S.A.R.R.P AR Holster

SARRP stands for Special Application Rifle Retention Platform. It is a kydex holster for an AR platform.

It is made by Ten-X tactical. Ten-X is a small company out of Southern California and primarily make ammo. They do have a few tactical products like this AR holster. No clue as to the cost as there doesn’t seem to be a price on their website.

From the videos below I think this holster would be useful for a SBR or Pistol AR.

You can see how it is utilized in this video.


Rappelling and drawing from the belt.


Thanks to Cymond for sending this over to us.


Drawing from chest mounted rig and exiting a vehicle

Nicholas C

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  • Anonymoose

    It might work with a barrel length up to 16″, from the looks of it, as long as you’re not crouching really low. The main things I’d be worried about is going prone, and yanking on the mag when you pull it out of the holster…

    • JumpIf NotZero

      These were pistol length AR barrels in this video. And watch the 1/2 second of movement, makes him walk like a duck with a 7″ barrel AR, any real gun would be far worse.

      Notice they didn’t show dude riding in the vehicle? They conveniently start that clip just outside of the driver’s seat… This is so very stupid.

      Coming to an airsofter near you!

  • BattleshipGrey

    I think I’ll just stick to slings.

    • RobGR

      LOL, I know right… wtf is this thing? Just horrible.

  • David

    So much fail, so little time

  • gunslinger

    so you gotta throw it mag first through the holster… nope.. no problem there.

    • Anonymoose

      Maybe if you only used slick-sided metal mags without magpuls instead of ribbed polymer mags it might be a bit less discomforting.

      • gunslinger

        so basicaly disregard an accessory that has been proven and widely distributed through the shooting community?

        i’m sure you would all be quick to jump on a new light accessory that required a completely new size of flash light, as well as using a mounting method that isn’t picatiny?

  • ColaBox


  • JaxD

    Where was this filmed? Are they the Lollipop Guild SWAT?

  • Case

    A solution looking for a problem. Ridiculous.

  • Gecko_.45

    Greeting, Nicholas!

    My name is John Gecko, and I am the founder and president of Tactical Advanced Response and Defense, Inc., a company that makes a similar product to this AR holster. During my many years in retail threat management, I determined that the ability to put force on target was sadly lacking, due to the inability to retain long arms conveniently. That’s why I invented the Defense Expansion Retention Product, or “DERP.” The DERP rig system holds any long arm, not just the ubiquitous AR-15, and mounts securely to the operator’s belt and leg, moving fluidly in the most operationally demanding of operations. For example, in a crowded urban environment, the operator can mount a Remington 870 on his front right thigh, including the option to carry an additional 75 rounds of buckshot in the attached DERP leg-bandolier. Even with the 870 mounted on his thigh, the modular DERP system allows the operator to quickly and efficiently switch to another mounted long arm on his other leg, or perhaps the small of his back. For example, I personally enjoy using DERP to patrol my operational environment with a Hi-Point .45 carbine in right leg mount position, and my trusty tactical briefcase with my breakdown .308 countersniper system and trauma plate securely fastened to my back region.

    By employing DERP, the operating operator can retain multiple long arms and ensure dominance on any battlefield. I trust that you’ll agree with me that the DERP represents a game changing shift in the paradigm, something that has truly never been done before. If you are interested, I would be happy to hook you up with a free trial model, along with 20,000 rounds of .22LR and 10,000 rounds of .45ACP 230gr HST, so that you are fully able to test the system. I trust that after you have had an opportunity to enjoy the DERP, you will write a fair review of our product, just as you do for these other fine manufacturers.

    Yours sincerely,
    “Gecko .45”

    • gunslinger

      will this help save the “butt virginity” of any teen, and more specifically nephews of local mayors?

      what about asian gangs and their kung-fu moves? will this prevent any and all karate advance techniques that may remove the firearm from my person?

      • Gecko_.45


        These are outstanding questions, and I’m flattered that word of my operating operations has filtered to the non-operational community. The DERP system is personal to me, the result of many years’ worth of experimentation in trying to find a way to maintain control over multiple long arms on my person, while also providing cover capable of withstanding multiple .308 rounds to the back. I can’t say that DERP was the first iteration of the system, but I can say that, through trial and error, I can vouch for the DERP system being able to protect the operator’s own butt virginity, employing the optional rear protective quarter panel.

        You are absolutely correct to anticipate the need for weapons retention. The DERP employs a dual-weapon retention system, with a standard hook-and-loop primary retention strap, combined with a fail safe band composed of industrial strength rubber. My personal experience is that, after employing initial dance-like kung fu weapon removal techniques, even the most hardened Asian Triad member will lose his cool and release his pent up rage in an outburst that looks almost like laughter.

        Moreover, by employing the optional DERP-lock, with convenient loop clasp and dial combination lock, the DERP can be safely secured to any mobile vehicle device, such as an electric patrol vehicle.

    • Gunkid

      You people will never learn. I have two words for you…tactical wheelbarrow. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Nicks87

        Exactly what I was thinking.

      • GomeznSA

        Umm would that be the western version (wheel in front and 2 handles) or the much more efficient Chinese variant (wheel in the middle)? Enquiring minds want to know…………;-)

    • John If you have an interest in a review of the products you make please email editor@thefirearmblog.com He can discuss it with you or refer you to me since I arrange the reviews.

      • Gecko_45 fan

        Please make that happen. I would even pay money to read Gecko_45 review stuff.

    • SafeArmsReview

      What an awesome comment – I hope TFB picks this guy up to write for them. Now I have been out of the operator side of the house for while (last time I played COD was over 4 months ago) I have a question to ask…

      Is it just me or did anyone else see the part where operators now have detachable arms? Where can I get this? I mean usually my arms are fine but at times when I am operating operationally I would like more options.

      “The DERP rig system holds any LONG ARM, not just the ubiquitous AR-15, and mounts securely to the operator’s belt and leg”

      What about operators with short arms? I guess since ‘little people’ are the minority and there are not many little operators operating operationally there is no need to make a product for them. Although there is that little people village in China and perhaps their swat team needs stuff like this… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2UgwINQVPM

      I don’t know about you but to “mount a Remington 870 on his front right thigh” is limiting; why not mount long guns, ARs & Mark 19s on the front AND back of the calves, forearms and any other open appendage or limbs? There are a few more ideas worth a million dollar ideas for you Gecko .45!

      As Gecko says ” the operating operator…” or “operationally demanding of operations” this shows the tactical awesomeness of Gecko. I mean who would question a person who patrols with a Hi-point on his right leg, an 870 to the other leg and a tactical briefcase on his back? If Gecko did not use the words ‘tactical’ and the many forms of ‘operational’ in his post I would have been suspect but this shows he is a man’s man.

      Last note: I look forward to more TARD but in limited quantities because I don’t know how much TARD any one person can handle.


    • Robin

      Did you ever solve that threat of being shot in the back by a .338 Lapua?

      • Gecko_.45


        As you may know, the ability to absorb sniper fire while laying down effective projection of force is vital to the retail threat management mission. I struggled with this problem for years, including the issue of dealing with the deadly threat of .338 Lapua, the preferred sniper choice of some Central American tangos and the worst of the worst, the filthy Australians. In the end, I settled on a tactical briefcase with four trauma plates tactically mounted with flexible, high performance, metallic fastening material, mounted in the 180 position on top of the standard DERP system. This results in a total load out of seven plates, including the DERP, and has proven itself to me day-in-day-out.

        Unfortunately, the DERP system itself is not rated for .338 Lapua on its own. Field R&D in kinetic retail environments revealed that the standard three-plate rear mounting panel on the DERP was incapable of absorbing the standard mil-spec of 14 .338 Lapua rounds within the a 3-inch radius from the specified 10 feet. Unfortunately, field testing began with the DERP igniting and ended with integrity failure. To be fair, we do believe that integrity failure was caused at least in part by the test subject’s violation of test protocol, when they lost tactical awareness and attempted to strip the burning DERP off. Further field testing of the DERP with an optional six-plate rear carrier resulted in significant operator fatigue and loss of mission effectiveness. Since most operators were not as highly trained in the martial arts or experienced in carrying significant additional body weight in their 6 o’clock position, tactical sitting during threat surveillance activities became difficult.

        However, I am proud to say that the DERP was tested satisfactorily with 7.62 NATO black tip, maintaining integrity and substantially failing to conflagrate. As a result, the DERP comes with a 90-day, money back guarantee against the DERP losing integrity due to your absorbing .308 NATO rounds in your tactical rear zone.

        If the ability to absorb .308 NATO is sufficient for your operational environment (and I fully understand and apologize if this is not acceptable), then please feel free to drop me a line by email, and I can arrange a personal demonstration of DERP anywhere in the Albany, New York-area.

        Yours very truly,
        “Gecko .45”

        • hkryan

          I do a lot of tactical sitting while operating tactically in operational tactical environments? Is DERP right for me?

          • Hi there. Long time ignorant of this site and first time poster (on this site) of stuff I know nothing about. I’m a middle-aged, white American male who doesn’t know anything particularly useful, but really *needs* to look like he does. Will this help? Also, I do a great deal of tactical sitting and need to know if there’s a way I can get a complete matching setup. Maybe a combo deal, perhaps? That way I can go “FULL TARD” and let everybody know.

            Speaking of which, do you have large stickers I can put on my lifted pickup so everybody else can know I’m FULL TARD? You know, under my “No Fear” banner but above my CrossFit stickers?

  • TV-PressPass

    From the thumbnail I thought this was the sort of product you’d mount to the inner tail gate of a jeep.

    As soon as I saw it on a person’s body . . . I sighed and shook my head.

  • Ed

    Sorry this a holster that’s a waste of effort most train to use safety if you need to use your secondary weapon a holster for your AR is a waste of space and money

  • Bunglezze

    Hey Gecko_45 nice DERP package. Keep that trauma plate in tact with duct tape from the mall.

  • JN

    looks like they sped up the last video during the mag change.

  • Vhyrus

    It’s a little early for the weekend funny, isn’t it?

  • Nicks87

    “During my many years in retail threat management, I determined that the ability to put force on target was sadly lacking, due to the inability to retain long arms conveniently.”
    During my 14 years in military/civilian law enforcement I have NEVER determined that the ability to put force on target was lacking, due to the inability to reatain long arms conveniently. But, that being said, I’m sure some ex-navy seal or green beret will crawl out of the wood work and say he uses this crappy product all the time.

    • Komrad

      You just don’t get it do you? Gecko 45 has been on the cutting edge of retail security for years. His DERP system is highly advanced. I’m not surprised you haven’t used the same techniques as Gecko 45 has, for they are highly specialized and tailored to the unique threat environment of the retail setting.

      Next time, why don’t you think a little before opening your mouth.

      • GomeznSA

        Point of order, wouldn’t THE Gecko need to use the .45GAP? After all, he is sort of a little feller………………

      • Nicks87

        I was referring to the article more so than Mr. Gecko’s comment. I just quoted him because I thought that line was so genius. But yeah I should’ve just let him do the trolling.

    • AKโ„ข

      Does he Zaptalโ„ข carry though?

  • Jake Barnes

    Um…I actually want one of these to mount in my truck. Not a bad product – but the wrong application

  • Anonymoose

    Something like this might actually work better for the intended purpose.

    • I like this better. I think they should put a swivel on the AR holster and wear one on each side. Then they can just swivel it forward and let er rip:-)

  • TactiSweet

    Are these the same guys who made the, Hand-grenade on a Helmet Holder?

  • Graham 1

    Those videos were so tactical they gave me an aneurism

  • Sir Lawrence Barkalounger

    PERFECT!!! I can just see it now!!!

  • Cymond

    Yeah, I know it’s weird. I don’t quite get it but I felt the need to submit it. I seem to have a knack for finding weird junk.

    Everyone always makes jokes about holsters for AR pistols. Well, here ya go!

    • It’s entertaining anyway–LOL! I have to say it’s the most ridiculous accessory I’ve ever seen:-)
      The videos are priceless. I’m glad you submitted it:-)

  • JT

    I wonder how their submarine screen door project is going

  • Paul Kisling

    Is this for when I carry my AR-15 Mexican style???

  • Bert

    Makes sense it comes out of Cali, New York reloading an ar gotta be faster than a bullet button. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Legman688

    Yes. Because kneecapping yourself is the best possible way to start a gunfight.

  • throwedoff

    “DERP” should have been a clue that this was all in jest!

  • john smith

    I am dying right now with these comments, really, i’m on deaths doorstep.