Another example is the requirement to change the bogies (wheels) on the trains, from Russia to China, from the broad gauge (the distance between the two rails forming a railway track) in Russia to the standard gauge in China. This involves having to lift up each carriage individually and remove and replace all the wheels.

      • Riot

        You can do this – normal go to is to make your round slightly bigger but there are a lot of ways to engineer one way compatibility

  • LCON

    It’s being shown at there Police Expo, that is a Export show not a internal show. every thing on this screams that they want to sell it to Nigeria

  • Lance

    So what no one is adopting it and 1989 law bans these from import.

    • Juuso

      How do you know that no one is going to use when it was only now released first time? Give it fear years and we are going to see plenty of these in Africa and in few other places.

      Bangladesh started producing Type-81 on license only few years ago, and no doubt they are going to manufacture this variant too.

  • kev

    Took a gander at the norinco website china really is trying to sell off and appeal to the open market. They already have a mk 19 variant and a precision rifle (NSG.50) in 50bmg. This is just a evolution i suppose.

  • ColaBox

    I just played Wildenstein…I know have to urge to buy this and mod it to death. Swap the muzzle, put on a FAL stock, remove the rails, paint it a bit, and chamber to 8mm.

  • hkryan

    What!? No Keymod!? Man the Chinese just can’t catch up! 😉

    • John

      Keymod is a joke. Nothing stays on for long. Nothing!!
      I have both Seekins and Noveske keymod stuff. It’s a Big joke. Magpul has already said no way.

  • El Duderino

    ♫ Me Chinese, me play joke, me not able to import rifle to the U.S. so don’t worry…you won’t go broke ♫

  • dp

    Short stroke? That’s progress. Someone in West should have done it long ago. Methods of sighting have adherents on both sides, I do not see it ‘wrong’ either way. It’s matter of what you were used to.


    Why short-stroke, if you’re gonna make an AK variant why not keep the long-stroke piston.

    • displacer

      It’s not an AK variant, it’s based on the Type-81 which was a rifle designed by China after the Sino-Russian split. It seems to be similar to the Vz.58 in concept (which also uses a short-stroke piston) in that it may look similar to an AK but is very different internally and was designed to to incorporate many features the AK doesn’t have.

      Like the Vz.58 the Type-81 it has a small selector switch rather than the large lever found on AKs (although the 81’s switch is on the left side like an AR.) Also similar is that it has a last round bolt holdopen. It has an adjustable gas system, which is not found on any AK but Yugos, and both of those use different adjustment/cutoff methods. From my understanding of the internals the only parts of the Type-81 that are really based on the AK action are the bolt and mag, and even then they’re different enough that they can’t interchange.

  • Wu Jintao

    type81 is a full auto USSR SKS(7.62X39 semi auto), so this one is a NATO 7.62X51 SKS.

  • Trash Boat

    Be interesting to see who buys this if it gets any sales, AK using Third world and Eastern bloc countries never used really battle rifles since they copied the Soviet style with the SVD being their DMR of choice. perhaps Bangladesh or some other China friendly country that doesn’t just use the G3?