New Models in ATI Raven Stock Line

ati shotgun stock

Advanced Technology International announced four additions to the company’s Raven line of adjustable shotgun buttstocks.  The new models cover the following shotguns:

  • Mossberg 930
  • Benelli Supernova
  • Remington 1100
  • Remington 1187

ati stock

The stocks should ship by the end of June 2014.  MSRP ranges from $249.99 – $269.99.

From ATI:

ATI Expanding Raven Adjustable Stock Line


Milwaukee, WI – Advanced Technology International® (ATI), a leading manufacturer of U.S. made firearm accessories, has announced the expansion of its Raven adjustable stock line.

ATI will expand the Raven adjustable stock line to four new shotguns including the Mossberg 930, Benelli Supernova, Remington 1100, and the Remington 1187.

Launched in 2013, ATI’s Raven line of shotgun products has only been available for the Benelli M4 until now. These products feature aluminum and polymer components as well as ATI’s patented Scorpion Recoil Technology.

“The Raven stock’s aluminum construction, adjustable cheekrest, and unique buffer tube tension mechanism set it apart from any other firearm stock on the market today,” said Jon Shaffer, Director of Business Development. “After strong demand from our customers we decided that we would accelerate our plans to expand the Raven stock line and bring it to market this year.”

Shaffer later mentioned that ATI plans to have the Raven available for purchase on all four of these new shotgun platforms by the end of June 2014.

The ATI Raven adjustable stock and cheekrest mechanism components are manufactured of Military Type III Anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum and are backed by ATI’s limited lifetime warranty.

For a full list of compatible firearms visit the company’s website

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  • David

    Finally something for my supernova.

  • T

    What the heck is that spike thing on the bottom?

    • Marshall

      Gotta be the release to extend/retract the stock like on an AR. Could be wrong though.

      • J

        you are correct, i was at the shooting range a few years ago when one of their R&D guys was torture testing it on an m4 🙂 it looks even better in person

  • ATman

    Am I the only person that hopes they make this for the Winchester sxp defender.

    • valorius

      No you are not!!!

  • JT

    They need to make more traditional grip extending stocks like the Akita. This would look really cool in a setup like that

  • WV Cycling

    Other than supply/demand and the need to have high prices when selling lower quantity of items… why are these things so expensive?

  • joshv06

    Sorry to report but these stocks are heavy.. I got one for my Benelli M4. It went on Ebay same day. It was heavy, hard to adjust, took 3 kinds of tools to install, and took about 30 mins to put on. No thanks. I wish more R&D would go into ATI products.

    • Hyok Kim

      How heavy was it?

  • Mr.

    looks quite snagable on clothing and gear

  • valorius

    Now. That. Is. Bad ass. Want so bad for my win 1300 defender.

  • 101nomad

    Could put somebody’s eye out with that.