Game Changer Ares SCR

A different view of the Ares SCR. Michael Bane talks about the Ares SCR at the Ares booth. At 3min into the video, he explains that the recoil buffer is redirected into the stock and that it “redirects recoil” Sounds very similar to the KRISS Super V system, albeit the redirection is not as steep as the KRISS Vector, but similar. You could equate it to the recoil buffer of some semi automatic shotguns.

The best part is the MSRP of only $865. Not bad at all.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Uzigalil

    Well Michael Baine think what you want and Ares defense A company that i would never ever do business with again ever.

    • Why is that? I’d like to know what bad experience you had. Was it product problems,customer service?

      • TCBA_Joe

        Phil, there’s a LOT of animosity towards Ares over the Shrike. Some of it is because of first hand experience, much is because the internet rushes to righteous indignation on behalf of others.

      • Uzigalil

        Because Ares screwed me over like many others that made a initial deposit on a shrike and held our money for 11 years and delivered nothing. They lied over and over and I for one would never trust geoff Herring. Do your research. and yes I got my deposit back after 11 years but I wanted a shrike, Geoff wanted free loans.

        • BattleshipGrey

          I knew I’d heard of Ares before but couldn’t place it. I’d forgotten that Ares made the Shrike. I think I still have a gun magazine with an article about the Shrike when it was first announced. Sorry you and others had to deal with that crap.

        • Do you know if the same people run it now?

          • Uzigalil

            Yes they are , Google it

  • iksnilol

    865 MSRP that equals to about 700-800 street price. Correct?

  • Alex

    I wonder how that buffer system and lower would work if I tried to shoot a 9mm upper on it.

    • It wouldn’t work, at least not without a lot of modification. The 9mm bolts are extra-heavy for blow-back operation. It’s not a bolt-carrier with rotating bolt head arrangement.

  • John

    I want to put a Shrike upper on that thing for shts and giggles. Thankfully, I already have an Ares MCR beltfed. Getting this.


    I loved the this concept the moment I heard of it. Perhaps not the most ergonomic or quickest AR-15-variant, but for the price, it’s not bad. I’m also a sucker for old-timey buttstocks.
    I just hope that its proprietary stuff doesn’t stay proprietary for long. Got to spread the love to more restrictive states.

    • Cynic

      Needs a wood stock version and an upper with an ironwood designs hand guard. He ultimate sleeper ebr

      • snmp

        Rem 1100/1180 Wood stock & AR15 Wood hanguard

  • guest

    How exactly is this a “gamechanger”?

    • Doopington

      It’s what the Mini-14 should have been from the get-go, at leastin terms of functionality.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        I’ll agree on the merits that this largely makes the Mini14 obsolete… that is to say, more so than it already was.

        • guest

          Don’t bury the Mini yet – in terms of reliability it is the ONE gun that in my experience has zero reliability problems, as well as a lower price.

          • steveindajeep

            of course, if you have a mini-30, nothing but factory mags run worth a crap in it…and those are only 20rders.

    • BattleshipGrey

      Reportedly it’s legal in all 50 states (for now until they brew up some more dumb laws). I like that people have found a way to work around laws to bring us products that bring the same/similar end results. However, its really sad that the legislators think they can ban whatever they want and the people just let them try. This will be in the crosshairs too eventually.

    • echelon

      It’s a “gamechanger” because it’s mating a 50 year old gun design with a 100 year old gun design and calling it new and not scary so that politicians won’t crap themselves and sheeple can feel good for being “law abiding citizens” and, you know, stick it to the man…

      Oh and let’s not mention the “gamechanging” ergonomics of this frankengun!

      • Rob in Katy

        Cracks me up! Like when Sperry and Burrows merged, each with 20 year old designs, but it was supposed to be a “new” force! Actually, I think it was “The power of 2”, combining two 20 year old systems to give you forty years of stodgy.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    “Sounds very similar to the KRISS Super V system”

    Wut? This statement coming from the founder of KRISSTALK? For real? … I guess when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail. Did you mean similar to the Kriss in that these are all firearms?

    Other rifles and shotguns have worked this way for a LONG time. This buffer/recoil system is nothing unique (at all) except it’s application to the AR-15 platform. For example Benellis are not “very similar to the KRISS” because the recoil spring is stored in the stock like the Ares.

    In no possible way is this even remotely “similar” to the KRISS where both the bolt and carrier have very clear vertical movement components. This is an AR-15 bolt tied to a Benelli-like carrier with a tail on it that guides the spring coming up from the stock.

    Maybe author would do well to reference these for the next go around:

    • Nicholas C

      I said “sounds” similar. I should have said, based on Michael Bane’s comment on redirecting recoil. Also i did mention that it is MORE similar to shotguns.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Ok, you did mention shotguns, fair enough… But… Michael Bane is wrong. Couldn’t be more wrong actually. And this should be obvious to everyone.

        Look at how the KRISS “redirects” recoil. There are moving parts with substantial mass in the vertical axis. This is the entire basis of that system, greater portion of mass is not moving backwards at all, rather vertical which because the way humans are shaped and hold guns is opposite to how the gun wants to move (upwards).

        There is nearly zero mass on the AR-15 moving in a vertical vector. Zero. With the Ares system there is a tiny tiny bit of mass that makes up the carrier tail. The string is in an near horizontal orientation as well. The ARES SCR has no significant natural or otherwise action components that would “redirect” recoil in any direction. The bolt and carrier are still identical in vector (and similar velocity) travel to the AR-15.

        In terms of perceived recoil differences (something you’d think someone like Bane would understand the differences of… You’d think) a field stock of course will “feel” different to a pistol grip because of anatomy. But in terms of “reduction”, no, none. Skipping of course differences in cyclic rates. I’m also assuming the SCR carrier is much heavier than the AR-15 carrier to make up for the buffer, so figuring between spring rate and reciprocating mass (in order to make all AR-15 uppers work) the SCR and AR-15 are likely comparable.

        All the same, nothing at all to do with the KRISS in any fashion.

  • Hkguns

    Game changer my bloody arse.

    • Ryan

      What happened to your arse to make it bloody!?!??

  • Beiruty

    This rifle is like taking an AR making it look like SKS-AR. So far, I like my Yogu M59 SKS. Many may like this rifle. Did I notice that there is no forward assist device?

    • Nicholas C

      You dont really need a forward assist.

      • guest

        Yes you do. For amongst other things, in case of dirt etc the only way to clear a rifle in a field-expedient way in case the bolt never goes far enough forward is to ram it home and have the gases cycle the rifle normally.
        The AR pattern bolt simply never matured to “buttonless” state, unless it is a bolt with waaaaay looser tolerances.

        • Jeff Smith

          The bolt carrier has a groove that makes it very easy to push your BCG into battery if it is not. You simply wrap your hand around your magwell and use your index finger to push the bolt carrier forward.

          The forward assist makes this MUCH easier, but it’s not essential.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Don’t bother. I’m pretty sure “guest” is a long time troll here who just forgot to login.

            My thoughts are,

            If you are going to brass-check, then you can make use of a forward assist. If you’re going to check your mag before you insert to see if a round was stripped off you don’t. I typically prefer a brass check as I might not remember to check the mag on a tactical reload. On that, a finger might work, but I like the FA if it’s there.

            A finger might not work if gun is very dirty or dry and doesn’t go right back in to battery easily, But yea, it’s not “needed”.

            The far majority of SCR users won’t need a FA.

      • Chuck

        Or just put an upper with a forward assit on it. 😉

  • Anthony

    I really think we need to take a step back and evaluate how we use the term “game changer”.

    • TV-PressPass

      Step 1: Do you want your quote to be the headline?
      Step 2: Go ahead and call whatever you’re looking at a game changer!

    • Michael Wilson

      its a gamechanger because it is legal to own in all the states in america, i guess

  • Jeff Smith

    QUESTION: can the “recoil redirection system” (for lack of a better term) actually be effective if it’s placed BEHIND the shooters hand?

    I’ve never had any formal (or informal) training in physics, but here’s my thought: it seems like the KRISS system works by pushing down on the forward half of the rifle to keep the barrel down. This seems to push down on the BACK half of the rifle which seems as if it would make the barrel rise.

    I’m imagining a seesaw with a balance point (your weapon hand) being in the middle. If I were to push down on the front (barrel), the seesaw tips down (keeping muzzle rise down). If I push down on the back (butt stock), the seesaw tips up (increasing muzzle rise.)

    Is that anywhere near accurate?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Bane’s comments on recoil reduction are almost certainly wrong. See detailed my comment below.

      The only difference would be perceived feel if the two guns keep similar cyclic rates. Since ARES designed the system to work with all AR-15 uppers, I’ll assume they were very much confined to keep similar cyclic rates and bolt velocity to the AR-15.

      It’s possible the ARES was able to keep the same rate with less reciprocating mass… But that would be a feat that few have managed to do (if anyone). At that point you’re getting into hydrolic buffer territory, which has it’s own issues. With just a redesigned carrier and spring, my guess the mass and speed of the moving parts are very similar to AR-15, and thus actual recoil is likely the same. Perceived recoil is definitely different, but not “reduced”. None of this has anything to do with KRISS at all.

      I’m sure Bane could school everyone on facial hair maintenance and firearms in general, but this statement seems pretty unlikely in this case.

  • Gary from Michigan

    I handled the SCR at the NRA convention and was standing there talking when Michael Bane walked up with his crew to film. The SCR is a pretty nice rifle even if you don’t live in a ban state. It can be set up with whatever upper you happen to have simply by using their bolt carrier. While I have a bunch or AR type rifles, I really like conventional style sporting rifle and this SCR makes the AR into one without the usually goofy look. It will also support a .22 upper and they are coming out with wood furniture as well. This rifle is going to be a real sleeper.

  • Dan

    I cannot stand watching Michael Bane he always looks like he is molesting the gun he is holding and his hands are constantly moving. Sit still you spaz!

  • Pete Sheppard

    I wonder if they will sell just the lower and bolt carrier?
    Unless they offer a variant with some sort of adjustable cheek-piece, using an upper with a carrying handle may be a problem.

    • J-

      I emailed ARES Defense about this and they said no, they will only sell complete rifles.
      Honestly, that was the biggest disappointment. They advertise it as being able to use any standard AR upper (with their bolt carrier) but force you to buy their upper.
      It is because of that, I won’t buy one. I have several AR’s but since I moved to an AWB zone, I had to leave my AR’s in storage out of state. They are already set up the way I want them (e.g. optics, BUIS, rails, etc.). I just want a SCR lower to slap on one my pre-existing uppers onto. To make this in the configuration that I want, it’s gonna cost me another couple of hundred bucks. Not worth the cost to me.

  • I really wish people would stop repeating that tired dog of a myth that the Kriss redirects recoil.

  • Steve M.

    I would really say that this is a game changer for me in CA. I don’t like pistol grips, wont deal with a bullet button, but want to shoot 5.56. MR-1 is too expensive, SU-16CA is junk and the Mini 14 is an old clunky design with a weird safety. Of course I’ll let you guys put a few 1000 rounds through the SCR before I get mine and I certainly won’t put money down until it’s on the shelf.

  • Dave Works

    Interesting topic- shotguns and rifles are always interesting. Thanks for the links provided.