Ohio Ordnance Works HCAR (Modernized BAR)

Ohio Ordnance Works has been busy preparing their new HCAR for release. Originally debuted in 2013, reports from Bearing Arms indicate that the rifle will be heading to production soon.



The HCAR or “Heavy Counter-Assault Rifle” is a modernized and improved Browning Automatic Rifle that Ohio Ordnance Works has been producing for over 20 years. Notable improvements include bolt-hold-open, increased magazine capacity, lighter weight, and ergonomic selector switch.

Update: Fixed “Ordnance” (originally “Ordinance”)per comments.

Pictures are courtesy Soldier Systems:

The Heavy Counter Assault Rifle by Ohio Ordnance Works is based on the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle. Chambered for .30-06, the HCAR sports many improvements over the original BAR including a reduction in weight of nearly 8 lbs, modernized selector switch and bolt hold open/release, and a proprietary 30-round magazine. 

The HCAR will soon be available from Osprey Armament.



Nathan S

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  • KestrelBike

    Sweet mother of God….

    eta: shame about the proprietary mag, but then again since it’s 30-06, not that many current-market magazines that could have worked….

    • Anonymoose

      I’m pretty sure the mags aren’t actually proprietary. They had those same mags listed for their M1918A3 for a long time. I’m willing to be you can probably use 20-round BAR mags in it without the bolt hold-open.

  • 1911a145acp

    I like it and appreciate the engineering.. but, re-interpreting the BAR re- interprets all the the short comings of the BAR. The lack of a quick change barrel, the mag is too short for sustained fire- too long for prone. The total number of magazines available for this model are? 10? The 30-06 cartridge in a lighter package will be difficult to control, the cartridge is very long, very heavy and large fresh stocks of that ammo are only in inventory in a few South American countries. If you want to re-brand and re-market this piece as a modern powerful sporting and Tactical alternative to AR 10 platforms – I think that will work, but that market is understandably small. What does it do that I can’t already do, faster, cheaper lighter with better availability of ammo with an AR-10 heavy barrel and 50 round XS drum magazines? Don’t mean to bash your product, I would love to have one- but logistically…..?

    • Tyson chandler

      Logistics be damned…I LOVE this! I haven’t looked at their site to see what pricing is, but if it is anywhere around $3500 or below, I will have one of these! I make a lot of my firearm purchases based on passion instead of practicality, and I am ready to get one of these!!

    • McThag

      And in the semi-auto version which we unwashed peasants are actually allowed to own, none of the short-comings of the BAR as an LMG matter even a whit.

      For us it will come down to mass and novelty. Novelty is enough to overcome all manner of practical concerns for most gunnies. For my vote, though, their looks like it just came out of WW2 semi-BAR is the preferable gun.

      We gotta get 922(o) repealed.

  • sianmink

    Would this also take legacy 20rd BAR magazines?
    I think this would have been better off chambered in .308, BUT.. it opens up simple re-barreling for some very interesting wildcats like 25-06 and .35 Whelen

    • Raven

      It’s got more than that in rechambering options. Anything based on .30-06 is a snap, just requires swapping the barrel and tuning the gas system. But put in a bit more work on the bolt, and you can open it up to take long-action belted magnum cartridges. Now you’re really talking some fun stuff, like a high-capacity .458 Winchester Mag elephant-buster.

      • KestrelBike

        Does it come with its own shoulder-specialty surgeon?

        • Raven

          Eh, at 12 pounds it shouldn’t be that bad. Most bolt .458s are in the 9-10lb range. They’re known for having pretty stout recoil of course, but not in the same range as the super magnum monsters.

    • bcelliott

      I’m definitely going to get one and rebarrel to 9.3×62. Great terminal effectiveness with rapid-fire capability and low recoil for shorter range hunting.

      • Brandon Bowers

        Gotta stop those elephant and rhino commandoes. 🙂

        • bcelliott

          Absolutely. Or Bigfoot!

  • mechamaster

    Uh, huh.. want to read more information about the firing mode ( semi, full auto, or burst fire ) and bolt mode ( open or closed bolt, or maybe hybrid ), and IMO it’s need brass deflector in ejection port.

  • Andrey Martim

    Guys, i’m in love…

  • Kyle_D

    Of all the things and stuff that I have ever wanted, this is the thing that I want the most

  • If I could, I would buy this in a heartbeat. Not every purchase needs be about efficiency – this thing just looks awesome.

  • iksnilol

    30 rounds of 30-06 in an assault rifle?

    You are doing it right. Do they have a 308 version?

    • Stojespal

      .308? Why would you want such an underpowered cartridge?

      • iksnilol

        Much more ammo available, I could compensate for the weakness of the .308 by using a longer barrel length to bring it up to 30-06.

        • ColaBox

          I have a feeling this “why would you want such an underpowered cartridge” thing wont end until we’ve created a rifle with the maximum possible firepower.
          ‘A rifle chambered to 25×137? Why would you want such a weak cartridge when you can have…oh wait never mind.’

          • FourString

            pssssshhh who cares about follow up shots esp at charging bears! xDDDD

          • dp

            Right, now we are talking!

        • KestrelBike

          And arguably cheaper (at least in volume). Not to mention caliber-compatibility with the rest of the gun safe (if you have an FAL, G3, M1A, AR-10, Scar, to quickly name a few semi-autos). If you have a 30-06, chances are it’s an M1 Garand and/or a bolt action hunting rifle. In the latter case, definite probability that you’re using hand reloads at a cost you wouldn’t want to be plinking at.

        • Brandon Bowers

          You must have missed the Ammo Famine of 2013 where .308 shot up past $1.50/round when it could be found. 30-06 on the other hand was in EVERY Wal-Mart that carried ammo. As far as availability, 30-06 will shoot anything from 55gr sabot rounds to 230gr VLD bullets. 30-06 … because a 308 just won’t cut it.

      • JT

        I’m with ya. Clyde chose a BAR for a reason. Besides that it was what was in the armory.

      • Hank Seiter

        Are you being facetious? I doubt a 100 fps differential would make the .308 underpowered? And you use 20% more powder in the .30-06 case to essentially achieved the same velocity which makes a huge difference to reloaders such as myself. I do admit to having the M-1 Garand and the 1903A3 and loving them both.

      • akahallen

        Underpowered? You must be joking! For a difference of about 100 fps, it will keep up with the 30:06 all day long, and use a shorter cartridge,and receiver too. Why do you suppose the 30:06 was eventually replaced with the .308, by the military to use in their M60’s? I have shot the M1 chambered for each, and the .308 kept up, and surpassed with accuracy, with less recoil. Try to beat that!

        • supergun

          That was what I was thinking also. Snipers use the 308 over the 30.06. But you know what? Both rounds have their pros and cons.

          • akahallen

            I agree with the pro and cons, I’ve heard arguments that 30:06 can be reloaded in a wider range of loads, which is probably true, but when your loading for longer distance over 250yrds and stopping power, there isn’t a lot of difference between them for accuracy, but I’d prefer carrying the lighter rifle if I have to pack it any distance.

          • supergun

            Check out the 45 Raptor that can be shot in the AR 10 (308). It is a necked up 308, case length and body dimensions of a 460 S&W, with more punch than a .50 beowolf, 450 bushmaster or a 458 SOCOM. All you have to change is the 45 raptor barrel, special barrel ext. and modified magazines.

    • T

      There are plenty of semi-auto magazine-fed rifles chambered in 308 already, why would you want this rifle in that caliber?

  • William Johnson

    Have absolutely no use for this, but want one anyway.

    • Anonymoose

      I’d rather have a BN36 for a .30-06 “salt rofl.” I want an M1918A3 for the cool factor though.

    • ValleyForge77

      haha, couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • CJS3

      sounds like a good reason to get one.

  • rocketman21

    How much. With bipods

    • KestrelBike

      I wild-guess $3,000 😀

      • rocketman21

        Thats almost reasonable

    • J.T.

      Seeing as how their standard 1918A3 is $4,300 I would expect this one to be at least $6,000.

      • rocketman21

        o well

  • SentMKG

    Hopefully they will release a .308 variant that takes the new PMAG. I think it would be an excellent platform then.

    • Vhyrus

      Because… there’s something wrong with an M1A or M 14?

      • iksnilol

        BARs are so much more win than a M1A.

        If I have to explain then you won’t get it.

  • Paul Sellers

    That may be the most manly rifle ever devised . . .

    • The Hun


  • Sadler

    I’d love to see this in .300 WM, or .264 WM.

  • ColaBox

    Oh my god TFB has got to do a review on this beauty.

    • We do indeed. Phil has been notified to request one.

      The ammo shooting it will probably bankrupt us.

      • An Interested Person

        If you get one in for review, let me know how to send donations. I can pay for 20ish rounds. 😉

      • wetcorps

        Worth it 🙂

      • Anon. E Maus

        I’m really looking forward to it.

      • BillC

        Sorry, former EOD tech. Makes me twitchy and whatnot.

  • SB

    “assault rifle?” is the gun control crowd naming guns at ohio ordinance?

    • Julio

      “counter-assault”. S’diffrent, see? ; )

      • SB

        ah. combat is actually counter.

  • 1leggeddog

    Wait, isn’t this like the 3rd time you guys posted an article about this gun?

    With no new info either?

  • Rob Delta

    I would totally try and put WW2 styled furniture on this just so I could have a BAR

    • Cynic

      Why not just buy their semi BAR?

  • Peter Bonjean-Eeckelaert

    308 ? Gat a FAL !

  • John

    Out of everything, I found the weight reduction of 8lbs as the most impressive… brings the rifle weight down to around that of an AK.

    • Not quite that light, but still very light.

      It’s worth noting that the original Colt Monitors were about the same weight, so this is nothing new for the BAR.

      Still, this is a quite neat rifle.

      • An Interested Person

        If you get one in for review, let me know how to send donations. I can pay for 20 rounds. 😉

      • John

        Isn’t the BAR around 15-16 lbs? Cutting the weight by 8lbs would trim it down to about how heavy a milled AK is

        • Closer to 20 lbs.

          They’re quoting 12-13 lbs for the HCAR.

      • BillC

        This isn’t a gun. It’s Ohio laws and decree Works, since the title says Ordinance rather than Ordnance.

        • BillC

          Fixed, disregard prior.

  • David

    Soooo when are they gonna make a modernized BREN?

    • MartinWoodhead

      The modernised bren was called the LMG served until the 90s just 7.62mm rebarrelled and a new magazine and your good to go still in use in India and they will make you one.
      Unlike the bar which was woefully outdated by ww2

      • Yellow Devil

        …mostly due to artificial constraints imposed by the U.S. Army on the manufacturers that mandated all original and upgraded BARs needed to have their parts compatible with one another. That meant even no pistol grips or barrel change capabilities on the upgrade models, but other licensed countries apparently implemented it.


  • Tim U

    If I had the money, this would be mine. Because this just so much better than M1As, AR-10s, FALs, or any of those other .308/7.62 options. Forget about .223 vs .308 – go bigger with .30-06.

  • I remember seeing this at SHOT 2012. It’s pretty cool that they are actually bringing it to market.

    I’ll still groan out loud when I see it in a CoD game, though…

  • dp

    Remarkably steady for that caliber. That swing-link action it cutting edge to this day.

  • Sean

    I know what I want for X-mas

  • David Sharpe

    Oh how I want one of those!!

  • big daddy

    I want one in .308 that takes PMAGs, of course in semi though.

  • hydepark

    Wow. All the hate a week ago over a new AR grip and all the same fools drooling over this monstrosity?

    1) The semi BAR they already produce is 100x cooler and probably functions better too.

    2) No mention if this thing will even take “modern” .30-06? All the Greek ball stuff is just about gone, only a few off-the-shelf options for M2 ball at around $2/round!!!!?? And reloading will take forever to pay for itself in this cartridge if you opt to start reloading

    3) I promise these things will have fit/finish and reliability issues. Things this radical usually do. And I’ll bet mags cost a “whole bunch.”

    4) For whatever astronomical price they will pilage from people for this thing, you could likely buy TWO M1A’s.
    5) Probably a dozen other things that are just totally useless / asinine about this thing.
    6) Hopefully their line of other products don’t suffer because of it.

    PASS / YAWN / WTF /

    • J.T.

      “For whatever astronomical price they will pilage from people for this thing, you could likely buy TWO M1A’s.”

      My guess is that it will be closer to the price of 4 or 5 M1As. Their standard 1918A3 is already $4,300.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    If you really wanna improve the BAR, make the barrel quick-change.

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    It will only be really manly in .35 Whelen. Geoff Who is fond of the .358 Winchester

  • Mobarth

    But is it an open bolt select fire?

    Oh? Closed-bolt semi-auto? Shouldn’t be called a BAR IMO.

    • Cynic

      So an ar15 should be what then*…. or an ar15 or a thompson or uni or a sten gun or scar.face it civilian legal guns will always share the name of their select fire or automatic parent

      *The first ar15 was fully automatic sold as fully automatic.

  • mig1nc

    Wow. If it wasn’t over $20K to buy a transferable full auto BAR, I’d love to see one converted to this configuration.

  • hydepark

    And still not even a mention of whether this takes “modern” .30-06. Good luck finding anymore surplus Greek M2 ball at anything resembling affordable.

    • Tom W.

      There’s some Korean .30-06 floating around.

      • Yellow Devil

        Along with some orphan M1 Garands and Carbines…

  • Ripley

    5.56×45 platform = assault rifle.
    7.62×51 platform = battle rifle.
    And now 7.62×63 is assault rifle again (heavy)?
    Will the heavy battle rifle be a 30-mag .300 lapua or .338?

    • floppyscience

      No, .30-06 is not an assault rifle cartridge and never will be. This is a “counter assault rifle”. Note the key word “counter”.

      • Ripley

        Wikipedia: “The BAR was designed to be carried by advancing infantrymen, slung over the shoulder or fired from the hip, a concept called “walking fire”—thought to be necessary for the individual soldier during trench warfare”
        Sounds like assault to me, though trench warfare was assault, counter-assault, counter-counter-assault, counter-counter-counter-assault,… and then retreat and repeat.

        So what would a (light) counter assault rifle be in? 6.5mm Grendel? Probably not 300 BLK.

        • floppyscience

          That was the intent of the original BAR. This is the HCAR, it’s different. It’s designed, marketed and intended as a defensive rifle.

          Similar to how the semiautomatic AR-15 is not an assault rifle just because its original version (the M16) was.

      • Leslie48 .

        A ‘Counter’-Assault rifle… to Counter Assaults.

        So, basically what we have here is the first ever official NOPE-Gun. 🙂

  • floppyscience

    It’s “Heavy Counter Assault Rifle”, as in it’s used to counter assaults. It’s a fancy way of saying defensive rifle.

    Not “Heavy Combat Assault Rifle”. Not just “assault rifle”, either. Those have a totally different connotation. “Counter” is the key word here.

  • Hank Seiter

    Hope a butt load of these make their way into the hands of the patriotic citizenry … for sporting purposes of course.

  • Brad Ferguson

    7.62mm in AP is a good cartridge but…….30.06 in AP is a better round. 7.62 will penetrate a cinder block wall. A 30.06 in AP will penetrate a reinforced concrete wall. When the US Army got away from .45 cal, 30 cal. (for the M-1) and the 30.06. Based on the argument that, resupply and logistics were a problem.
    They screwed the warfighter, I’m for anything that will get us closer to a battle rifle cal. The 5.56mm has it’s place on the battlefield. If you’re looking for distance and knock down power, you’ll need to look at something different than a 5.56. Sorry I got so far off topic.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Am I correct that it’s semi-only? Fancy toy, then–which is still a GOOD thing!

  • Travis


  • BillC

    fixed, disregard prior.

    • dan

      Wow some 10 yo needs his nap. I really hope you don’t consider yourself an adult with a blatantly disrespectful outbursts like that.

  • Honey Badger

    I want one of these so damn bad!! I still want an original M1918 to but to have BOTH would be an awesome thing and conversation starter. LOL