Palm Pistol Update

palm pistol

After being announced in 2008, there has been little news about the Palm Pistol from Constitution Arms (CA).  However, an e-mail from CA states the handgun is on track for production.

In the e-mail, CA details several modifications from the original design that are being implemented including a swappable backstrap to fit different sized hands and a “grip assist ramp” that makes the gun easier to pick up.

The production color scheme has been finalized:

  • Cerakote Shimmer Gold for the barrel, handguard, latch and receiver
  • a stainless finish for the ejector rod, striker shaft, Picatinny rail, thread protector and strike bezel
  • Cerakote Blue Titanium for the plastic parts (grip panels, etc.)
  • red for the trigger button

No shipping date has been announced.  Initial production will be limited to 500 units.

From Constitution Arms:

Dear Potential Palm Pistol Customer:

After a two year hiatus, the Palm Pistol is back on track for production. Three second generation fully working prototypes are under construction. These have incorporated design improvements and lessons learned from the initial endurance and drop testing in February 2011. This includes tightened select tolerances; improved ergonomics and manufacturing efficiencies; and final material selection, metal finishing and production colors. One prototype will be submitted to ATF for determination of compliance with 18 USC 922 (p) the “Undetectable Firearms Act.”

Large quantity orders for baseline versions of certain parts that are not subject to revision for the initial production release have been placed, delivered and passed redundant QC review by the part supplier and our independent design consultant. Notable additions to the design include a small and large back strap that permits customizing stock size for individual comfort, and a grip assist ramp on the outboard side of the latch. This feature positions the stock in easy-to-grasp position when lying on a flat surface such as a bedside night stand.

The production model color and finish scheme has been finalized. The barrel, hand guard, latch and receiver will be protected with Cerakote Shimmer Gold (H-153Q). The ejector rod, cocked striker indicator (striker shaft) and optional Picatinny rail, thread protector and crenelated strike bezel will be stainless. The plastic injection molded parts consisting of the grip panels, safety pads, trigger covers and back straps will be matched to Cerakote Blue Titanium (H-185Q). The trigger button will be red for safety reasons. We have endeavored to manufacture the firearm entirely from US suppliers and manufacturers.

Due to the uncertain development and production lead time, all previously received deposits were returned to customers in 2012. Once shipping is imminent, we will be contacting each customer in the order their deposits were initially received, and extending an offer to purchase. We will not be accepting new pre-production deposits.

We will communicate again when there is additional significant progress to report.

Matt Carmel, President
Constitution Arms 

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • JaxD

    Love weird guns. Hurry up and get ’em made.
    Picatinny rail? Brass knuckle fore grip!
    Thread protector? Can you stick a can on this?
    It needs a lanyard ring, so you can use it as a flail if your 1 shot doesn’t do the job.
    Leave it black, no need for anything “gold” on guns.

    • The Hun

      Will I be able to mount an Eotech 512 on it? The AR fanbois are already dreaming of decking it out.

      • dan citizen

        a quadrail is a must.

  • lbeacham

    This will be a hit, if it works as planned. My wife has arthritis in her hands causing crooked fingers and painful grip strength. She practices with a Ruger 22-45 but can’t get comfortable with any other centerfire we try. She wants immediate protection available and this looks like just the ticket. The fact that it is not recognizable as a hand gun is even better.

  • Christopher

    If it used .45 acp or some form of . 50 cal or a revolver round this would be useful. Otherwise this isn’t going to produce enough energy stop anybody who has a 9mm Glock.

    • Robin


      • Christopher

        .38 special isn’t a exactly a manstopper round. Fine for the Old West but not the inner city.

        • Paladin

          .38 special IS a revolver round, but was never used in the “old west” it’s most famous as a police service revolver cartridge for the better part of the 20th century. Also, methinks you’re overestimating the .45. In actual fact .45 ACP is not particularly any more powerful than 9mm Parabellum.

          • dan citizen

            Having seen first hand the effects of various pistol rounds I was surprised to find that they tended to look the same, usually about a finger sized hole.

            I have seen one shot stops with .22 and multiple shots from a large caliber handgun fail to even get the victim’s attention.

            If you want to have true one shot incapacitation shoot them with a rifle or shotgun.

          • Even then you can’t be 100% sure.

          • dan citizen

            I agree completely.

          • gunslinger

            if you want true “one shot” incapacitation, drope a nuke on them.. about anything short of that is ‘iffy’ 🙂

          • GunnyJoe

            Wow, How did you get that info?

        • David Sharpe

          Let me shoot you in the chest with one, we’ll see if you get stopped or not……..

          • Sulaco

            Not the point he was trying (correctly) to make. ALL pistol ammo is iffy in “stopping power” in a fight situation. I have also seen one stop shots with .22 shorts and walk a ways from .44 mag. You roll the dice with any handgun…

          • David Sharpe

            He was talking about .45 and .50 calbre rounds, so he does believe the “stopping power” myths. It is ALL about shot placement.

          • Danmaku

            Shot placement is a poor argument. If 9mm and 45 both were properly placed for a hit, 45 still would always do better. Trying to put shooter skill level in a otherwise pragmatic caliber debate does everyone a disservice. Everyone knows the 9mm is weaker, but not by much. It can do the job, but to the effectiveness of 45? Absolutely not. The key is, the 45 recoil is not some big kicker. You should be able to run a 45 as well as a 9 accuracy wise, and if you dont, you need to seriously rethink your practices sessions for errors. Choosing a 9 over a 45 really only makes sense for beginning shooters who have not learned proper grip completely, but must be armed, and for those anticipating many armed attackers who are further than arms reach distance away.

          • Daniel

            Thanks to your first sentence, I’ve made a mental note of your name as to ignore any comments from it in the future. You’ll never, ever hear those words coming from any credible expert.

    • So, a device that is specifically designed to work for people who lack the hand/grip strength to use a traditional pistol are supposed to load up with a .45 ACP or .50 AE?

      Look, this gun isn’t my thing, but I can see where it has a place. For someone who is already vulnerable due to physical weakness, it can serve as a last line of defense. Yep, you wouldn’t want to get into a gunfight with one, but a sharp stick is better than a harsh word, and a single shot .38 Special is better than a sharp stick and harsh word.

    • JaxD

      Do you really want to shoot .50 cal. out of a palm pistol?

      • Patrick Mingle

        No. But I would like to watch someone else try!

    • tfb.lurker

      Hello, Lance!

    • ckc

      I hate smart asses like you, ignorant about things you think you know about.
      Guess you have never been hit with a 38, well I have and believe me it works just fine.
      And keep your 9mm glock fan boy crap to yourself, some people carry real guns no foreign made crap.

  • gallannd

    Since it only has 1 round which serve sto stop/dissuade a threat, this palm pistols should really look like a gun to further dissuade and not force the user to fire. At the very least it should be cerakoted stainless, so it looks like something made of steel with a hole in it.

  • David Sharpe

    I love weird guns, if they made this with a 4.1 inch barrel and got it into Canada, I would definitely consider it.

  • Leigh Rich

    I too am a collector and lover of different firearms. I have most of them. I will definately buy one if they ever do make it out.

  • Tinacn

    NEWS FLASH: This handgun is a SPECIALTY item intended for a VERY SPECIFIC customer: One with a medical condition which affects their hands and grip such that they are UNABLE to use a TRADITIONAL handgun. Debates about caliber and such are pretty much pointless under such limitations. Having said that, and assuming problems with user grip strength, dexterity, or loss of fingers, I would think that anything with more recoil than a 38spcl/9mm cartridge would be impractical. And as always in a defensive handgun, one wants the most powerful cartridge that THEY can effectively shoot.