Pistol Shooting tips by Jerry Miculek

Don’t hold your gun like in the picture above. I just illustrated that to draw attention to it as does Jerry in this video. He has plenty of information that you may find helpful. Some of the tips he make contradicts some of the information I had picked up but I am open minded and will try them out.

Nicholas C

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    Support index finger on the trigger guard is not something I’m going to be open minded about. Been there, tried that, pulled shots all over the place, no thanks. Obviously It works if you make it work, but that was clearly not for me.

    It’s also bs for small handed shooters. I’ve taught girls who’s fingers barely reach the trigger with a lot of room to spare, and I’m to imply they would shoot better with longer fingers? Nah.

    Locking the support hand wrist up is something I seem to do, however, I can’t say this has been a conscious effort actually. I’m not sure I ever thought about it. I’ll have to test that on the range this week.

    • SpazC

      He says exactly that if you watch the whole video, multiple times in fact. Both points about small hands and about not overcompensating with it.

  • claymore

    A lot of good points to try. I know my stubby fingers will never be able to reach the front of the trigger guard.

    • Nicks87

      Yeah if you dont have monster hands like Jerry you should probably keep your finger off the front of the trigger guard. Sometimes you will have a sympathetic response from your support hand index finger when pulling the trigger. It can cause you to pull your shots off target.

  • I like his main point about cutting away anything that isn’t directly contributing to shooting quickly and accurately. When he pulls and shoots, it comes off as almost effortless.

  • Nicks87

    Jerry Miculek is the boss!

  • 360_AD

    Is Jerry’s trigger finger classified as a NFA item? It should be! Holy crap.


      He probably just has a bionic arm from the elbow down.

    • gunslinger

      nope…i pull one bullet. but hey, what’s his rpm? faster than some MGs?

      • Geodkyt

        Well, his trigger finger is sort of like the spring in an Atkins stock – it turns an ordinary part ( a human hand) into an NFA item (a machinegun conversion kit). 😉

  • MarineDoc

    Great video, but… how about a shirt mic? Some of old goats lose some of your words. Thanks.

  • TCWriter

    Interesting to see Miculek talking about wrapping a finger around the trigger guard; Bob Vogel also advocates a high, forward grip, and he competes against a lot of people shooting custom 2011s that are a *lot* heavier than his Glock.

    The practice may have gone out of fashion, but if you want a ridiculously high grip on the gun, it’s worth a look.

  • Robert Hainex

    Safe handling of firearms is a primary responsibility for people who own
    or use guns. Thousands of tragedies could be prevented every year if
    people would simply follow these tips of yours. Thanks!


  • Robert Hainex

    These are great tips. I feel a lot more confident doing pistol shooting now! Thanks!