Minuteman/ZeroTolerance MM01K Minuteman knife

Tactical Watchmaker Minuteman have collaborated with ZeroTolerance to produce the MM01K Minuteman knife. It has a distinct blackwash jeans-style finish made by coating the components with Tungsten DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) and then tumbling them. I really like this look, but I am sure its not for everyone.

1-mmknife Blackwash sample


The Specifications …

Made in the USA by ZeroTolerance
Manual open, KVT ball-bearing system
Frame lock
Reversible (left/right), deep-carry clip
Steel: ELMAX®
Handle: Titanium
Blade Length: 3.5 in. (8.9 cm)
Blade Length: 3.5 in. (8.9 cm)
Closed Length: 4.7 in. (11.9 cm)
Overall Length: 8.2 in. (20.8 cm)
Weight: 5.8 oz. (164.4 g)

This folder is available for pre-order for $225. 25% of profits will be donated to charities that assist veterans and their families.

Steve Johnson

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  • guest

    Up next: a review of a Global kitchen cutlery set.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      We write about knives, always have.

    • Did you not see this part! 25% of profits will be donated to charities that assist veterans and their families.

    • JaxD

      Really stretching for something to complain about, aren’t you?

    • hkryan

      Nothing wrong with Global knives…

  • Burst

    No serrations, no buy.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Is dig something like that in fixed. I never really saw the need for a fixed until I watched a folder break back on a guys hand.

    I still edc a spyderco w/ emerson opener but I do like the look of this one.

    • Giolli Joker

      Folders used as folders should be, don’t break back on user’s hand, however if you want a stronger lock, back lock knives are MUCH less likely to fail than liner/frame locks.
      My favorite lock is Cold Steel’s TriAD Lock (a re-engineered back lock), Benchmade’s Axis is considered very strong as well

  • Franciscomv

    It’s a ZT 801 (Rexford design, based on his “Singularity”) with a different finish. It’s a fantastic knife with some very cool features (the KVT makes it super smooth). Price isn’t bad considering the regular production 801 goes for around $190 at most on-line knife retailers.

    As a ZT fan and collector, I need to get my hands on one of these.

  • Pig Farmer Bill

    I have one of these, it’s a Model 801. Great knife for EDC. Don’t pay that price for it, go to knife works dot com and get it for 182.

  • Tiger

    Beautiful. Well out of my range though.

  • usmcmailman

    $225. for a pocket knife? No thanks, I’m happy with my spyderco’s

    • john huscio

      Not sure a spyderco would hold up to the abuse ZTs are built for…..

  • Greetings all as the owner of Minuteman Watch Co the company offering the knife I thought I would chime in.

    The following is a response to questions and comments we have seen on the web about our knife, price, etc.

    As has been stated this is very much like a dealer exclusive and the knife is totally a ZT 0801 Rexford. The only thing that I don’t think a dealer would have been able to get done is the sanitized blade which we really had to lobby to get.

    As has been stated the finish is DLC but with a few extra twists and its called BlackWashed. Here is how we and other describe the finish.

    “Like a battle-tested tool or a favorite pair of well-worn jeans, the blackwashed MM01K has that already-broken-in look. To make a Blackwashed knife, knife components are Tungsten DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) coated, then tumbled to produce the distinctive Blackwashed finish.”

    I believe you will be seeing more companies offering the finish though I don’t know how popular it will end up being.

    The finish is from Ionbond and was suggested to us by Darrell Lewis who we have worked with on the coating for our wrist watches. In fact it was Darrell that put is in contact with the right people at ZT that were able to make this happen. Which we thank Darrell for that.

    25% of the profit from all the products we sell goes to charities that assist veterans and their families. Thus far The Gary Sinise Foundation is the charity we have worked with the most. We are now also working with Mercury One who in the last few months set up a fund to assist active and former military needing assistance.

    On the knives we plan to make just 50 of them. As such it made the most sense to use an existing design. The reason we are limiting production to just 50 is that this is a tough economy and we are new to knives as a brand.

    So we are very much just getting our feet wet. If the knife does well we have a design unique to us in the works for a fixed blade knife that we would then roll out next year.

    Another reason for selecting an existing popular design for us. We are assured of the quality of the design, materials, and the quality of the production.

    I am sure many of you know the regular ZT 0801 has an MSRP of $240 though you can get it for under $200 from many dealers. Our slightly tweaked version is being offered at a price lower than the regular MSRP. The main reason we are offering these is to raise funds for charity.

    To give you an idea of how much will go to charity for each knife we sell. If we were not raising funds for charity we would have these priced for the same or less than the dealers selling the regular model at a discounted price. But ours has the additional upgrades to the finish and we feel the appearance with the sanitized blade. Our thinking with that is less is more.

    I hope this post will answer any questions you fine folks may have about the knife.

    I hope all of you have a great day and God Bless all of you.

  • As of now it appears that out of the 50 knives we planned to make that only about 38 are still available.

    We believe the exposure we received from TFB has accounted for most of the sales.

    So a big thanks go out to Steve Johnson and the rest of the fine folks at TFB.