1941 Wartime Small Arms Training films

Check out these old archived films from 1941.


Small arms

Here is a training film on how to use the small arms firearms of the time. There is a good list of guns they show. M1911, M1903, M1, BAR M1918, Thompson M1928 as well as some aircraft machine guns.

They do seem to break a few Firearm Safety rules, like checking the safety by pulling the trigger. Aside from that, it is very interesting watching how the Military presented this information.


Here is another film about the safe handling and storage of ammunition.

Nicholas C

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  • Phrog Friver

    OH NO, the “clip” fight begins anew!

    • MrApple

      Let’s just call them clipazines and be done with it.

  • Cynic

    What would you use .45 tracer rounds for in combat? Directing others fire?

    • Nicholas C

      Just as a guess, night sights weren’t prevalent back then. I assume 45 tracers were for the Thompson.

    • Jeff Smith

      They would probably help the shooter compensate for the extreme bullet drop (compared to .30-06) at medium ranges. It would allow you to easily adjust your fire onto the target.

      • Jeff Smith

        (Out of a Thompson)

  • trae
  • The Hun

    Would like to see some vintage training films on the use of MP40, FG42, StG44, etc w/ English subtitles ;).

  • 101nomad

    Clip vs magazine, ‘just gimme one of them there thangs what got bullets in it.’