AERO Precision’s New Enhanced AR-15 Upper & Rail System

Aero Precision has been teasing their new “Enhanced” AR-15 upper receiver and companion rail kits. Designed to be used in conjunction with one another, the two parts promise customization, ease of mounting, and performance. The handguards index to the receiver and are free-floated. The system is proprietary and uses a unique barrel nut.


Aero reports that the inner diameter of the handguards are 1.8″, large enough to accommodate most suppressors. With the ease of donning the rails, I can see these as an excellent SBR kit, allowing shooters to use forward-hard techniques without burning themselves by gripping the can.


The uppers are now available on Aero’s website for pre-order priced at $149. Hand-guards in KeyMod, MagPul M-LOK, and quad-rail are also available for pre-order. Hand-guards range in price from about $130 to $230, depending on options. Aero anticipates shipping at the end of May.

Gallery below for your amusement:

Nathan S

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  • James

    Yawn. Isn’t this market at about 400% saturation by now?

    • 360_AD

      It is, but why would a consumer whine about having choices?

      • mig1nc

        It’s like going to the strip club and complaining that there are too many boobies 🙂

        • 360_AD


        • Dan

          Bravo good sir, your post sums it up perfectly.

  • Steve Truffer

    More AK stuff. we have plenty/ too much AR stuff.

    • Sure thing. If only new AK stuff was released as often as AR!

      • Steve Truffer

        Wasn’t meant as a bash at TFB. Manufacturers, we AK fans want some love, too.

        • Took no offense. It was just a “matter of fact” statement. We get bombarded with Press Releases, only rarely do they cover AK rifles. Shows where the money is at!

          • Steve Truffer

            Yup. I understand the love of the AR’s flexibility, but I find them to be the opposite of comfort. AKs just seem more natural to me. Faster to use, and I can get Silver Bear 5.45 on a 4X4 plate with open sights at 100 yards probably 28/30 times. Love what they can do.

    • 360_AD

      In the US market, ARs outnumber AKs by far. Shouldn’t be a surprise that products for the AR are released far more frequently than for the AK. Just the way it is, feel free to look the other way when it isn’t about AKs.

      Besides, Aero Precision is solely an AR-oriented company. Why in the world would they make stuff for the AK when they are already too busy with AR orders?

      • Steve Truffer

        Maybe not AP, but how else are manufacturers supposed to know what consumers want if we don’t make it known?

        • 360_AD

          So write to the manufacturers directly. Complaining about it on a blog that they may or may not be reading isn’t really the best way to deliver the message. Yes?

          • Steve Truffer

            Most that I’ve tried to communicate with lost interest when they found out that I’m still in high school, and thus unlikely to fund their entire tool-up (“If you can provide the funds for molds…”). Being able to provide a simple statement where such thing can be avoided may work better, especially if there are people who are in agreement.

          • 360_AD

            Then consider yourself a learned man of the first lesson in how things in America works: those with buying power get to have a voice and be heard. This is true even in politics.

            In the meantime, apply your enthusiasm and become a CAD expert and start designing stuff. Learn about design/engineering and the US patent process.

          • Steve Truffer

            Yes, and youth = no credibility, even with multiple links to entire forum threads of people asking for some things.Right side folding stock, that mounted a full stock tang, like the Tantal/ East German/ Romanian/ Egyptian, but in a full stock pattern like the 100 series. 20 forum threads asking for such a pattern got them interested, but high school = fraud, apparently.

          • 360_AD

            Hah! Soon enough you’ll wish you were young again. Waste not a moment, my young friend. If you have a dream now, pursue it with vigor before you become old and have too much too lose and can’t afford failures.

          • Steve Truffer

            Indeed, but currently being enrolled in college courses through both VSU and John Tyler Community College, in addition to high school prevents me from doing anything other than freelance work, and thus limits the amount of cash I can invest in a single project. Another year or so, then I should have the capabilities to have my myriad of schematics come to material fruition.

  • hkryan

    Reminds me of LWRC’s extended upper.

  • Waldorf