Curious New Jogging Holsters

DeSantis announced the introduction of a curious pair of new jogging holsters: the Road Runner and the Stowaway.

The Road Runner looks like a fanny pack attached to a chest harness.  While it does appear to provide a platform to carry a pistol that is more secure than a waist pack, it also looks like more of a chore to don and doff.  Perhaps inspiration came from Baby Bjorn.  It is available in black only.  MSRP $39.99.


Specifically marketed to women, the Stowaway appears to be a wider-than-typical belly band with a harness.  Oddly, the company photos appear to show the handgun is held at an angle that appears to make it difficult to draw.  Although the company states the unit “…will stretch to fit most female torsos,” the Stowaway will ship with a “waist extender” just in case.  MSRP is $34.99.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Jeff Smith

    The “roadrunner” holster looks as if it would work really well with a windbreaker with one of the pockets cut out.

    • CrazyKg

      That is what I was thinking too. I run all the time and would like to be able to run with a concealed firearm. But there just isn’t anything comfortable enough or practical enough to use. If I did wear this, it would be concealed under a windbreaker or shirt albeit with acces.

      • Woodsman

        I carry a compact semi-auto on my hip, with a belt while trail running. Even though my running shorts & pants don’t have belt loops, it works. I use paper clips on the belt to keep the holster from sliding around. A big, loose shirt pretty much conceals the weapon. I like the hip because it keeps my (steel frame) pistol away from the sweaty areas.

  • CPTD

    Hill People Gear make a wonderful edition of something similar to the Roadrunner. I’ve used it comfortably for everything from a full size M&P 45 with a light and a spare mag to a J-frame and a speed strip. Never a sideways glance when you have a set of earbuds protruding….

  • William DeWeese

    Second on the HPG chest pack, they have several sizes and style, and KIfaru has a pistol-bearling chest pack also. They probably trace their origins to the tanker-style holsters and “Sahara Strider” style E&E packs. Very useful under the right circumstances such as while wearing a pack, over heavy winter clothing, in a vehicle or cockpit. The Stowawy may be useful for both genders’, if adjusted properly and the draw angle was fixable; certainly more useful than trying to draw from an appendix rig past my, uh, “battle ledge.”

  • SD3

    These concepts have merit. Concealed carry advocates push-back on these, because they don’t truly ‘conceal’ the fact that you have a firearm.
    But that misses the point. Many of us, while are compelled to meet the legal standard for “concealing” our firearms, are wholly unconcerned with whether or not those around us can “see” that we’re armed. I really don’t give a sh!t who knows, or what they think about it. I’m a law-abiding gun carrier & everyone is welcome to know that information.
    I also spend a lot of time in vehicles, and I appreciate a system that helps me access my weapon if and when I should need it.

    • oldforester

      Many ‘experts’, notably Massad Ayoob, state that, “concealed means concealed”. We have every right to carry semi-openly or openly. However, for my part I want my weapon to have the full impact of the element of surprise, should I ever need to use it! Open carry with the ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude is to many a challenge. It also sends a message that you are a source of additional firepower to an armed felon. A shot in the back by someone desiring your well displayed firearm does not even allow you the chance to escape or stand your ground. It is the sitting duck syndrome at its best.

  • Nimrod

    I wear a small padded Discman case with a shoulder strap and nylon belt for my pistol when running and/or riding my bike. Found at a garage sale for $2. Been wearing it for two years. I also carry my ID and MP3 player in it. I doubt if 1 in 100 people would guess that it contains a gun.

  • Jeremy Star

    I just use my Smart-Carry while running. Works the same as it does while not running.

  • Jonathan Wright

    I like the Hill people kit bags, they can be used by themselves, or integrated to a light pack for longer runs.

  • Jones Foxx Jr.

    The Road Runner might have merit but it needs to come in colors besides black . Black makes everyone do a double take to see if your wearing a shoulder gig from the rear. Some nice brighter colors to match running suits would be great

  • BarbarianPrincess

    I’m just wondering if the Stowaway can be twisted so that it’s not in front, by side draw. And I do not like those straps. I’d get rid of them. If this is velcro fitted, it should fit well without those straps. I carry a Ruger revolver, and like the belly bands worn with side carry. Problem is, my Ruger is not ‘feather weight’, and has a bad habit of sinking on the belly bands. This Stowaway, at least, has a bottom sewed into the holster, so that that ‘sinking revolver syndrome’ doesn’t hit.