See How .22LR Ammo is Made

Outdoor Channel went to CCI in Idaho to show how .22LR ammo is made. They make 4 million rounds a day. Sounds like a lot. But when you see that one pallet is only 250k rounds, then that means  they only make 16 pallets a day. It isn’t that much when you start thinking of how stores are supplied across the country. A 1/4 pallet in one store, another pallet in a bigger store. It starts to add up fast. And then the demand is so high that people are still buying 22LR just to flip it and sell it so supply dwindles. But we all know this. All we can do is wait it out and hopefully demand will decrease as supply goes up.

Nicholas C

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  • Dave

    Jim Freaking Scoutten
    I miss cable for that show

  • Steve Truffer

    outdoor and sportsman’s need to offer internet subscriptions.

    • Michael Bergeron

      I think every channel should offer an internet option either by putting shows on Netflix or Hulu or having their own thing. I mean HBO has only half figured it out with Go requiring you to still have a cable subscription.

  • Happy to see this video resurface. The original ones were taken down a few years ago.

  • Patrick Mingle

    Love shooting USA. Mike Irvine is married to one of my second cousins so I’ve had the opportunity to meet him a couple times. Stand up guy

  • 101nomad

    One dark and stormy Texas night, while I was at work, someone broke in and stole my 1960’s Hi Standard .22 Double Nine along with a perfectly good cheap .38 spl Mikado snubbie, and all my ammo for both. Never left a firearm alone since then (2005). Have not bought any more .22 rounds since either, the memory of my lost double nine is too great. Perhaps someday, when .22 rds are plentiful and cheap, and I can get another Hi Standard Double Nine for whatever the darn thing cost in 1966. Thereforth, I durst sayth unto y’all, if ye perchance canst find .22 rounds, buy them. Amen.

    • -X-

      What’s a “.38 spl Mikado snubbie”?

      • iksnilol

        Seconded, what is .38 Mikado?

        Also, there are many other .22 guns, I think Ruger makes a revolver with a .22 and a WMR cylinder. I would also recommend a .22 rifle (a Savage would work nicely) for long range training, shooting .22 at 300 metres is challenging.

        • 101nomad

          Long ago, too far away. I tried to answer as best I could to -x-. Anyone else heard of the maker?

        • Robnob

          Don’t know about Ruger but Taurus makes a revolver in their Tracker line that has interchangeable cylinders in .22 and WMR. They may be hard to find however.

      • 101nomad

        -x-, don’t start me lying. Was years ago, Probably misspelled it. It was made in Japan or Korea, a knock off of a snub nosed revolver, “Chiefs Special” I think. .38+P special, six rounds. Might try looking up other spellings. It was a solid revolver, had to replace trigger spring once. Gunsmith told me it was perfectly safe other than stock spring was weak. I was just out of service and a sporting goods store had them at a price I could afford. Remember, that was in 1966. The High Standard .22 Double Nine was better known. Hope that helps. It was a great fishing revolver in the swamps of SC years later. .38 FMJ for alligators with a taste for tennis shoes, rat shot for water moccasins and JHP for two legged varmints. I never shot any of those, but I did compromise with a few alligators and water moccasins, they took one end of the swamp and I took the other.

        • -X-

          Yeah, the manufacturer you’re looking for is the Miroku Corporation.

          Your wheel gun was more than likely the Liberty Chief – one of Our handful of rare gems made during ’62 to ’68, supposedly. The times before restrictions and pressures and market caused Us to look to hunting long arms.

  • Limonata

    Like others, I miss getting the Outdoor Channel. At one time it was free, then they wanted $10 month now I need $20 and it comes with a whole ton of crap I would never watch. I would happily pay for a web subscription even if the episodes are a week or two old.

    • Tom Gordon

      Never did like paying extra for the Outdoor Channel. When they started running commercials for USO I had it turned off and never looked back.

  • gunslinger

    no wonder there is a shortage. never realized how manual the process was for making 22. i’m pretty sure that centerfire ammo is much more automated, and therefore more lucrative.

    • G

      Norma Factory Tour

      Loading 6XC:

  • Odeezy Liita

    Bough 7k rounds of Stingers when they were still in the low $3 range, sometimes cheaper if they were on sale. Lol, I haven’t fired 1 of them a) because they’re impossible to get now, let alone in quantity, & b) because they look so cozy in their cases. Such a pretty 22 round & package. These 22 hoarders need to give it up already, sheetz gett’n old.

    • Dan

      And buying 7k rounds doesnt make you a hoarder?

      • Odeezy Liita

        Uhhhhh, not if it’s my premium ammo that took me 3 years to stock. That’s my Shtf 22 ammo. I use bulk 22 if iI can find it for plinking. So, because I had the foresight and discipline to save my $ and visit the gun shop every week for 3 years prior to CT shooting makes me a hoarder? Get bent.

        • Odeezy Liita

          Am I supposed to sell my 7k rounds of the best 22 ammo on the market because you were too stupid to prepare when times were good & can’t find any now? Moron!