Russian Spetznaz Disarming Techniques

Russia is the land of amazing things. This video is supposedly of Spetznaz techniques to disarm an assailant. Like similar videos we have seen, there are Russians shooting live ammo at each other in this video.

Caution, do not try this at home. Seek professional advice and instruction if you desire to learn similar techniques.


Nicholas C

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  • skusmc

    OK. Alright. I’ll do it.

    “In Soviet Russia, victim disarms you”.

  • 101nomad

    What really worries me, is I think I understood most of it. I trained for 10 years, practice fancy, fight basic. Funny thing, more I trained, less fights. On the street, nobody cooperates. ( my younger years were misspent, beer, sawdust and blood.) At 5’4 120#, I was the guy everybody could beat. Until they tried. That was before I met a guy on the job that was trained in Okinawan Karate. I had always tried to avoid fighting, the training did not make me a “bad ass”, it just made stopping a fight before it started a little easier. Big men that like beating on supposedly weaker men, do not like being knocked on their ass. A change of lifestyle helped as well. Does it work? yes, does it always work?, no. If you can not take a hit and keep moving, you will lose.

  • Rob in Katy

    It’s like a skinny Segal with mystic powers!

  • Giolli Joker

    “Seek professional advice […] if you desire to learn similar techniques.”
    You mean like… a shrink?

  • Nicholas Mew

    To be honest I am a little more worried about hearing loss in some of those situations.

    • dan citizen

      hearing loss after death is 100%

  • verymiddleeuropean

    Well, in reality Spetznaz will disarm you very efficiently and permanently using rocket propelled flamethrower, and then they will drive through your house with some nice BTR, you know, just to be sure. Just ask some dudes from Southern Caucasus…

  • 1911a145acp

    Hhhmm..So… putting pressure on a Russians soldiers wrist ALWAYS causes his legs to buckle! Just a friendly heads up to our Ukrainian friends……

  • 1 With A Bullet

    Translation: “Now we will learn how to defend against an attacker armed with a banana.”

    • suchumski

      sorry bananas are very expencive in russia, for russians.

      i guess “….how to defend against an attacker armed with a ptato.”

      would fit beter. 😉

    • 1 With A Bullet

      See @ 1:30 here:
      Monty Python – Self-Defense Against Fruit:

  • Ivan

    Guys, this is Ren-TV. With typical Ren-TV style of discussion and typical Ren-TV “specnaz”. Enough said.

  • phauxtoe

    i hope they teach you how to treat bullet wounds and how to stop Blood loss!

    • Even if you could do all that, you still “can’t fix stupid.”

  • suchumski

    hundreds of russian recrutes are returned dead, each jear.
    killed by there russian officers, ore after multiple rapes they commit suicide.
    russian blood is not expensive for the russin military, nor the mental helth of
    the soldiers after the cervise. a lot of systema specialists left for israel
    ore the west, nothing to lern there for western special forces.
    if in training 1 is killed, it is someones kid, husband,
    vather, friend….no reason for such risks,
    and have you seen how important the guy feels, i do not think that for
    1 dozend botles of vodka he would refuse to tell you all hes secrets.

  • claymore

    This BS always works great in slow motion. Not so much in real time.

    • CA

      That guy at 2:05 is a narcissist. He thinks every move of his body and every facial expression is remarkable and impressive. When he racks the makarov, he thinks he’s exorcizing demons. What a bunch of contrived nonsense. If this is real Spetznaz training, it doesn’t impress me.

      • CA

        I also wanted to say that if this is real Spetznas training, why are the soldiers chicken-winging their firearms? I think this is fake training.

  • Mack

    here let me get that for you:

    *seek professional HELP

  • The Hun

    Those horizontal blue-and-white striped shirts never go out of style.

  • James

    The best part was the awesome expression of “chi” power at the end. Reminded me of this video: