The Criswell Concealment Collection Bookcase


There are a variety of home firearms concealment products on the market, and some are quite good.  Consider this bookcase in the Criswell Concealment Collection from Creative Designs by Logan.  The bookcase has several concealed compartments suitable for storing long guns and hand guns in addition to other valuables.

The basic unit comes with:

  • two lockable pull-out shelves
  • two lockable cabinet drawers or doors
  • electronic lock
  • stain of choice

Custom options include size, wood, lighting, shelves, locks, interior of full cabinet doors to fit your needs.  MSRP is $4,999.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Mike N.

    I have always dreamed about having something like these cabinets built in my house. However, looking at the pictures on Facebook, it seems like the hidden side cabinets work best with shotguns, because it looks like you’d be able to fit only one AR or scoped rifle due to the depth. Also, why do these kinds of design look so old fashioned?

    • allannon

      Because it’s rather hard to create hidden compartments in furniture that takes it’s design cues from Ikea.

      If you see something with thick, heavy, decorated sides and divisions, you don’t really think much of it. If you see something that’s more minimalist with thick, heavy sides then you wonder why the hell the sides are unnecessarily thick like that.

    • SafeArmsReview

      My question is why does it cost 5 GRAND!?!?!!

      That is crazy

      • Martin M

        Probably because it’s made from actual wood by an actual craftsman with hardware that won’t fall apart.

        • hkryan

          Amazing how little real wood is used in new furniture these days… Gives me a whole new appreciation for the antique furniture my folks collected over the years.

          • gunslinger

            it’s about the money. buy a hand crafted book case for 5k or a particle board, automatically produced one for 250 at ikea? it would hvae to be replaced 20 times to “cost the same” but even if you take out the aggrivation factor of going back and reassembling and organizing.. i say 10 times. how may times do you think it would really break?

          • Martin M

            I’ve learned that anything with moving parts (drawers and doors) will fail in short order. I have purchased bookshelves and the like that were made of manufactured wood. Even then, I reinforced them with L brackets and wood glue. That little bit extra has significantly increased their lifespan.

            I do think 5k is a bit high. You can probably find a local cabinet maker (craftsman who makes custom furniture, not some guy who hangs cabinets) to make you exactly what you want for less.

  • Renegade

    That is a bookshelf for someone who does not read a lot of books. I would think Entertainment Center is a more accurate description.

    • gunslinger

      could always add the shelves

  • Smokey_the_Bear

    I had that kind of money to spend on something that protects my guns..I’d get a Pendleton safe…..just sayin’.

  • Doxtari

    Need a more current design (or more designs) that the little women would appreciate if you want it in a family/living room/recreation room. It’s overdressed for a man cave, though. Good idea, but now all the thieves know what this one looks like! 😀

  • kevin kelly

    1) it doesn’t look like a bookshelf (where do the books go)
    2) seems like only a millionaire could afford to buy that for 5k. Rediculous. I would have guessed 1k.

    • gunslinger

      needs shelves 😉

  • 101nomad

    It is what it is, pricy, but nice, if you can afford it. If you are a decent carpenter, or handy, you could build one yourself. I only have two firearms, I don’t leave them home alone, locked up or not.