Survival Grips Knuckle Duster Vert Grip

Survival Grips has an interesting product. It is a vertical grip with a knuckle duster integrated into the grip.

The grip is polycarbonate. The Finger Guard is made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum 6061 T-6. The grip will fit on Mil-STD-1913 or Picatinny Rail.

The knuckles are removable for what ever dastardly deed you need to use these for.  It doesn’t pique my interests but perhaps it is something you need for your zombie prepper rifle.

For those interested in purchasing one, they can be found here.


Nicholas C

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  • Lionheart

    How much weight is added? True knuckle dusters need to be heavy to be effective.

    • hkryan

      Aluminum, so not much.

      • iksnilol

        Weight is not only important (too heavy are awkward to swing around), what makes brass knuckles effective is the fact that they concentrate the energy from your punch into a small area. Spikes are a dumb idea, small studs aren’t.

  • LCON

    needs more Cowbell.
    this is a disaster waiting to happen

    • Nicholas C

      I actually wanted to say “I think tactical accessories have jumped the shark”

      • ThomasD

        What was your first clue?

  • dan citizen

    brass knuckle laws (which covers polycarbonate/aluminum/etc) are varied and restrictive. Many states classify them as a deadly weapon, so require a ccw for most uses, the addition of spikes changes some of the laws as well.

    I imagine we will see this in just about every low budget sci-fi and apocalyptic movie from now on.

  • 101nomad

    I am glad I learned over the years to be more civilized when commenting on things like this. Used to say BS, now I say marvelous. Choices are wonderful…….some are dubious.

    • AJ187

      I signed into to say, how refreshing. Sure beats the trollish display of the waste of time and energy, nitpicking writers and everything people don’t have a use for or can’t readily afford so they find a reason to hate it. I’m rambling, but thanks for the perspective.

  • Rusty Shovel

    Is this a joke? Anyone who buys this should have their gun taken from them and be issued a rape whistle.

    • Norm

      Not sure if joke, but this sort of reaction is.


      It was funny if you’re not butt frustrated

      • MrSatyre

        A wee bit bum obsessed?

  • JaxD

    Hilarious. Somebody is going to lose their gun rights with this thing.

  • JaxD

    Just checked out their site. $50 for one in black, without spikes. I know I shouldn’t, but, I still want one. Always loved brass knuckles.

  • ColaBox

    Oh cool! I can put brass knuckles on my gun while I put a kick stand on my car!

    • hkryan

      I do hate it when my car tips over… 🙂

      • Nicholas C

        Sounds like you might drive a Smart in San Francisco LOL

  • st4

    Too low level. Remember the chainsaw bayonet someone made? Someone get on the under-barrel flamethrower next.

  • hkryan

    These should vastly improve your ability to drop your rifle and transition to your pistol, especially while wearing gloves… :-/

  • JumpIf NotZero

    50 Shades of Nope.

    • Nicholas C

      I concur. It doesnt interest me. But people have varied tastes and likes.

      • Dondgeon

        If you’re in the Dreadnoks lol.

    • Troy votes whig

      oh ill take one in every primary color please!

  • nathan beans

    Police office: are those brass knuckles on your rifle?
    You: no sir its an aluminium paperweight.
    Offocer: of thank goodness i thought you were going to kill us all with your brass knuckled assult rifle, now i see your just a hunter and need that paperweight to hold down your tags.

  • wetcorps

    Find a rifle with a rail going all the way to the end of the barrel and attach the grip there, so you can use the knuckle duster while still on the rifle.

    Maybe an AR pistol so you can CC it ^^

    • iHAL

      That wouldn’t be a pistol then

      • wetcorps

        True, I forgot about the forward grip thing.

  • Guest

    Wh…Why foregrip, not just a grip!?!?
    What we should hurt with this thing in their theory? Graboids?

    • st4

      Fisticuffs vs giant monsters became a viable option since Resident Evil 4.

  • Sulaco

    Just right to get you locked up over night for carrying an illegal, (not even with a CCW) in most states…

  • MrSatyre

    I’m not an operational operator in Zombieland, but it seems to this novice that having your fingers stuck inside close-fitting loops like that in your vertical grip could lead to broken fingers, or, if needing to quickly transition to a sidearm…dead.

  • Andrey Martim

    This would be for the same reason some people tape a Knife on the handguard… But I don’t see much use of this over a bayonet or a common brass knuckle on your pocket other than “there is a brass knukcle on my gun”.

  • 1) Fit fingers in holes
    2) Rock ‘n’ roll
    3) Require quick magazine change
    4) …